Bombay Foodies

Bombay Foodies

This is a story about two people, who love food and it has driven them to wander around this city, trying out almost every food outlet. Be it expensive or cheap, the little ones or the big guns, we will help the people of this incredible city know, what to eat and where to eat it. We cover every restaurant that has just popped up or has been there for a while and help people rediscover the city’s old world charm. This is a story about a foodie and a chef and we are “The Bombay Foodies”

The Bombay Foodies, are not judging a restaurant nor are we promoting anything; we just love food and want to make sure the people of Mumbai enjoy it too. (P.S. if you do want us to promote your restaurant, We the foodie and the Chef, are willing to eat free food and get drunk in your restaurant)

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