Tavaa, Saqib Junction Of 24th Turner Road, Bandra West, Mumbai


In the corners or turner road, just one a few feet away from the Red box cafe is this old time classic. Beautiful location, inside and outside seating, and a pretty warm and welcoming staff.

The Chef: I s*** you not but this was the first time I was coming here and from what I saw n the menu I was delighted. Not reading the menu, we went for the Weekend specials straight away. When one sees Khichda, Dal goshth and Nihari one after the other on any menu, one knows they have hit the jackpot. this place is a Meat Lovers Paradise, and me being a meat lover ( in a naughty and not naughty way) could not believe that I had never come here before.

I did not even look at anything else ( especially Chinese) and stuck to the weekend specials. There was no Khichda, C’est la Vie, or as i say it life f***s us in different ways, but no worries we still went ahead with the dal goshth and bhuna mutton and something I’ve seen only in Aurangabad (my college city) Naan bread. I’m not much of a garnish and plating person if the food tastes good. I will run naked for it (yes I will). Bhuna goshth in a beautiful onion tomato gravy, not too heavy on the spices and nice botis (cubes) of mutton in every bite. Then came the special or as we say it in the chef world of the ‘Garwalis‘ — “PESHAL” Dal Goshth. Piping hot, right off the pan, beautiful orangish red color with the mutton and gravy having the aroma of daal. It seemed like it had been simmering for hours. The mutton was cooked to perfection. Flaking off in my hands, as I picked it up, a total ‘MiM’ scene just happened. For those of you, wondering what ‘MiM’’ stands for, its Melt in Mouth and not the cheap a** rapper who sang ‘this is why I’m hot.’ Although I do wonder where has he gone?

As for the naan bread, it was a soft leavened bread, which was nice and warm when it came to my table and yes it did take me back to my college days. People, trust me when one is eating this heavy ghee cooked food, one needs to call for raita. And in our case, we called for the bondi raita which has this particular sour flavour which helped cut through all the ghee! All in all a good affair, wont call it the best food I have eaten, but yes for my first time here it was a nice offering.

Paid only 550 for 2 mains 2 type of bread and a raita, The Sindhi in me is veryyyy happy!

The Foodie: Having come to this place quite a few times, with a bunch of people, I had never gone past ordering the regular stuff. On a regular week day a regular Murgh Makhanwala, Bhuna Mutton, Butter Naan and Mixed Raita might work for you. Tastes fantastic, especially for the price we pay at the end of it.

Also while scanning the menu, I realized that this place is for the brave meat eaters, who like to go down the road less travelled. Gurda (kidney) Liver Mixed Fry, Khiri (minced udder) mixed fry, you name it, they have it. And all this listed under the not so subtly titled: “Two in One Gravy”. Quail lovers you might find, Bater spelt as Butter under the Tavaa Famous Grills as well.

Quite impressed with the variety more than the food.

Our Rating

Food: 3.5


Value for Money: 4

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