Golconda Bowl, Hotel Metro Palace, Opposite Globus Cinema, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

The Chef: Jazzy Jazzy Jazzy!!! This is not how restaurants in Hyderabad look at all. Razzmatazz red lights with a black background…. I was scared to enter. Barring this, what followed was a beautiful evening with really really good food!! You can’t miss this spot, it is right there, on the main Hill road with a branded fried chicken outlet on the left (I swear the Colonels mutated chicken will kill you) and an array of small outlets to its right, The Golconda Bowl stand outs just like one of the forts in Hyderabad.

On entering we were greeted warmly and given a seat, immediately.  What is it with the restaurant and JAZZY red lights, they were everywhere and it felt like I was in Amsterdam ( Yes, i did feel like it.) Not the fanciest of the decor but that’s alright for a restaurant that boasts of its food (being one of the best.) I did not even need to look for the menu and just called for the specials, Patthar ka Goshth and Murg Dum Biryani.

The wait was not long, and DAMNNNNN that patthar ka goshth has to be one of the best tasting pieces of meat (wink wink foodie) ever. Beautiful flavour of the coal, on which it was cooked, the mild but very noticeable taste of the spices and of course the “patthar ka phool.” Do I know what it is? F*** no! But it tasted so good, I wouldn’t even know, if it were in there. But it was so good!!! (P.S searching on google wont help, they only show a shady Salman Khan movie’s reviews, posters and songs)

Moving onto the Dum Murgh Biryani, very mild on the spices, with no colorful rice (THANK GOD)  the rice did have a flavor, as if it were cooked in some kind of stock. A big piece of chicken thigh and leg did pop out of somewhere though. the Biryani was served with Raita and Mirchi Ka Salan, which did compliment the rice nicely. Frankly speaking I have no idea how Hyderabadi food tastes but if it is like this, I’m sure to like it when I visit the state. All in all a good experience, portion sizes good enough for two people and this is a total family restaurant with huge tables that can fit a whole cricket team.

The Foodie: Golconda Bowl has a variety to offer to both Vegetarians and Non Vegetarians. And though I am an avid meat eater, I would not mind trying out starters like Paneer 65 and Sigri Ka Khumb (Mushroom). For those who go searching for Haleem around town (specially Bandra) your search is over.  This place has everything from Haleem, Nalli Nihari to Kacche Ghosht ki Biryani (Complimentary Salan and Raita do add to the authenticity)

Personally I really liked the food at Golconda Bowl and think you should go there for the Biryani, Patthar Ka Ghosht and Haleem.  And if you do discover some hidden gem which we seemed to have missed, do shout out to us 🙂

Our Rating:

Food – 3.5

Decor – 3

Value for money – 3.5

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