Masala Zone, 12B, Santhal ONGC Complex, Opposite Leelavati Hosptial, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra West, Mumbai

The Chef: Last restaurant in a line of amazing outlets, near the ONGC colony, this one takes it all for me. Sometimes great food cannot be just described as “amazing” or “lip smacking”, it has to be described with a little more punch or even a boost. Being a Chef, using a string of profanities, to describe something that absolutely blows my mind, comes naturally to me.

Holy mother father, this place is a hidden jewel. Earlier known as Masalacraft, this place had to under go a name change as it shared its name with a five star restaurant (P.S. This place killed the other ‘5-starer’ restaurant completely).

Again who cares about the ambiance, when the food is so damn good!!! When I entered, to my left there was a huge open seating area where families, business men and young adults were chilling. Inside (air conditioned area) is where the old foodies, the uncle-aunty type of crowd was seated. So it was a collected decision that we, the Foodie and the Chef, will sit inside and ruin everyone’s night with our loud talking and hindi abusing skills. ( We did not end up doing that, as there was meat in my mouth all night long.)
Our order: We started the night with beers, that kept coming to the table (Indian food and cheap beer is a combination to die for, OH YEA!!!)  along with Masala papad that took 30 seconds to come (I’m a sindhi, I heart papad and a great company of friends, to go along with Beer). This was followed by, full Chicken Tandoori, Chandni kebab, Chicken Dum Biryani, Pudina Mutton Do Pyaaza and Chicken Lahori. Too much right? I know. But I can assure you, we wiped it clean. Tandoori chicken was not the best, but pretty decent. Nicely punched with spices, the Chandni kebab with silver warq (thus the name)  was soft and succulent but believe it or not, the winner at the end of all of this was the chutney. The chutney was brought to us in a small handi. With just 2 starters we licked two of those clean. Because you know, stuff that is free tastes the best (Sindhi roots shine again,  :|)
Then came our main course. The Chicken Biryani (more like a pulao, but I ain’t complaining) was like Mount DOOM !! A large portion of  rice and pieces of beautifully cooked chicken… F*** me was it INSANE!!!!! There is nothing better than a combination of Pulao and chutney, but this was just the beginning. Next followed our Pudina mutton do pyaaza. MiM  (Melt in Mouth) scenes, BAM! Right there. Orgasmic Pieces of mutton. And trust me, when you start using words like, orgasm, to describe your food, that S*** is good. The chicken lahori, a li’l on the buttery side, came in a beautiful red gravy. Tasty, but third in this three dish race.
You know that feeling you get when you are just tooooo damn happy ( or as some say it ‘high’) and you just start smiling and making noises ( the good ones) as if your stomach is going to burst? That was me, on a night when the food won, and the old people sitting across us, also did not get disturbed. Words of advise — WEAR ELASTIC PANTS…. THIS PLACE WILL NOT LET U DOWN!!!!
The Foodie: Masala Zone never disappoints when it comes to flavor or quantity. Although reading the menu, was another affair altogether. Names like Chooze Ka Shorba under the “Steaming Bowls” section, might confuse you, or scare you, or even make you imagine all the possibilities of what a CHOOZA might be, ( or maybe all of the above, at the same time)but don’t worry, it’s just a harmless bowl of chicken broth 🙂 (Urdu dictionary via google, FTW)
The starters in the menu, listed under “First Impressions”, *giggles* offered a variety of Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian starters. While I could not wrap my head around the, how should I put this.. the “nomenclature” of the categories, the starters listed thoroughly impressed me. Cheese stuffed mushrooms, lemon chicken, Sikandari Raan, Patthar Ka ghosht. They seemed to make sure our “Impression” was more than right.
Masala Zone “masterpiece” (Main Course) has something for everyone. From Murgh Makhanwala, to Chicken Chettinad. Bhuna ghosht to Nalli Nihari, Methi Macchi to Goan Fish curry and if that is not enough Macchi tikka masala and Chatpata Jhinga should definitely get you excited to check this place it out.
In total 6 of us paid, Rs 2400, for ALL THAT food and alcohol together.
Our rating for Masala Zone:
Food — 4.5
Service — 4
Decor — With food and prices like that WHO CARES!?!?!?!

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