New Sernyaa, 185, Oshiwara Link Road, Adarsh Nagar, Oshiwara, Mumbai


             Photo Credit: Tanushree Rana

Quaint little place on link road near Adarsh Nagar, just a little ahead of Lotus petrol pump serving authentic Tibetan food is Sernyaa. It is so little that one will definitely miss it. ( Its the next shop from Cafe Simla which has a HUGE board)

The Chef: I remember coming here in its baby days, when the walls were not yet done, the table fan was falling, the smell of the chicken broth was all over the restaurant, because they did not have an exhaust. But i must say, Sernyaa has come along way since then. It’s air conditioned, nicely lit and has pretty decent interiors. As our relatives say in Hindi — ‘Kitna Bada ho gaya hai.’  That being said, let us move on to the food. Mumbai really needed this kind of a place that serves good momos at reasonable rates. This place offers not only momos but really nice Tibetan food as well.
During the course of this blog, I shall regularly be saying PORK!  Because this is one of the few places that serves PORK and which tastes beautiful. Haven’t had something as soft as this PORK, in I think forever!!! The Tibetans call PORK, Phak. Now I know, why I use that word so often. ( I think I will just use the word PHAK! instead of PORK for the rest of this post)
So to start off with, we called for the PHAK! SHA momos (pork momos), Chicken momos and Lamb momos. The term momo or dumpling literally translates to ‘little drops of heaven’ and the momos here, at Sernyaa stick to their true meaning. Soft, succulent and juicy that’s how the chicken and lamb ones taste. But coming to the pork..PHAK!!! it was like eating a pani poori but softer, and the flavors remained mild but power packed right till it went down my food pipe. PHAK!
The best part about these places is the condiments they give us. A sweet spicy sauce, a pungent yet packed with flavor sauce and the third one (my fav) a mix of onions, garlic, celery, ginger stewed in soy sauce, it is rather green in color and our Foodie was convinced for the longest time that it was Seaweed (I had 3 bowls with only 6 pieces of momos). Then came the soup from Tibet: The Thukpa. Beautiful broth, soft f*****g noodles and a mix of veggies and mince chicken. One big bowl of this broth can fill you up and with those condiments, this is a WINNER! PHAK me I would pay twice for one bowl of Thukpa. 
We ended, the evening with PHAK – SHA ribs, you better call for it. If you don’t eat pork or PHAK – SHA, you are missing out on some major MiM scenes. Tossed beautifully in soy sauce and garlic  and with a loads of spring onions; ordering this dish was a good decision. I’m a sindhi man, and nothing makes me happier than seeing a bill which costs less than 3 litres of petrol ( WHICH BUY THE WAY IS 84 RUPEES. PHAK!!) Sernyaa is a must go place for all foodies. Great food. great experience, and if you are lucky the owner sometimes comes and plays the guitar!!!
The Foodie: The chef and I are regulars to this tiny little place. We always order Pork, Prawn, Lamb and Chicken momos, along with the Thukpa (All in one visit. Yes, we eat alot)
On other occasions we have also tried these flat, stewy noodles called Shanan Noodles, which did not disappoint.
I can’t wait to go back there and try their recommended non- veg starter, Tibetan sausages called Guema Ja-Sha,  and Red Rice and Baby Mushroom Soup. There is a lot for vegetarians to try as well.
Things like  Logo Momo and T. Bread. (I like the ring to their names, when they are said together) which are essentially Tibetan Bun and Bread served with gravy. From Pot Rice, to Noodles served on a sizzling platter
Sernyaa has more food to offer than space in their little restaurant. But don’t let that stop you at all! 🙂 And if you do discover something other than what we have listed here, please please please tell us about it. We don’t want to miss out on anything this cute little place has to offer.
Our rating: 
Food — 4
Decor — 2
Value for Money — 4

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