Pronto, 98, Shams Palace, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

Photo Credit: Tanushree Rana and Ashok George
If you look up the word Pronto, it has quite a few definitions. It means, quick, on the spot, in North Indian Kitchen terms, it means “Pata Paat.” In a few other parts of the world it is also defined as, willing, ready or prepared; this chain of restaurants is ready and prepared for any type of cuisine be it Oriental, Continental, Mexican or even Indian.
The Chef: Just cos I’m Sindhi,  does not mean I’m a cheap motherf****r, but I love it when I see a menu and stuff is soooo cheap!!!! The best part is, its cheap AND good!!!! They have a wide selection of pizzas, thai curries, pies, mains and desserts. We finally have a place in our city that serves ‘delicious, moderately priced yet as authentic as things get’ food.
Everyone can make pasta at home, but to make mad-a** pasta every single time needs some level of cooking experience. The foodie and I called for a creamy pesto chicken pasta, thai curry and rice, chicken stroganoff, cous cous spinach and mushroom chicken (That day’s special) and lasagna bolognese . (Yeah i know what you guys are thinking, AADMI HAI YA KYA BHENC***) but it was a group of people so that much was more than enough. Creamy pesto being my favourite sauce with flat fettucine, I don’t think that combination can ever go wrong. It was spot on, with perfect seasoning and the pasta cooked al dante. And yes, for those from the state above Maharashtra, they do have a “pink sauce” pasta option (UGH). Thai curry red, with chicken, again was nice and creamy with enough coconut flavor coming through with a hint of spice and basil. We don’t know if it was home made paste or from the packet, but whatever came was wiped cleaned off the plate (No we did not pick it up and lick it)
The Foodie: I remember Pronto being this “Only Home Delivery” place in Tardeo, till they decided to expand and have people come and eat in their tiny outlet, that did not have the capacity for more than 20 people.  I must say they have done quite well for themselves. Their food tastes so good and their menu is so … creative?. It is Pronto, Bandra where I first heard about a pizza with a pineapple topping (call for their Hawaiin Pizza, in case this generated any interest.)  You can also make your own pizza, their rates are very basic, an 8″ pizza is like Rs110 and a 12″ is Rs220 and toppings have their own rates of course. The chicken stroganoff, served with mashed potatoes, sauteed veggies and rice. (though the gravy is a brown one instead of white, you usually expect to see. ) is very filling and a personal favorite. If you ever order the cous cous with chicken, spinach and mushroom make sure you order a creamy mushroom sauce to go with it, or it gets too dry.
Moroccon Lamb, Soy Chilli Wine Chicken, Balinese Curry, Chili Con Carney, Pronto has made an effort to include main course dishes from all possible popular cuisines, in their menu. Most of these main course dishes come with a small portion of salad or mashed potatoes and sauteed veggies, and butter rice or garlic bread. They definitely compliment the dish well.
For people who go looking for places that have all day breakfast, Pronto, under their buns and rolls section, offers an all day breakfast roll
which consists of masala omlette, ketchup and chicken ham.
This place is my go to place, when I’m craving a good pizza, or thai curry, a salad, just a portion of mashed potatoes, or BACON and it never   disappoints.
There are 4 (Tardeo, Bandra, Churchgate and Lower Parel) Prontos across the city, so head to whichever is the closest and try it out!
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