Between Breads, 2, Kalpitam Apartments, Opposite Hawaiian Shack, 16th Road, Bandra West, Mumbai


If you don’t keep an eye out for this place, chances are you will definitely miss it.  Just a few shops ahead of Mini Punjab and Hawaiian Shack on the opposite side of the road, is this tiny little joint called Between Breads, that serves a wide range of burgers, dogs and sandwiches.. Also, don’t worry if you are alone and have no one to go with, they have Archie comics lying on tables for those special #ForeverAlone cases!

The Chef: When I hear the name Between Breads, I think to myself; Damn another joint serving packed and frozen f*****g burgers, with the bun size as small as another burger joint who has a fu****g clown as their mascot!! But no, I was wrong, the menu said freshly ground meats and patty’s and that’s exactly what they served. I have never been to Philadelphia so I don’t really know what a Philly cheese steak exactly is, but they have it on their menu along with other delicious sounding items like buffalo cheese chicken ‘wiches and cheese burger.

I called for the Beef cheese burger and the Grilled Pepper Chicken Sandwich. The burger came followed by the sandwich. They kept it simple, not a very fancy presentation. They had BB logo on the paper, and the burger came with a side of fries which were nice and salty. The sandwich had some of the CRIPSY–IST chips i have ever had!!! The burger patty itself was just ground beef with seasoning; I personally think they can do much more. The Pepper Chicken due to all the add-ons in the sub itself, made it taste nice and juicy. But the winner for me was the bun of the burger itself. Nice, soft and warm it melted in my mouth faster than the beef itself!!!! Paying 200 for the cheese burger is a steal but lots of work needs to be done on it. The grilled pepper chicken is nice and a full meal in itself. But like I said the winner for me was the burger bun and the CRIPSY chips.

(P.S. if you are parceling your burger, go on and read the Archies comics, it takes a while)

The Foodie: Their decor is pretty interesting, with walls that look like Burger buns. And given the size of the place,  once you step in, you feel like you are sitting Between Breads (think that was their point all along, I’m merely stating a fact :)) I tried this place out, only cos Bacon was all over their menu. These guys offer BLT and BBLT (just in case a single portion of Bacon was not enough) which I found quite amusing. I’m usually not a fan of sandwiches, subs etc. cos either they are too big and make it difficult for me to bite, without dropping its contents all over, or there is less meat, more bread. The BLT I ordered was not only tasty but so easy to eat, that I flew  to my happy place faster than expected. Their Sandwiches come in a Basket with potato wafers. You have ketchup and mustard at your disposable (along with a bottle of sanitizer) on the table. Go ahead and check this place out and if this post doesn’t convince you, remember they have BACON FRIES on their menu 😀

Our Review:

Food: 3

Value for Money: 3

Decor: 3.5

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