It was really for the Ube Ice Cream

We need places with Filipeno Cuisine in Bombay..

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Been doing a lot of meetings for the chocolate shop lately. Face time with potential corporate customers and investors. One meeting took way longer than planned. The Cat suggested lunch at Max’s of Manila (it’s close to the chocolate shop). They offer specials for lunch, Entrée, vegetable, and rice (plate lunch) for a reasonable price.

The Cat went with …

A combination of brown rice and red cargo rice. Vegetable was ung choi salad with tomatoes.

The Mouse’s choice.

The pork belly was marinated in an Asian sauce then grilled? If I close my eyes, the taste reminded me of Chinese char siu pork (except with pork belly instead of pork loin). Rice was Max’s signature garlic rice. Vegetable was the same ung choi with tomatoes. The Mouse liked. Very much (both socks off worthy). A definite repeat order candidate.

When ordering the lunch special, customers have an option of adding…

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