Mahesh Lunch Home, Kings Apartment, Next To JW Marriot Hotel, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai


Well what can I say about Mahesh Lunch home, it features on the list of top 5 places to visit in Mumbai and everytime we visit this place, all we can say is, F**K YES!!!!!!! We know exactly why it made to that list. There are a few branches of this restaurant across the city, like Fort, Juhu and Thane and one in Pune as well. You can’t miss this place (the JUHU one) as it is one of the major spots in Mumbai, just a little ahead of JW Marriott and before the spooky a** Tulip Star Hotel.

The Chef: Alot of kids first words have been mumma or pappa or poop poop, but mine Im sure must have been SEAFOOD or CRAB or FRAWNS (As the Neps in my Kitchen say it) And Mahesh Lunch Home, Juhu is one of the best places to eat great authentic south indian, oriental seafood. I remember being really small when my father first took me to the Fort outlet, and I experienced my first Orgasm among many other things (I wasn’t that small also !!!!!) I prayed every night and day, to the Gods of the sea, that Mahesh opens next to our place in Andheri. And yes! the sea Gods really did love me because, there at the corner of the Juhu Signal, was this ground floor restaurant called MAHESH LUNCH HOME ( in my head all I was singing was HALLELUJAH… the church choir version) We are regulars there. Every Wednesday night we have a table booked for us, the managers love us, the waiters love us, and I think we even have our very own butler service, when we go there. Enough of my G*Y stories, let us get on to the food.
On 8th, we went there for the FOODIE’S HAPPIE BUDDAY dinner (which was on the 9th) On reaching we saw the huge f*****g crab at their entrance, which meant that their “CRAB AND WINE” festival was on!! In my head I was all — Apni toh Diwali!!!! Going to the rooftop area which by the way is air conditioned now, we were given a table for 6, which we really did not mind. The place was getting full when we entered. Without looking at the menu, we ordered for the Seafood Combination soup, Chameen Porrichattu (Frawns) and Crab Curry Vindhyas (from their Fest Menu) with 2 glasses of Sol Kadi (Dry Day so no Wine)
Soup, oriental style, loads of ginger and garlic and Seafood (Prawn, fish and crab) of course, was spot on (always is). Chameen and Crab curry that followed, was fabulous. Quote me on this when I say “When there is pin drop silence whilst eating food — we know food is f*****g awesome.” The Chameen Porrichattu with its big a** sized prawns was smothered in a thick coconut gravy with loads of curry leaves and chilies. The Crab came in a green gravy, nice and subtle but well flavored. All this was gobbled down with appam and neer dosa and sol kadi. I did not want to wash my hand in the finger bowl because there was just sooo much masala on it, I wanted to go home and suck on my fingers all night long ( not in a weird creepy way) Two words to describe the food — F***ING AWESOME!!!!
Mahesh has never been a let down, in all my years of eating here, these are a few other dishes that are a must try: Prawns Lazzadar, Prawns Lajawab, Crab Chettinadu, Crab Mallipuram, Crab Avial and Squid Sukka (Yeah I know what you’re thinking and its true, I HAVE MEMORIZED THE WHOLE MENU) Trust us when we say it, this is a seafood restaurant to the core which has killer food and is always consistent. Dont just try their gassi (which also is maaaaad) go for other authentic curries.
 The Foodie: You say Mahesh Lunch Home (the last two words are critical for what follows)  and I start drooling. Mahesh is one of the finest sea food restaurants in the city, their prices are also quite fine so make sure you go there in the beginning of the month; nice and loaded 🙂 I first went there years ago for my father’s 50th B’day with family. Roof top, open air and a nice candle light dinner that included, Sea Food Soup, Prawn Masala Fry, Balti Surmai (fish served in a bucket) and Appam. The food, needless to say was great and the ambiance made me want to fall in love and come running back for a romantic dinner. 6 years later I did come back for a romantic dinner, however as they made their top floor, air conditioned, (with dim lighting, hence the grainy photo)  there was no open air, candle light dining option anymore. Well my disappointment didn’t last long, as the company and food ( the onions, chutney and pickle included) completely made up for all of it. Eating crab is always a messy but beautiful affair and at Mahesh you get to greet them when you enter the place, so you know they are fresh! Their butter garlic prawns are also quite tasty! So build an appetite through the day, keep your pockets loaded and head to Mahesh like you’re on a mission! And please do us a favor, unless you are a vegetarian (or don’t eat sea food) and are tagging along cos you have no other choice, please don’t go there and order chicken is it heart breaking!
Our Review:
Food — 5 (YEA F**K)
Value for money — 3.5
Decor — 3.5

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