Boveda, G04, Morya Landmark One, Plot B-25, Off New Link Road, Oshiwara Village, Andheri West, Mumbai


Boveda is the new watering hole that popped up in Andheri earlier this month. It offers Euro- American Cuisine and a wide variety of cocktails! As The Chef  was on the other side of things and the Foodie could not do this alone, it only seemed right to have our foodie friends help cover Boveda for us! So we introduce our super enthu foodies,  let’s call them The Ninja (kick a** correspondent from a leading automotive magazine) and the Tiny One (  known for her flair for writing ) and here is what they have to say..

The Ninja: I might be of biased opinion here. The Chef and I are both similar men. No, not in the way that we smoke cigars and sip single malt. But in the way that we use mother***d and behn***d to show both appreciation and disgust, have a keen appreciation of Old Monk, eternal gratefulness for good music and, most importantly, a complete intolerance for mediocre food. If it ain’t awesome, you might as well go fish around in the trash can for scraps no? Oh, and just in case you were wondering, that bit you read just there is to tell you that my opinions about two strokes and rear wheel drive might be heavily biased to one side, but when it comes to food, I’m as straight as that guy on the horse in the Old Spice ad (he is straight, isn’t he?).

So yes, The Chef’s place – Boveda. I really don’t know anything about decor, as long as the walls are painted and aren’t falling apart, the place would have scored a perfect ten in my books. So I’m gonna stick to just the food. Let’s kick this party off with the Spiced Paprika Chicken. I have a weak spot for food served on a stick. It’s one of those unexplainable things like what happened to Anushka Sharma’s nose or why an Enfield engine keeps breaking down. It’s a mystery. But you don’t need to be Scooby-Doo to notice the crisp texture of the crumb fried chicken which turns into a juicy mouthful injected with lots of flavour when you dig into it. Oh, and that mint mayo that introduces all that flavour into your mouth – phew! Something else entirely.

Next on the list was Gambas and Chorizo stew. Before you let your mind wander, I’m going to go ahead and tell you – no, this is not Goan sausages and pao. Wait is it? Of course not. It tastes so much better than any other stew I’ve had. Except for my grandmother’s mutton stew of course. But then she uses magic. You can’t compete with that. But the stew at Boveda? In one word, it is confusion. Not the confusion where you have to choose between bullet to the head or getting eaten by crocodiles. Confusion similar to what you might face when you’re asked to choose between Monica Belucci and Penelope Cruz. Whichever one you choose, you’re a winner. Similarly, whether you’re a fan of the pig family or of the prawn family, the stew won’t leave you disappointed. Both flavours are distinct and do not get lost in each other. Which is a remarkable achievement considering how easy it is for one to overpower another, especially when seafood is involved.

Next on the list was the triple pizza. Barbecued pulled pork and pepperoni with pork sausages on a hand mixed thin crust base. Anything with pork in it always has to be good right? If you agree with me, you’re the sort of person I would get along with. I’m a big fan of thin crust pizzas made the right way and the Chef and his boys have gotten the texture and thickness just right. It’s not too CRIPSY. Neither is it too soft. The tomato base doesn’t overpower the flavour of the meat. It accentuates it. The pepperoni isn’t two dimensional. You can actually see it if you hold it sideways. The pulled pork is, well, it’s pulled pork. There is no way it can be bad. Only, here it is better than most pulled pork I’ve eaten at other joints in the city. The sausages? Well, I’m generally not a fan of sausages. So I wasn’t too keen about it. But for those who like pork innards wrapped in a plastic bag, you’d really like it.

So there you have it. If you’re in the mood for some brilliant food, some good music and a mind boggling array of beverages, you know where to go. If you say anything other than Boveda, I’ll just say MOTHERCHOD! Oh and we’re all going to be hanging out at Boveda quite  often so keep an eye out for more peeks into their sizable menu soon.

The Tiny One:  I don’t think I’ve ever been to a restaurant in its early days. Scratch the doubt. I definitely haven’t. So quite naturally, I found my way to Boveda with my friends on a Saturday night, with great skepticism. Sure, I know the head chef and I’ve had his food fresh out of a friend’s home kitchen, but THIS?

A brand new, sprawling restaurant with rustic brick walls and fancy wooden structures; a deliberately unfinished cement wall whose center appears to have been wiped out to reveal the impressive logo; a bar bustling with activity and a DJ mixing up some groovy tunes in the corner; to think my friend was in charge of the food here was a scary thought. After taking in my surroundings and swallowing my embarrassment over being so ridiculously under dressed, I got down to business and called for a Mai Tai. Now, the cocktail menu here is really innovative. They’ve coughed up some really delicious cocktails, of which I’ve tried the Maiden’s Prayer (a rather delicious concoction of Passion Fruit, Vodka, Mint and Pomegranate Juice) and the Mai Tai. The latter was incredulously strong, but I happily washed it down upon some dilution. We called for the Spiced Paprika Chicken, Wings of Fury and the American Fried Chicken. But before I get down to reviewing them, permit me to insert a string of superlatives to describe the dips. Holy Mother of God, this place offered us a different dip for all of these dishes, each so  mindbogglingly delicious that I couldn’t help but lick them off my fingers with unladylike sloppiness. Mint Mayo, Spicy Jalapeno Mayo and the Onion Olive Dip to be precise. I’m going to get all Gujju (pardon the racism) and ask the Chef if he can sell these in the bottled form. Multi-million-dollar business opportunity, I’d say!

The Spiced Paprika Chicken stayed true to its promise. Spicy and cooked to perfection, this scrumptious delight is served on a skewer. We gobbled them down like deprived souls, and all too soon I was wistfully staring at an empty plate as my friends dug into a Spanish Prawns stew (what was it called?) and the Triple P pizza. The Chicken Wings weren’t as spicy as I’d want them to be, and seeing that I’m generally not a fan of wings, I let this one pass by after tasting one. Finally, the American Fried Chicken arrived, looking at us with its delectable crispy appearance. It was the best fried chicken I ever tasted. Oh so soft inside, and so crunchily crispy on the outside, this one is a winner. Before I could silently burp in a corner and begin the digestion process, the chef got us a Chocolate Walnut Ganache Tart. I, for one, consider it a sin to waste chocolate. But no thanks to my unsupportive stomach, I had to stop at one. In the words of Joey Tribbiani: Chocolate: Good. Walnut: Goood. Tart: Goooood! All in all, I’d say there’d be greater justice in calling this place a restaurant, because the food is the clear winner. For the musical enthusiasts, the outdoor seating section has a speaker too! So no matter where you sit, the bar experience is intact. Give it a couple of months, and you might find it difficult to get in without a reservation. So doll up, save some money and visit Boveda. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

The Foodie: I liked the fact that the dishes were accompanied with either a salad or a dip, which really adds to the over all taste.  The music is good but sometimes a little old school music won’t hurt ( I mean who doesn’t like to get drunk and sing along or dance to that kinda stuff ?)

 I’m crazy about Nachos in general, but I feel the Nachos here, could do better. For starters, I’d like them all in one place, but here I made a total mess, trying to dip the nachos in the different bowls for sour cream, salsa and guacamole. The cheese sauce could maybe be a little cheesier and the sour cream a little more sour. But don’t let that stop you from ordering their highly recommended (I know cos I have tried each and every one of them) Creamy Mushroom on Toast, Gambas Chermoula, Gambas and Chorizo Stew, Paprika Chicken, Oriental Fried Chicken with sweet chilli basil sauce, Butter Garlic Mixes (if you are not feeling too creative) Water Melon Burst and Espresso Martini! (Phew! that was a long list.)

Boveda is slightly at the higher end, so we recommend you go in a big group to make it worth the money.

FOOD: 3.5
Valu for money: 3.5
Decor: 3.5

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