Manju Dosa, 14th Road, Khar. Opp Gujurat Research Society


I say MANJU you say DOSA!!!

Diagonally opposite the Gujarati Research Society is this little eatery called Manju dosa, that serves up hot CRIPS dosas, with a variety of fillings.
The Chef: I have crossed Manju (DOSA!!!) a hundred times but I sh*t you not I had never eaten there. The Foodie being its Numero Uno fan, said ‘Lets do it, you will not regret it’ (MEOW). Yes she was talking about Manju (DOSA!!) and nothing else. Walking distance from Santaruz Link road, this joint is at a corner, a small 5 by 5 square foot area, dishing upto two hundred dosas a day!!!
Ordering a Mysore Masala, I just wanted to stand there and see what the fuss is all about. Three South Indian men, sweating from every part of their body, rolling out atleast one dosa a minute (maybe faster) was a sight to see. Rambling something in South indian (dont know what language) they did not even have time to look up and see the people. Dollop after dollop of butter went into my dosa (maybe a few sweat drops as well, but I ain’t complaining) which I knew from the aroma of it that this would be a sexy dosa (yes dosas can be sexy). There was so much heat and humidity in the area that we also started to sweat, but we still stood there just to see how these guys pull it off!!!
Finally our dosas arrived, hot as hell, cripsy as wafer and the beautiful cool coconut chutney, everything was in unison. and the butter made the filling so nice and smooth, the veggies inside had a beautiful bite to them. The chutney kept on coming even though I had no dosa left I was just licking the chutney off the plate. In the words of Homer Simpson.. MMMMMMMMM Chutney….!!
All in all was a great dosa experience, highly recommended by us especially when your next door uduppi joint is packed, Manju (DOSA!!!) is the place to go.
The Foodie: How I got introduced to Manju, is a funny story. A friend of mine and I were craving a good mysore masala dosa but at the wrong time of the day. We went to Carter road during broad daylight hoping to see our regular dosa guys up and running but were disappointed. Dosa shops at Carter open only in the evening around 6-7? Not too sure about the timing.. Any who, we desperately did a quick Google search (yes that is how badly we were craving dosa) and found out about Manju which was then Google mapped, and once the destination was reached and tested, I knew this was going to be my no.1 always. Packed with customers, patiently waiting for piping hot dosa given to them on the spot, Manju seemed to look quite popular with the dosa lovers. Unlike other dosa places on Carter, this place did not serve the red chutney people usually like, but the coconut chutney had that zing we needed for this relationship to work (yes I take this personally) and the Masala here yes, is by far the best that I have tasted!

Manju has two guys who do all the cooking out of which one also plays the roll of a cashier and the third fellow quickly takes orders and packs up your food. It has a nice menu, with Basic Dosas such as Butter sada and, Paneer Sada . Mysore Masala  Dosas (with or without cheese this is easily the best and the most recommended dosa ) They  also have this category on their menu called East West touch and of course American Chopsuey Dosa tops that one! While I can’t imagine how that would taste, feel free to experiment and let me know how that goes 🙂
Manju opens up at 1 and is open till 11 therefore I would like to call it my sexy vampire that walks with a daylight ring ( I need to stop watching Vampire Diaries)
Also, if coming all the way to Khar doesn’t cut it for you Carter road has two Dosa places called Ramu and Balaji that might make you happy.
Our Review
Food — 4
value for Money — 4
Decor — What decor?

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