The Calcutta Club, 22, Link Plaza, Near Police Station, Oshiwara, Mumbai


There is a 99% chance that one will miss this little Bengali joint, which has opened up at Oshiwara right next to the veg joint Shreejis. Calcutta club with its not so in your face logo is a cute little space, with mustard yellow interiors and various framed pictures and is definitely a must try for those who have not eaten authentic Bengali food.

The Chef: I ate Bengali food once long ago, when I was a little boy at my sister’s friends house and OH MY GOD was it something! I was so full that I had to unbutton my jeans, to give me stomach some space. Coming to the 22nd of October when the Foodie and I decided to try something different, Calcutta club came to mind. No banners, no fancy goddess Durga pictures no 3D tigers popping out of any walls, this is a small humble restaurant just like the people of Calcutta. Mustard yellow lighting, some beautiful pictures on the wall and slow soothing music makes you feel like you are in slow Calcutta yourself.
Their menu is pretty vast having a lot of different types of fish, chicken and starter dishes. wanting to try everything, we called most of the dishes in half plates. We had the, Chicken cutlets, Chicken biryani, Rui Macher Jhaal, Socher Norchel Chingri, Mutton Kausha and the Jhaal Chicken. (Wow, what would I do without Zomato) These dishes do sound like they are names of firecrackers. How can Calcutta be so slow with names like these???? Why am I shouting??!?!! Why am I talking like Sunny Deol in Border!!!!! But yes, there was slow, soothing music playing in the background to which we were swaying our heads to, from time to time, to amuse ourselves.
The Cutlets came in first, or like how our Indian railways servers say it — CUTLAYS, with a small cup of what was the best mustard sauce I have ever had. The CUTLAYS were deep fried, made of minced meat and medium sized chopped onions were nice and CRIPSY, and went really well with the onion roundels and that mustard sauce. The CUTLAYS ( I just like saying it again and again) was finished in no time. Then came our mains, and all of it together, in medium sized bowls, we thought that it was the most appetizing looking spread of food. The biryani, nicely flavoured rice (hints of kevda) had one piece of chicken and one piece of potato. Frankly speaking the chicken and potato did not do any good, but the rice was nice and full of flavour. The Kausha mutton was the star of the night, full of spice and MiMM (Melt in mouth mutton) scenes. The Chingri (prawns) was made in a mustard and coconut gravy, really light and thin, went well with the rice. Not the biggest fan of Rohu (Rui) so, the fish did not do much for us. The Calcutta Club really sets the mood for an evening with their lighting and music, but did this place remind of my friends mothers cooking ?? Not as much, but I did get to eat a lot of food for less!!!
The Foodie: Calcutta Club. The name itself got me hungry because I love bengali food..  I am a big fan of the Steamed Bengali Fish I was introduced to, last year , by a relative, which I devoured with prawn curry and rice. And yes! They had that on the menu too. I didn’t try it here, but I’m definitely going back to try it. If you’re a big foodie and love to explore different cuisines, learn new names and understand different ways of making a dish. This is your kind of place. Even if the place doesn’t excite you, the menu definitely will do the trick. This place offers a variety of fish, especially those that are beloved to their state. Hilsa, Bhekti, Koi, they cook them all in the traditional style just like how they like it.

If you are friends with anyone from Calcutta, you will know that they take great pride in their Biryani (that, and their rolls). Therefore, you will find that this place gives you an option to order Biryani by Kilo, which serves 10 people at a time, and costs merely Rs 1400. Nice no? Makes sense when you want to throw a party, with delicious food.
Calcutta Club isn’t big on their presentation. It is almost like eating in a canteen, but that is what I liked. They keep it simple and authentic. Umm.. about the music. Either all the bengali songs have the same tempo or I’m pretty sure, I heard Ekla Chalo playing, somewhere in the background. I’m not holding that against them, in fact I give them extra points for naming their place right. Moving on to the photographs, that are up on their wall .. Did Einstein and Rabindra Nath Tagore ever meet? Cos if they did, then thanks Calcutta Club, I definitely learnt something new that day. *googles Tagore and Einstein’s conversation*
I have to say this, when we entered, it felt like everything was happening in Slo Mo. The music, the time I took to decide what I want. The funny part was as slow as the place looked, we finished the food just as fast 🙂
Loved the combination of Chicken Cutlet with the Mustard sauce (I wish they were a little more generous with that..) My first thought was, don’t you get this everywhere? But I guess it was the first time I ate chicken cutlet with mustard sauce and onions. Pretty great combo, if you ask me. Mutton was terrific. If it was for me I would eat just a portion of that with plain boiled rice. Well flavored and cooked perfectly.
The Chingri was the closest to what made me feel like I’m in Calcutta with its light mustard and coconut gravy, (I recommend that with some rice) Also also.. they have this starter, a combination of bhetki fillet and chicken kheema, called Fish wait for it Madhuri.. hehe Madhuri. That is so going on my To-Order list when I go back. Yes, I’m going back.
Also Malad peeps, there is a Calcutta Club in Malad (W) with Rolls (told you they love them) and Mini Lunches.
Our Review:
Food — 3
Value for money — 3.75
Decor — 3.75

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