Monthly Archive: November, 2013

Quick DIY Microwave Brownies

The Foodie: We all have these nights, when we randomly crave for odd things such as a Soft drink, or a chocolate, or a muffin. For me it is Brownies. The problem is,… Continue reading

SingKong, 604, 1st Floor, Pinnacle House, PD Hinduja Marg, 15th Road, Off Linking Road, Above Sanchos, Khar West, Mumbai

Singkong is a recently opened Hong Kong and Singapore cuisine restaurant above our one and only Sanchos (actually there are two of them now). Being from the same ‘Dish Hospitality’ family, that has… Continue reading

The World’s Top 10 Best Sheep Inspired Foods

Veg Food Recommendations at 5 the Restaurant, Santa Cruz, Mumbai.

Baked Veg Cannelloni and Tomato Potato Soup

Hotel Deluxe, Fort

Deluxe hotel, though not a hotel is a gem of restaurant that is hidden in the by lanes of Fort in South Bombay. Surrounded by a lot of competition like Mahesh, Pratap, Ankur… Continue reading

Loca Loca, Khar (West), Mumbai

Picture borrowed from the Loca Loca Facebook page. First the famous WTF! then the unlucky Hungry Birds and now Loca Loca, this place has had more facelifts than Anoushka Sharma has had lip… Continue reading