Loca Loca, Khar (West), Mumbai

Picture borrowed from the Loca Loca Facebook page.

First the famous WTF! then the unlucky Hungry Birds and now Loca Loca, this place has had more facelifts than Anoushka Sharma has had lip jobs! This final product, which is sort of a cuban pub, with comfy lounge sofas and a beautifully done interiors and exteriors, Loca is one place that is gonna stay here for a long time.

The Chef: This space has been a regular watering hole since its WTF! days , so no wonder I never ate here. Why would I? A bar that serves good food is very rare. But the Foodie, being the foodie she is, insisted we eat here no matter what happens. Going on a Tuesday night (My off day) was pretty empty, but we did not care. One of our friends had come down, so we had decided to come here to eat and party. This place just got its new menu, that looks damn yummy and the menu card itself is as colorful as the interiors are.
 Very few places in Bombay give their Bar food importance. I feel that is of most importance to me.
We had the Beef Chili wav pav, Chicken Pepper wav pav, Andhra Chicken with paratha and the Pahadi chicken. LIP SMACKING!!!! Beef was cooked to perfection and was flavourful, the Pahadi Chicken not cooked in the tandoor, was soft and had punch of flavor from the mint and coriander marination, the Pepper Chicken was regular nothing fancy, but the Andhra Chicken was the WINNER!!!! Full of spice, desiccated coconut and curry leaves. Simple yet soooooo goood!!!!!!! All the above dishes costed two hundred rupees each, which I think is a steal. Perfect amount of food had been consumed for the alcohol to go in our stomach! The drinks are also priced on the lower scale which will make any and everybody happy. The bartenders, if they know you and are trying new shots at the bar, will come and make u try them all on the house. The place gets pretty crowded on the weekends and thus going on a weekday to enjoy a good meal and chilled out drinking session is what I recommend.
This place was and will always be one of my favourite places to go any time of the year!
The Foodie: There are very few bars at the mention of which, I start feeling hungry. I mean who eats food at a bar. It has to be different! Burgers, pizza, fries all this is regular stuff, but there has to be something that calls out to my foodie needs in another way. Before Loca Loca or wtf or hungry birds, we used  to call this place Simply Goa which had the tastiest Goan Sausages and Pao and cold cut platters (don’t know why they shut it, but it definitely broke my heart) and WTF which opened right after that, had no such thing on their menu. So when I heard that a place called Loca Loca has opened, with a new Cuban menu, I obviously got excited to go check it out. Hoping I will find what I have been looking for, since Simply Goa shut. We were told Loca Loca wanted food to be an important part of their setup too. Not just the alcohol. Ten points were given to them,just for that thought :).
They started off with a very innovative menu, which included Choco Mole (chocolate poppers sort of thing)  and Loca Omlette (with a choice of chorizo or chicken topping) and yes my favorite Chorizo and Brun (goan sausages and pao) and another 10 points were given right there! However they have updated their menu recently (with some stuff gone) as people seemed to demand for some nice masaledaar Local food.
So now you have a Desi Loca  and Wav Pav section which offers you some really great Pork Chorizo, Sorpotel (not vinegary at all!), beef chilli, Prawn Balchao that comes with pao. Their quantity I feel is for one person if the person is super hungry (or two skinny girls who don’t eat much)
They offer Veg and Non Veg platters with a little of all, which I feel is a great idea.  Shrimp Poppers, Chicken Poppers, Fries, and Wings this place has all of it but apart from that don’t forget to try their Jalapeno Cheese Chicken. It is really tasty for the simple reason that a combination of jalapeno and cheese and chicken can never go wrong :D.
Loca Loca has some really good cocktails that go very well with the lovely food we just told you about. Try their Cubanitos. I personally love their fresh watermelon cubanito! Very refreshing.
All in all we love the place, for not just their reasonably priced alcohol, great music, or the lively crowd but also their MAD FOOD, and that makes it our go-to place on any day of the week!
Look out for their Happy Hours, Karaoke nights and Bongo Beat nights, that keep their place packed almost every day of the week.
Our Review: 
Food: 3.75
Value for money: 4
Decor: 4

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