Hotel Deluxe, Fort


Deluxe hotel, though not a hotel is a gem of restaurant that is hidden in the by lanes of Fort in South Bombay. Surrounded by a lot of competition like Mahesh, Pratap, Ankur and Apoorva to name a few, this restaurant will always be number one in heart and in my stomach!  

The Chef: Been here a couple of times and LOVE IT… Spot on with the food every time I dine here. We ended up here, after a horrible movie called Enders Game which is a Star wars meets Harry potter, mixed with a little bit of Tron and a cheap South Indian movie( Walking away from it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time!! ) because an upscale restaurant at Nariman point did not pen down our reservation (which we are not complaining about, at all!!)
Reaching Deluxe at 9.30 pm, we went upstairs (AC room) and got our regular table.
Complementary poppadams and pickle followed us to our table, the pickle made of amla was lip smacking.
Our server had the most soothing Mallu accent ever! Very sweet and polite, but he did get on my nerves when he said half the things weren’t available on the menu (Yes, if the food is over its f*****g over)
Best time to come here is during the afternoon, that too on a wednesday, they have everything available. So we called for the following — mutton pepper masala, prawn fry masala, prawn roast, chicken Kerala dry, chicken sukka, squid fry and malabar parotha. (I KNOW WE ARE F*****G HAWRAATS {pronounce hau–rut} but that is exactly how the table spread should look like,) Great food, the softest malabar parothas, it made me so happy :’)  I had tears in me eyes, looking at all that food.
Wiping off my tears we started to dig in. The mutton — soft, tender and just how I like it (MiM). The pepper masala was beautiful not too peppery or over powering. The prawn fry masala and roast prawn looked quite similar but were so different when it came to tasting. The Malabar parottas went great with all the dishes. Flaky, yet soft and elastic these parothas were the best I’ve ever had! The chicken Kerala dry and sukka came with light coconut gravy which the foodie just picked up gulped the whole bowl down (She did not actually do it, but I’m sure if we were alone in the restaurant, she would have!)
And finally the best dish (EK DUM NUMBER ONE, TIP-TOP, HIP-HOP) the squid fry. It is a must have for anyone who comes here. This is the best beer snack I’ve had without beer. It is spicy, it is soft and the damn calamari is so fresh it feels like they just got it out of the fishing boat and on to my plate! Loaded with chilies and onion slices, and squid of course this dish is spot on, and is one of the top dishes I have eaten in Bombay(Mumbai), hands down no questions asked.
To sum it up, this place is F*****G AWESOME, every time I come here, I make sure I’m wearing pants or shorts with a Nada (to tie) cos this place will fill you up!!!  Come here a li’l earlier so that they can give you everything on the menu. Do try this place on Onam day, its like a Virar fast but more crowded. For me this is Top 5 places to eat in our beautiful city.
The Foodie: Years ago, my roommate asked me, if I wanted her to pick up mallu food for me. I had no clue what she was talking about. I just said yes. Just like the number 65 to chicken, mutton, fish or prawn, you attach Mallu, Bong, Goan (maybe not gujju (my apologies to the community)) before the word food and I’m game. That’s the day, I got introduced to some of the best food I have ever eaten in my entire life cos when it comes to delicious food, what I ate, had nailed it. So years later when I mentioned to the Chef that there is this place, in Fort that specializes in only and only mouth watering grub, he just had to see it, and thus began our journey with Hotel Deluxe.
When you make a plan, to visit Deluxe, make sure you starve yourself through the day, cos chances are you might end up over eating without realizing. Their kairi pickle and papad combo, for starters, is so cool, you have to be careful not to make a meal out of it,especially when you know what kind of food comes after.
The best part, about this place is, that you don’t have to be a sea food lover to come here, cos this places offers the best mutton, chicken and sea food dishes that one can eat. Therefore this place is for absolutely everyone! The flavors, validated by close mallu friends, are the real deal. Their Prawn and Chicken Biryani, Chicken Masala, Malabar Parotta, and Chicken Sukka always leave you wanting for more. The place shuts at 12, so don’t go in the last hour cos that is when they run out of food and things get messy.
If you’re not fussy about decor, Deluxe is the perfect place to go with a big group of friends. For truck loads of food, you’ll pay close to 150-200 bucks per head and if you’re lucky, you might get complimentary payasam as well! Nice no?
Try it out! And if you end up discovering something mind blowing that we haven’t, do tell! 🙂
Our Review:
Food — 5 ( I wanna give it a 10)
Value for money — 5
Decor — Sorry had no time to look around, my face was always facing down

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