5 – The Restaurant, 25 D, Wellingdon Catholic Colony, SV Road, Santacruz West, Mumbai


Placed among the cheapest food joints that offer the tastiest food on SV Road, in all these years, 5 The Restaurant has made a nice place for itself and managed to stay strong! Being patrons for almost 2 years now, I feel 5 has easily become our go to restaurant, when we are too tired to brainstorm for new places! A cosy set up with soft lighting and space enough for 30-40 people at a time, it is the perfect place for a romantic date or quiet dinner with friends..

The Foodie:


There are many reasons I recommend 5 and  head there so much. For starters I love the complimentary bread that comes with basil butter, when you’re done placing your order and are waiting for the food to come. The only thing I noticed about it lately, is that they don’t serve the bread a little warm like they used to.. So maybe they should start doing that again.. They have a wide range of European food that they offer, and I have a list of things I highly recommend and swear by!
From their Soups their Tomato Potato soup is very interesting. It looks like this Ying Yang when you first see it,  and once it is in front of you, you think of 101 creative ways of eating it. I usually finish off all the tomato part first and leave the  potato soup for the end 🙂
Next up, Baked Veg Cannelloni, which comes with this ridiculously delicious Tomato Salsa and is covered in cheese! The reason this dish is such a hit is, because the tomato salsa with the Cannelloni, tastes fantastic, not too tangy and just the right amount of sweet. The cheese is smooth and again tastes perfect!  Although you have an option of ordering Baked Chicken Cannelloni (even though it isn’t listed on the menu, atleast I didn’t find it on the menu)  I prefer the vegetarian cannelloni to the chicken one. With the latter I ran out of gravy and  had to steal a tomato from my friend’s plate to make up for the loss of Tomato Salsa.. so maybe some more gravy? Cos that’s what makes it so tasty after all!
The Chef was busy at work, so I could not take him to 5 with me, the two times that I went there to cover as much food as possible. Therefore the The Ninja, The Little One and the SuperHero helped me with this one 🙂
( Yeah we have got this little Foodie League happening here)
The Ninja particularly loved his BBQ Chicken Steak that came with Saffron Rice, carrots and beans. Just how BBQ chicken should taste. Perfectly flavored, “with just that slight hint of sweetness that doesn’t become too overwhelming”, tasted great with Rice and any veggies that provided the perfect balance to the dish.
BBQ CHicken
The Little One was quite impressed with  the service at 5. She wanted the Grilled Chicken, but with something other than the Pesto Sauce listed on the menu. The manager was nice enough to recommend a Garlic Sauce with it and sweetly agreed to customize the dish, which turned out super and the Little One absolutely loved it!
The Super Hero ordered Bacon Stuffed Chicken which came with nice creamy potatoes, bean salad, tomatoes and Shitake Wine jus. While he loved the idea of Bacon Stuffed Chicken, he thought the cheese overpowered the bacon completely. He liked the filling, but barely got the taste of the bacon, “that sweet beautiful bacon-y taste” as he likes to put it. “You would think that a dish that involved bacon and cheese stuffed in chicken would lift you to new heights with every bite but sadly this was not the case……” is what he said after I watched him wipe his plate clean. He is a bit of a Bacon fanatic, and if you are not one, you might want to try it yourself to see it it suits your level of Bacon needs 🙂
Our Super Hero also recommends the Chorizo Risotto, which was then (two months ago) was on the Monsoon Menu, but you could always try your luck and order it 🙂
And the last one on the recommended list, Grilled Prawns with Coriander Rice, pan fried Okra, Tomatoes and Curried Cream. This was a combination I had never tried before. The Prawns were beautifully displayed on the rice, served with curried cream (the cream was a little less for my liking) The only component filled with flavor in this dish were the prawns. Nicely grilled, and you could taste the wine in which they were cooked with each bite! Pan fried Okras served with warm tomatoes as a combination was a first for me and honestly I didn’t mind it. The dish on the whole, is very mild tasting. But the prawns in it were the highlight for me, I did not regret ordering this one at all! If you’re in the mood to move away from the classic grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and veggies combination this should be a good way to start!
I ordered their Virgin Peach Martini, that I really liked and from the desserts, we recommend their Chocolate Flan!
So go on, try out 5, explore the menu and get back to us if you recommend a dish we left undiscovered. You’re going to love this place!
Our Review:
Food: 4.5
Value For Money: 4
Decor: 4

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