Poco Loco Bandra West

Quiet little Spanish restaurant on the bustling roads of Pali Naka ( Next to Totos), this joint has been out there for some time but still not quite packed the punch on a lot of people’s mind.
The Chef: Being very interested in Spanish cuisine meself, we decided to go give this place a try because the Foodie really liked a few dishes here. Luckily Gourmet it up had a great offer for Poco Loco such that we could taste a lot of their dishes so we booked a table through them.
It was simple, a pitcher of Sangria, 3 types of salad, 6 types of tapas, and a main course each. We started off with a Baby Spinach salad, the Ensalada de polla and a Poco Loco style tuna salad. My favorite was the Tuna, really fresh, thinly sliced pieces of tuna and carrots which really started it off on a real high for me at least. On the other end, the Foodie sipping on her Sangria was starting off a party for herself (TIPSAAAAYYYY!!!)                                                                                                           
Onto our tapas, 3 vegetarian and 3 non vegetarian, Now see this is when I realized as to why a proper tapas bar will not run in our food loving city of Mumbai. The vegetarian selection consisted of the Pisto Manchego, Patatas Bravas and Mushroom Ala Plancha. all of them were nicely presented on a single black plate, but the portion was a bit too small, even for them to be tapas portion. the Bravas, potatoes were MAD!! Crispy outside and soft inside — like how they are supposed to be but the sauce they gave was some kind of bbq/chili maggi mix which I couldn’t figure. The mushrooms, were ok, and the Pisto Manchego was a mix of vegetable ratatouille on a really nice crispy piece of bread!
In our meat selection we had the Chicken skewers, Gambas al ajillo and Beef with bell peppers. My favorite was the beef with peppers. Really nice with the flavour and softness of the beef sliced, but the foodie didn’t like it that much or even tried it, the Gambas were two medium sized prawns and there were two skewers of Chicken Supreme. Frankly speaking they were ok, nothing much to talk about!
Coming to our mains, we had the Stuffed chicken with garlic custard and The Paella Marinara. When I visited Spain I realized that there isn’t a lot of main course dishes that they make themselves except the Paella, so whilst eating the chicken I realized that it isn’t Poco Loco’s fault, I BLAME SPAIN!!!! The chicken seemed very regular, nothing fancy. the Paella, was good, the seafood was fresh!!! the clams, fish and squid were all cooked perfectly. But when I finished my bowl , there were a lot of oil stains (reminded me of a biryani, not taste wise but look wise)
By the end of this meal the foodie was border line high, yea…the sangria verde was a beaudy!!A lot of fusion food can help this grow, and also, mixing led zepplin songs with christmas carols… a TOTAL NO NO!!

The Foodie: Poco Loco, the name is so nice you wanna say it… errr even if I want  I can’t quote Mojo Mojo for this one. I pick this place for my once in a while meals, when friends are in town and are craving some good White Wine Sangria. The first time I visited Poco Loco I tried the Comido Pierna De Pollo Marinado which is Cumin marinated Chicken Leg with Mashed Potatoes and Long Beans. Really liked it, but wasn’t sure it was an authentic Spanish thing to eat. Is it? Cos Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Salad seems to be a thing done to death. Chicken was well cooked and very tasty, not complaining, but then you know what I mean 🙂


Having said that, Poco Loco also has Squid Ink Paella on their menu something I would definitely try, next time I go back. The Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Paprika sauteed Potatoe and Pizzaiola Sauce is said to be really good too. (Recommended by the Ninja). Lamb Lovers there are two dishes you might like to try and Jarrette De Gordero is the one that is usually tagged as a Must Try.

What I swear by, at this place, are the Salads. Loved the Spinach with Goat Cheese and the Tuna Salad (fresh fish and a very refreshing dressing)  but a special mention goes to the Ensalada De Pollo. So so good, just leaves you wanting for more (it is the chicken in it that is so juicy and does the trick! )

Apart from the many Tapas, the Chef mentioned ( Including Patatas Bravas that was potatoes with Maggi Tomato Chilli Ketchup) , I also tried the Bacon Wrapped Prunes (Recommended by the Poco Loco Chef). While it is a recommended dish, I like my Bacon to be more bacony. It wasn’t cooked the way I like it..So I guess that is that..
Over all, minus a few glitches, I like Poco Loco for the tasty salads, the variety in  main course and some good Sangria (that could be served at a little lower temperature than given to us 🙂 )
P.S: I was fine! The Chef’s allegations about the Sangria are absolutely false! 😛

Our Review: 

Food — 3
Value for money — 3
Decor — 3.5

2 thoughts on “Poco Loco Bandra West

  1. Thank you for the lovely review…. We would love to have you back soon!!!

    Poco Loco Team


  2. The point which you made about the tapas portion being way too small is one which we face on a regular basis too when going out as a group of friends. It doesn’t seem to be one restricted to the news bars only too its become pretty pervasive across bombay


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