Arsalan- Khar (West)


Arsalan: The Hyderabadi and Bengali restaurant, that stands out on Khar S.V. Road is known to dish some some lip smacking and authentic dishes, and since The Foodie kept on insisting, we said lets give this place a try.

The Chef:
I’ve seen Arsalan for quite sometime now, with its bright blue and red board, jutting onto the S.V road, near Khar station but never dared to enter it and try the food. But that when I did, I was amazed, it was packed with businessmen, families and all kinds of people. The aroma of kevda was in the air, and I got it the moment I entered the place.
The menu is pretty vast, with mutton and chicken being the king and queen, but the vegetarians should not get scared either. Their vegetarian affair is also quite packed with dishes like Lahori Aloo, Navratan Korma, and a good amount of Paneer dishes. Being the meat eaters that we are, we called for the Kakuri kebabs, the Hyderabadi Chicken biryani, Chicken butter garlic masala and Chicken Kasa.
The Kakori, were pretty tough and meaty, not like the kakoris u get in Lucknow. Passable, tasted great with green chutney and onion. The biryani and the gravies followed. Big heap of rice, with boiled egg and chicken, did not have the kevda flavor so im guessing the Regular Dum Biryani has it. The Butter garlic masala, was nice, the chicken was cooked in the tandoor. had a great flavour. The Kasa was made in a burnt onion paste, so it had the sweetness which I was getting. but the chicken was soft and had absorbed, the sweetness of the gravy. it was a whole half breast that was served to us.
We were stuffed!!! Had to pack all the food. the biryani was wiped clean, a few pieces of kakuri were left behind, i thought they were pretty good, but The Foodie being from lucknow, wasn’t a fan. Overall the food is nice and heavy, a little on the oily side and very affordable. will definitely go back and taste the other dishes they have to offer.
The Foodie : Arsalaaaaan *chronicles of Narnia style* , when you enter this place you feel like you’re standing at a wedding buffet, with that lovely smell of mughlai food all around you, and occasionally children running around and mothers running after. You can’t blame the kids, this place is huge! I have to be honest I first tried the food here after reading a few BBM statuses floating around, about this place, so we randomly decided to head out for lunch break on a week day. Loved their  Murgh Malai tikka and Dum Biryani.. That combination with raita was perfect! Over the years I know what to eat from this place. Biryani (not the hyderabadi one) their tikkas, Chicken Kasa (for its light flavor), Chicken Bharta and Laccha paratha. Chicken Bharta has this sweet taste to it and it smells divine! (the chef could sense the flavor even with a blocked nose!)

The only thing about this place is that they mess up your orders and delivery quite often. This one time, I remember very specifically ordering Chicken Tikka and randomly a plate of fish was placed infront of me. Thankfully I’m a big fish fan so didn’t complain. But with anyone else, that might end up being a huge problem. The other is their packaging material. Alot of people complain about how 70% of the time their food is not packed properly and the gravy ends up flowing into the carry bag, making it a messy affair. So be careful when you order a home delivery 🙂
If you want to enjoy  the Arsalan experience you’ve go to pick your favorites. I can’t promise all of it pleasing your palate, but their tikkas and the simplicity of the biryani makes it worth it! Oh and this food does not burn a hole in your pocket either! So don’t hesitate, I’m sure this place has something for everyone!
Food: 3.5
Value for Money: 4.5
Decor: 3

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