Trikaya, 7 Bungalows, has been quite a prominent restaurant at the end corner of  the Chef’s lane. And when he saw the 6 course meal at Trikaya on, he knew it had to be done. 

The Chef:  When I entered Trikaya, in the inside section, I saw  a huge mock banyan tree sort of a wooden structure, I thought Trikaya meant Banyan tree ( O_o). Thanks to, I found out  the word Trikaya takes inspiration from the Buddhist concept, which means three beings embodied into one (now that’s some deep sh*t).
I went with my family, as The Foodie was chilling away in Dolly (Delhi). We were 4 of us, so I thought, more the people, more food and pictures ( :D). The restaurant was bustling when we entered at about 9.30. We were taken to the A/C section and given a comfortable seat under the banyan tree ( Ah UTBT, such beauty memories of the Sophia college girls sitting and eating there. Sorry Foodie O_o) The menu for the night was very elaborate from Soups to starters to dim sum and 3 options of dessert.
The advantage of having 4 people, for such an elaborate meal is that you can have everything, that is on offer. So we settled for the following — Balinese BBQ chicken, Assorted Mushrooms with Pinenuts, Grilled Prawn with Lemon basil and Fish Edamame with Citrus Ponzu. Mushrooms, were the rehydrated ones, so had a little soapy taste but went down well with the lemongrass sauce and pine nuts. The Grilled Prawn Lemon Basil had just a hint of lemon and basil, but it was perfectly cooked and served with sweet chili sauce. The Balinese BBQ chicken tasted like Chicken in Thai Red Curry Sauce, did not do much to our taste buds. But the best dish was the Fish Edamame (although it did not have any mamies!!!) in Ponzu sauce. Fried fish, what seemed like a Basa fish (perfect for oriental food) and peppers went really well with the Citrus Ponzu sauce. 
Soup for us was plain and simple, a Lemon Coriander soup with Chicken and Veg for my Mother. Nice soup, a good wash down form all the starters we had, did have a lot of ginger (zinzer) and garlic but, we are not complaining. Onto our dimsum basket which was a mix of vegetarian and non vegetarian dumplings. They arrived nice and steamy on our table and from all of the dim sums that came to us, our favourite was the Vegetable Sumai and the Trikaya chicken supreme dumpling. 
Now onto the star of the night, the main course, dishes that made me want to take my shirt off. Stir fried greens, Thai curry prawn, Shredded Lamb and Pomfret Chili and for the starch we had the Mee Goreng, Thai Chili fried rice and the Char Kway Teow which was a stewed flat noodle in light soy sauce. Man you should have seen our table and plates, there was NOO space , we had to get an extra side table to keep all our food. The stir fried greens in burnt garlic sauce was so good!!! The greens were perfectly blanched and then tossed in the sauce, we could still get the crunch of the vegetables and this was the good crunch not the bad one. The shredded lamb just melted in my mouth, the sauce was nice and subtle with really small but dangerous red fu****g chilies thrown around. 
Thai curry prawn was so smooth, almost like liquid silk ( I don’t even know what that means) and was just right with the spice, coconut milk and basil flavor. The only downside was the Pomfret, I mean if Basa was served I’m sure the dish would have done wonders, we think that the pomfret was not the freshest of fish they used. coming to our starch, the thai chili rice was spicy and nice, with nice long grain rice being used. the Mee goreng with its hundreds of green pea pods helped us with the spicy sauces that we had called for. and finally the dish of the night, the Char Kway Teow, just writing about it is making me drool. a few drops even fell on my laptop (sorry for the details O_o)
The plates were wiped clean, the dishes were also wiped clean except the fish, i think the staff realised it cause it was the only dish that was barely touched. coming to the end of the meal the desserts. We took all the three options Blueberry cheese cake, chocolate blob and the ever famous date pancake with vanilla ice cream. Blueberry cheesecake, fantastic, my sister used to come here only for this particular cheesecake. The date pancake, one can’t really go wrong with, the chocolate blob, more like a chocolate blah, coz it was just sponge chocolate cake which was overly heated in the microwave,the cinnamon kulfi did help it go down. 
When people sit for over three hours at a dinner table in a restaurant, you know, that this is the kind of place that must be visited more often. Also the fact that the plates and bowls were wiped clean. this was a great meal, thanks to my server Govind (I think) they all did a great job!
Food: 4
Decor: 4
Value for money : 4

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