King Chilli Chindian Fusion, Santa Cruz East

PicsArt_1391940234912 The Chef: Being a frequent visitor to Santa Cruz East, as The Foodie stays there, we were running out of places to go to or order in from. Then using Zomato, which I must say is like a treasure map for all foodies, we found this, King Chilli. Reading Chindian Fusion I had my doubts, but I’ve had and heard far more worse things in Aurangabad.

So we ordered for, Thai Pot Noodles (or as the Chindians say NOODAALS, SNOODLES and NEWDDLE) Chicken in Chilli Oyster Chilli Sauce, North East Pot Rice and Chicken in Chili Basil Sauce. Quite the spread and we must say a delivery time was great too! The food was home pretty quick.


Well its Chinese Food, it has to be good, but wait, this was different. This was AWESOME!!!!! Now I know why this place is called King Chilli, in every bite a piece of green or red chili chopped would come. And it wasn’t SPICY spicy, but it was good spicy also making sure the taste of the Chicken/Rice/Noodle was still prominent. The Pot Noodles for me was a winner, coz it came along with the Thai Sauce. this is a very good thing about this place, they have a wide variety of dishes that has the sauce mixed with the Rice and Noodles so its does become very economical for people on a low budget. The Rice did not do much for us but the two chicken dishes were very good as well. The Chilli Oyster being the better dish has a subtle sweet taste to it, but then the chopped chilli did balance the flavor beautifully.

Make sure you do call for a bottle of Pepsi or Coke, with your meal, it will definitely help the food go down and everything tastes better Pepsi, The Foodie will agree. Also Mumbai Boss suggests that one should go there and try out their off the menu Manipuri specialities, they contain one of the spiciest chilies on the planet (the bhoot jhulakia) so next time a personal visit for us is a must!

The Foodie: I love love love King Chilli. I can safely say it has been one of the best discoveries of the year. It is true when people say, send your thoughts to the Universe and what you want, will come knocking at your door. Well King Chilli was just that. Wishful thinking, home delivered. Earlier last year, I tried this crab in red chilli paste on the Coral Island in Phuket. It was a simple dish. Crabs in Red Chilli Paste and Thai Noodles in this light gravy with Bird Eye Chillies. This was the simplest dish I tried and it was soooo good! I immediately sent a picture to the Chef to check if we get this anywhere in Bombay. It was just those light flavors and something other than regular Red Curry that I appreciated. He didn’t think it was easy to find, so we gave up that search. Months later when searching for something new, we stumbled upon King Chilli 😀 While ordering I didn’t expect something out of the box. But when the food came, it reminded me of that delicious flavor I got at the Coral Island. Think I was smiling for a good 15 minutes just cos of this freak discovery.

Chicken in Oyster Chilli Sauce was perfect and that colorful bowl of Thai Pot Noodles made me more happy than the food itself. The Chicken in Chilli Basil Sauce was perfect! I’m a new fan of Basil in my food. Also, I love the taste of the chilli skin, so I bravely ate the Bird Eye chillies in the food, while the Chef gave me disapproving looks. I have ordered from King Chilli thrice in 3 weeks and I think, I may have qualified as a hardcore “chindian” fan. King Chilli has a lot to offer and has a website where Chef’s specials are listed making ordering much more easy for you. Check out the website here and order away! (Fish in Mongolian Sauce is next on my list!)

What I really want to try now are the Wontons, as very few places nail them and the Sea food Clay Pot Rice as it sounds very appetizing. If you’re trying King Chilli’s  Chindian Fusion today, do share your thoughts with us and send us your happy smiley selfies, when you find out, that their quantities and prices are absolutely fantastic!

Decor: NA  (home delivery)
Value for Money: 4

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