Eddies Bistro,6, Silver Croft Building, 16th & 33rd Road Junction, Bandra West, Mumbai



Bright, vibrant, cozy and yes very inviting — Anyone who visits or even passes by is going to love this place. 2 month old, this new bistro has already got loads of fans, both young and old, that throng it everyday!   Be it for lunch, dinner and yes, now a casual drink, Eddie’s is the new go-to place for all bandra peeps.
The Chef:
I went here when this little bistro, had just started. When we  entereg, the way the staff greeted us, it felt like they’d been our friends since forever. Jolly, energetic and pretty well versed with the menu. The place has been started by a senior of mine from college Nishant Mitra, a dashing and pretty looking (yea ladies, I said it. HE LOOKS PRETTY) chef in his all black coat , who came out to meet me.
After a good conversation with him, me and The Foodie ordered our food and drinks. The squid chili lime, lamb burger and the Stroganoff chicken with risotto, also for our non alcoholic drinks we had the frozen lemonade and iced tea. Service like the service staff was prompt, quick and spot on. The drinks along with the Squid Lime Chili made it to our table in no time. The Frozen Lemonade was f*****g outstanding. I gulped it down in 5 minutes and called for one more. A sort of virgin mojito but in slush format. It was perfect and so damn goooood!!!
The Squid Lime Chili had a good balance of lime juice and red chilies chopped finely, one suggestion to the people eating this, eat it up in 5 to 7 minutes, otherwise cold squid is a total no-no! The Lamb burger was brought to us on a plank and the Stroganoff which was well presented in a pasta plate. It was accompanied with pickled cucumber and sour cream. The lamb burger was nice and juicy with nice home made buns (as told to us by the chef) the proportion of bread to meat was also very good. Moving onto the Chicken Strognaoff,  the breast used was succulent and juicy. Although the risotto did not do much to and for the chicken, the sauce that was given was superb.
Before getting our bill, the chef gave us a complementary Pannacotta which he said was a  recipe from someone else, and god bless that someone else because the Pannacotta was beautiful. It was soft, just a little bouncy and was topped off with fresh fruits. This bistro is definitely going to make me come back for more, to try their other dishes and their new drinks menu. Just a suggestion, I hope you put up a board outside your restaurant saying that you are located here…. OH WAIT U ALREADY DID THAT!!!! GOOD LUCK NISHANT 😛
The Foodie: We’re constantly looking for new places to eat and when Bandra Info told us that there is a new Bistro up and running, we had to go check it out! This cute little Bistro next to Bong Bong in Bandra, had me feeling like I was in a Masterchef Pop Up restaurant. You know, cozy little place, pretty food and a friendly chef! What is not to like. After visiting once with the chef,I visited this place again, with the Ninja and a friend. We had a long day and all we needed was a good meal and BACON. Here is what we ordered. Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce ( Cream, Paprika and Herbs) , Shrooms Risotto, and Fettuccini in Cream,cheese and herbs (if you’re ok with creamy pasta overdose) and since our service guy was super cool, he sweetly agreed to have bacon (in good amounts )added to all of the above. The food was great, and the quantity, perfect!
All the Pastas and Risottos were accompanied with Bread.
Eddies has a nice bar menu, if you like a drink with your food. Decently priced Sangrias, and cocktails. My friend and I ordered a Mojito and a Watermelon Caprioska or Mojito (not too sure) and Hoegarden for the Ninja ( I don’t remember the name of the drink, but I really liked it) My friend could not taste any alcohol in her Mojito, and so the waiter promptly agreed to fix that drink, as needed. I have to say 10 points to the staff at Eddie’s ! They’re doing a fantastic job when it comes to pleasing visitors.
There is a lot of stuff we’re going to go back to Eddies for. Their much talked about Salads, Fish Cakes, Ravioli stuffed with sundried tomatoes & olives, Seared ‘Black Pomfret’ with Red & Green Leaf risotto. My mouth is watering mentioning these names. So next trip to Eddies will be a mission to try all of the above!
Apart from the Panna cotta with Fruits and wafers, Eddies also offers desserts such as  Pavlova with seasonal fruits and Baked Chocolate with cream and walnuts.
I’m sure I haven’t mentioned a lot of well deserved dishes. But we’re going back to discover them soon, so no worries!
Good luck Eddies Bistro. You guys are doing a good job 🙂
Food: 4
Decor: 3.5
Value for money: 3

2 thoughts on “Eddies Bistro,6, Silver Croft Building, 16th & 33rd Road Junction, Bandra West, Mumbai

  1. Wonderful presentation! You’ve represented your points quite well in this article. Not many people are focused enough to write this well. Thank you so much.


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