Jai Hind Lunch Home

Jai Hind Lunch home has been around for decades and has opened up a few branches all over Mumbai. They have been dishing out some insane food from the whole coastline of India, from Goa all the way to Andhra Pradesh. To say Jai Hind Lunch Home is a less expensive version of Mahesh Lunch Home, according to us is the best way to describe this place.

Jai Hind Lunch Home, Hill Road, Bandra

The Chef: I have seen various outlets of this restaurant in Lower Parel, Pali Naka and Hill road but had never tried it out. I tried the first one which is opposite Janata bar and restaurant in Pali naka and was instantaneously in love with it. When I had gone to The Comedy store with my parents (worst decision ever — it’s like watching Wolf of Wall Street with them, a little worse because its live!!) we decided to check out the Lower Parel outlet and the food, just like the Pali one, was incredible. But the one that caught my attention was the JHLH (that what im going to call it from now) at Hill Road, Bandra. I went there with my parents again, and then a lot of times with the Foodie.
We were a big group, and as I always say, the bigger the better!!! We were also accompanied by the Superhero and the Li’l One. It was a boring Wednesday evening, and we all randomly decided to go to PJs at the Saisa club (a hidden gem) for cheap drinks which was going to be followed by JHLH. F*** after all the drinking and gazillion plates of Cheese Chili toast I doubted if any one would eat. But no, I underestimated the stomachs of drunken f***s and this is what we ordered.

Bombil Fry ( 2 Plates), Prawns Hirva Masala, Tisrya Sukke, Poolimunchi Surmai, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Cafreal and Pomfret Curry, a good helping of steam rice, a few plates of neer dosa, Tandoori Roti and Kulcha for the uninitiated and all this was nicely swallowed with 5 glasses of sol kadi, salad (SALAT) and onions and chutney( because one can never go wrong with onion and chutney)

Yup, we are HAWRAATS, Period.
Bombil Fry
Bombil Fry
The Bombil, not my favourite fish, but this one was nicely marinated and rawa fried. Not too strong with their spices, Crisp (CRIPSYYY) outside and soft inside. The bones did trouble me a bit, but then what fish tastes good without bones?? I mean good Indian fish is never to be eaten with a fork and knife, but is to be felt with your fingers when you break into it and take out each and every tiny bone. That’s exactly how this Bombil was devoured. Tisrya Sukke, my favourite, had the soft meat of the clam mixed with gentle flavours of the south, coconut being the king here. The tempered curry leaves and mustard just added to what were perfectly cooked Tisrya!
Tisrya Sukke

Onto our mains, one should have seen us eating, gluttony had taken over and we were thulping the seafood like we had not eaten in 5 days (I call it Hawraat-giri, and also thanks to all the monk that was had at PJs. JUST 50 Rupees a large!!!!!!) The Tikka Masala, as always a grade one dish, creamy and spicy at the same time. The Prawns Hirva Masala was spot on, with the gravy that was a good blend of green chilies , coriander and mint. Had a base of Coconut milk that gave it its smoothness and went down really well with the neer dosas.

Neer Dosa at Jai Hind Lunch Home

The Poolimunchi Surmai (foodie’s favorite!), with its sour and spicy gravy, which on the basis of a  gassi was superb. it was that kind of spicy that hit the throat after a lick (in a good way) was perfect with out rice.
I kid you not, all the above dishes were wiped clean in 30 minutes flat!!! No onion roundels were left, not a sip of water in the glass or even a grain of rice. This meal made me want to do so many things that I cannot write but if you do call me, I shall tell you (wink wink)

Sol Kadi at Jai Hind Lunch Home

Jai Hind Lunch Home, one last time, is definitely going to be my to go place when I have a craving for seafood and my wallet isn’t that loaded. Like Peter Parker’s uncle told him, with cheap seafood dining comes a wider waist size (Or something like that)

The Foodie: Jai Hind and I go back a long way. And in all these years I still haven’t figured out what their name is all about. Weekend trips with College friends, waiting for parents to come to Bombay just so I could take them for  yum dinner, work lunches. This place is one of the best places to go to for Sea Food. So I have been to their 3 branches so far, 2 in Bandra and one in Lower Parel. It is the simplicity of the place that I love. Having said that, let me cut this long story short and just tell you what to eat here.

If you’re up for a simple affair check out their restaurant in Pali Naka. They serve Thalis, which make decision making on difficult days, much easier. Sol Kadhi, Prawns, Prawn Pickle, Chapati, Rice and Curry all this for a very reasonable price. These are usually served during lunch time which is between 11:30 am to 3 pm. Recommended: Pomfret Thali and Prawn Masala Thali

Their Kebabs are pretty amazing too. Tandoori Surmai/ Pomfret personally tried and tested and very highly recommended! Fried prawns with Chutney and that squeeze of lime, YUM YUM YUM. The Bombil Fry is pretty good too. Our friend, The Techno One ( gets possessed by some food critic spirit, every time he describes food to us) gave this Bombil fry a big thumbs up. According to him ” It was Hot. Fresh. Tender. And the amount of fried batter is [was] just right”

Moving on, I have a soft corner for their Butter Garlic Prawns, Poolimunchi Surmai (just like Neer Dosa comes served on Banana Leaves) and Prawn Gassi. From their non sea food dishes we recommend their Mutton Sukka. For the Goan Food lovers, Jai Hind has Vindaloo (Chicken, Mutton and Prawn) and Ambotik (Pomfret Surmai and Bangda) and watch out, their Chicken Cafreal, it is super spicy!

Jai Hind serves fresh crabs and Steamed Fish such Patra Nu Macchi, Steamed Basa and Steamed Stuffed Pomfret as well, (which we haven’t tried yet)

Chicken Cafreal at Jai Hind
Chicken Cafreal
Chicken Tikka Masala And Kulcha
Chicken Tikka Masala And Kulcha

Vegetarians don’t feel bad, if you’re here because of peer pressure, Jai Hind has some amazing Khichdi Kadi, Palak Rice, Methi Makai/ Lasuni and BHENDI DO PYAZA which is quite tasty! Even though I have tried almost everything on the menu, I just keep going back for more!

You think it, they have it. Jai Hind Lunch Home has something for everyone, and you have got to try it! Incase there is something, that we have missed out, please please please tell us.

P.S: It is shut on Tuesdays.

Our Review:

Food: 4.5
Value for Money: 4
Decor: 3

3 thoughts on “Jai Hind Lunch Home

  1. The Jaihind at Pali Naka and the one at Hill Road are part of two different groups. Not the same chain.


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