Serpis Wildside Cafe — We have no reason why this place is called Serpis’ Wild Side Cafe, but who cares when one has a meat filled menu and a location to die for. This is the over one year old Serpis Cafe and we did love it!

The Chef: Well the Foodie has been pleading me to check this place out since time immemorial, she says that this is one of the few places where the meat in the burgers is more than the breading that it has to offer. When i hear that, my ears like a sexy Elf (cause elves are sexy!!) point up. We decided to finally come here on a beautiful sunday morning, and stayed here till late in the afternoon.
Serpis' Wild Side Cafe
Serpis’ Wild Side Cafe

Wanting to desperately do breakfast the Foodie made sure that i reach here by noon, such that we could enjoy a nice breakfast scene. On the menu were alot of options for omelets, other egg preps etc., but we being the HAWRATS ( I hope you’ll know how to pronounce it by now, but for our newer readers –> HAU — RUTSS!!) went for the Hangover Breakfast and the regular English Breakfast. While our order was being made, we spent time, looking around, Serpis has a beautiful set-up, be it the ambience, or the totally open air ( non air conditioned) space and red walls with bamboo tress all around such that it gives the customers shade from the mad midday sun.

Our plates arrived, the Foodie had a nicely done sunny side up, with bacon strips, tomatoes and toast, while my plate (Hangover breakfast) had the same with sausages wrapped around ham slices instead of the bacon strips. When I read this on the menu, it sounded like it would be a nice hearty breakfast but that wasn’t the case. But what else can one ask for in 220 Rs? Hangover or no Hangover, that was canned in no time, not even the tomatoes (that were raw, not grilled) were left behind.

The Hangover Breakfast
The Hangover Breakfast

Then we did something that i thought was the best thing i did that day, we called for the menu and said, F**K that S**T, we need more food, and this is what we called for. Pancakes with Chocolate syrup and The Slam Burger that had beef chili in a burger bun! Like i said, BEST DECISION EVER!!!! After placing the order, we again were sitting, chilling and thinking about life et al. When we realized that this place takes timeeeeee to send out the food! We are not complaining, (because we were thinking about life et al.) (I love that term et al, no idea what the F**k it means) but we do know a lot of people will !!! But then it came, form across the road the church choir started to sing, “Hallelujah” ( Not the sad a** version, but the version where they are all high pitched and go al loco!!), two massive frisbee shape, but thin pancake with chocolate sauce on top and in the middle. One could literally smell the all the ingredients that went in making that ginormous frisbee! I mean pancake. It was nice and thin, more on the basis of a soft crepe, but crunchy and soft in every bite. Too good boss!!! Hit Hai!!

This was followed by another Giganto burger, the Slam Burger. Thin strips of beef chili that were stuffed into what i think have to be the softest burger buns ever. This was a no nonsense burger, not meant for the light or faint hearted. Lettuce, cheese slice, caramelized onions and beef chili which was accompanied by nice and crispy (CRIPSY) fries. There was no need for ketchup (ew!) or mayonnaise or any other sauce for this burger. It was huge but in the end, i was the winner, Finishing it in under 5 minutes (must be a record) And now were stuffed out of our b*lls!! This burger was a full power SLAM DUNK Burger!!!

The 'Slam' Burger
The ‘Slam’ Burger

Serpis (i have tried so hard not to crack jokes) is definitely a winner in my books for a meat lovers joint. I will come back for more meat to be devoured, whilst the angry white rapper Eminems’ songs played in the background. I think that motivated me to go full out on that burger! Must Go, must visit for all meat lovers, burger thulpers, and people whose ears point up like sexy elves, because come on who doesn’t love a sexy elf eating like a pig ūüôā


The Foodie: As a part of my profile in Bombay Foodies, I stalk a lot of bloggers, reviewers, twitter handles that talk about the food scene in Bombay. To keep myself updated of course, and when we read about this Cafe that goes heavy on meat, obviously the Foodie League discussed this in their weekly meetings on the whatsapp group chat called “Mast reneka, maa Ch*daneka.” Words like Meat, Steak, Cheese, Pork, jokes about Serpisssss; followed by PLAN! PLAN! PLAN! flew around occasionally. We even considered making reservations, cos you know, too much was at STEAK. #sorry. Also you must know, that after all that planning, we didn’t end up going together.

Ze Chocolate Pankcake
Ze Chocolate Pancake

In the last one year, I have been to this place with different members of the league. The super hero, the Ninja and of course The Chef!¬†Serpis has a very very meaty menu. But some of the stuff they offer, is pretty basic. Soups, that include cream of mushroom, cream of chicken etc. Hot Dogs with just one hot dog listed under that category, Smokey Hot Dog. The interesting stuff starts from the nick nack’s section. For the HERBIVOROUS *giggles* there is — Veg Doggie Bones which are basically Jalapeno and Cheese nuggets, Chili Cheese Toast and French fries for those who just want to sit at Serpis and catch up.

For the Carnivorous there is ¬†Prawn Chili Cheese Toast, Bison wings ( wings tossed in spices) and smoked chicken sausages. I’m going to avoid the cold cut platter though, wasn’t as delightful as I thought it would be.¬†Alfredo, Arabiatta, Pesto, Mushroom and Bacon, Chorizo, they have all kinds of pastas available for both vegetarians and non vegetarians.

Serpis has a large mains menu that includes Chicken, Beef, Pork and sea food. The super hero highly recommends the Hog in a Bull Steak. According to him, “It’s Beef+ Cheese+ Bacon. What is not to like in it!?” From each category I really want to try the following:

  • Hunt A Chicken (Chicken in Brown Sauce and herbs) Served with Garlic rice and veggies
  • Wild Side Steak (Mushroom Sauce with Bacon Over)
  • Grilled Fish in caper Sauce
  • Hog Spare Ribs

When I last visited this place for Breakfast, I ordered a regular English Breakfast. ¬†I was slightly disappointed with the portions, and I usually prefer the tomatoes grilled. They have a list of juices, which were too healthy for me to want to drink them. For example ABC: Apple, Beet, Carrot. I wish they just served a regular glass of orange juice ¬†as well. I wonder why they didn’t consider that.

Sunny side up, toamtoes, toast and bacon.
English Breakfast
This place is very popular with the famous people. The last time I walked in, we had our very own Sallu Bhai chilling with the owners on the table next to us. The next time I walk in, I see pics of Gary Mehigan on the front wall of the restaurant. Looks like celebrities have taken a liking to this place. So there is that!

That breakfast date with The Chef made me realize, that I should come here more often. The menu sounds tempting enough to want to explore. So Serpis’ Wildside Cafe, we’re definitely coming back to check out everything you offer in the coming months!

Food – 3.95

Value for Money – 4

Decor – 4

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