Jamjar Diner, Versova, Andheri West

What can you say about this place, filled with media and film personnel (Aaram Nagar area) this place is always bustling with crowd all and any time of the day. It stands where once the famous Rice Boat used to be, it is a ground plus one floor with an al-fresco area, which gets beautiful sea breeze as well. Great design meets awesome food and drinks, and yes the inclusion of Gateway Brewed Beers makes this place top not only in Andheri, but all of Mumbai.

The Foodie: I have heard about this place from a number of friends. Most talk about the decor, some about the jukebox, the music and some about the happy blue color, that this place is. When I first saw Jam Jar Diner I thought it would be easy to miss it. In the manner in which it is placed. But the way people talk about it, who cares how it is placed. People hunt Jam Jar down like no one’s business! Does it deserve that kind of attention? Hells yes. This place serves american food and has a lovely vibe. Perfect for friends to come and chill and catch up.. and enjoy the quirky decor. I first read about Jam JAr when I found a Ricotta Citrus Pancake recipe online. *http://bpbweekend.com/food-and-drink/lemon-ricotta-pancake-jamjar-diner* It seemed so appetizing. I wanted to go there, just to try it. But when I did, they seemed to have run out of Ricotta cheese. Sigh!!

Jam Jar has a crazy breakfast menu served between 9 am to 4 pm. From Waffles and Pancakes to Eggs the way you like them. They know how to make every damn thing on their menu so yum! The number of times The Chef and I have wanted to wake up early on a Sunday morning, for this, and have failed. He makes fun of me, but unlike the chef, I enjoy a good breakfast :P. I like to wake up for a hearty breakfast and if you have stuff like Smoked Bacon, Poached Eggs, Jalapeno and Cheddar Waffles on your menu then I’m willing to wake up early for it.


Watermelon Juice
Watermelon Juice

Apart from different kinds of Waffles and Pancakes, Jamjar has something called Eggs Kejriwal on their menu. I have no idea why it is named that. But keeping the current scenario in mind, I bet these don’t belong some Aam Anda Party; and a million jokes have already been ‘cracked’, pun intended ;). After scanning the menu across Salads, Appetizers, ONION RINGS *slurp* I stopped at the Pizza section. I saw names such as Pulled Pork+ Pineapple and Jalapeno, 5 cheese Pizza, Barbeque Steak and Chips Pizza. All of them sound so interesting!

I’m not a big Pizza eater but I’m pretty sure The Chef had already planned secret Pizza trips to Jam Jar in his head, while I was busy with my food photography. Man, you should have seen his face when I was enjoying staging all the pics for this review, with my new fancy phone. Also just to be clear I was merely showing concern about how Jam Jar staff ensured the cleaning of all the dust, after looking at the crooked Jam Jar shelves which were loaded with bottles and reels and what not. The conversation went on to me expressing how I would love such furniture in our house and think the awesomeness of the White Zen helped the Chef stay calm as I went on and on about it. ūüėõ He decided to hide it further by ordering a bowl of sausages for himself, and stuffing his face.


Chipotle Chicken Nachos (Half)
Chipotle Chicken Nachos (Half)

The Tex Mex section has Quesadillas (which can be turned into meals by adding mexican rice and refried beans) Nachos, you can order a half or full plate, which is awesome! Soft Shell Tacos, ( the Beef Tacos we hear are amazing :)) Mexican Fondue and Chimachangas which are deep fried burritos topped with cheese sauce are awesome here too.It took me a year or more to stop comparing Nachos to the ones I tried at Sancho’s (which are awesome by the way) And have finally started appreciating them for what they are. The Chipotle Chicken Nachos were pretty decent. And looked nice! I skipped to the mains as I was hungry after being told that they had run out of Ricotta Cheese and decided to order main course. I ordered the Chimichurri Chicken which was grilled chicken served with Garlic+ Chive Mash and Pan tossed veggies and mushrooms. The Watermelon Juice I ordered, went well with the meal. At this point, I have to be honest, that I could have ordered something else and been more adventurous than ordering the same combination of Grilled Chicken with mashed potatoes. So next time I’m going to try something from the dishes under the Mains.


Chimichuri Chicken
Chimichuri Chicken

They also serve Roasted Veggies Lasagna, (For the veggies) Filet Mignon with Pepper Jus, Pan Seared Basa and Coconut Rice along with Pineapple and Chilli Salsa. If you’re in a big group, and want to order dessert, order the Flower Pot Surprise, it is the best! I first heard of something like this concept, on this show, where celebrity chef Heston Bluementhal invites a bunch of people over and serves them chocolate soil in a flower pot. Superb Idea. The best part was getting those chocolatey brownie pieces in your mouth. So yum. We were sooo full that we had to leave a little bit behind. But were soon regretting 10 minutes after leaving Jam Jar. You cant leave that dessert unfinished.


Flower pot Surprise
Flower pot Surprise

Jam Jar is one of those places where you find something old school in the menu, in the decor ,and in the music. They even have Ice Cream Floats on their menu :D. I’m going to go back very soon to try other things on the menu!

The Chef: Been to Jamjar a lot of times with my sister, but never actually ended up eating or drinking there. The Foodie, for some reason loves to have breakfast or even brunch with me and told me that this place is a must visit for their variety of egg preps, pancakes and waffles! Sitting on the first floor, perfect temperature due to the air cons, looking around I thought to myself this is an really nicely done up restaurant, giving it a very antique yet casual diner feel. Blue and white walls, wooden seating and the Al-fresco area is made full of tiles giving it a very Greek feel to that area. Looking at the menu, it is VAST!!! Great selection of breakfast items, their Mexican menu also has a great variety of dishes and they also have a list of pizzas, burgers and sandwiches. The Foodie, who came here particularly for the Citrus Ricotta Pancake was heart broken as they were out of Ricotta cheese, by the way, this dish is one of their most popular dishes and they were out of Ricotta, too bad Foodie. I on the other hand think pancakes are a waste of stomach space (KHA NA CHAPPATI ALOO!!!!) Thats when we decide to order the following: Half plate of Chipotle Chicken Nachos, JamJar Jucy Lucy Burger (Beef), Chimichuri Chicken, a plate of tossed Chicken sausages and finally the Flower pot Surprise, for beverages The Foodie had a Watermelon Juice and I had the White Zen from GBC. (Yup all this between two of us!!!!)

White Zen (GBC)
White Zen (GBC)

Man were we in for a F***ing treat, the Nachos came in under 5 minutes, nice warm nacho chips (great crunch), sour cream just sour enough, the beans (OFCOURSE) and the shredded Chipotle Chicken. How much Chipotle went in the chicken i don’t know but its was a great dish nonetheless. Wiped clean in 4 minutes (Yes one minute less than how long it took to come.) Our beverages followed, cool watermelon juice with a hint of lime in it made for a perfect summer drink while I had the famous GBCs White Zen, i must say this particular beer is making strong ways in the bar and restaurant industry. Starting off with just 4 outlets, now they are going to many more including The Blue Frog and the Woodsides’. GREAT BEER!!!! While we waited a while for our mains to arrive, The foodie looked around and scared me when she said ” I want the same antique, yet casual look for our house” The eye twitching began, one testi*** started to go back up, under the knee sweat started and all I could think was — IMAGINE ALL THE CLEANING THAT IS GONNA¬†BE REQUIRED!!!!!!!!!


Tossed Chicken Sausage a.k.a DEATH!!!!
Tossed Chicken Sausage a.k.a DEATH!!!!

Luckily the food arrived, great looking burger (Beef) for me and a very nicely done plate of Chimichuri Chicken for the Foodie. The Burger was nice, well done ( just like how i like indian tenderloin to be cooked) with an ooze of cheese and butter in the centre. Definitely hit both, the Jucy and the Lucy part!!!! Mustard mayo was smothered onto the bun and with the addition of gherkins it was a great combination. I must say the side portion of fries was a little tooooooooo less, but the complimentary mayonnaise that I asked the server to get made up for it ( I get pleased easily, Meow!) The Chimichuri Chicken, like I said earlier was plated beautifully, A whole breast of chicken grilled and cooked to perfection, a nice little sauce boat of the Chimichuri sauce, garlic and chive mash potatoes and grilled vegetables. It was a great wholesome dish, filling is an understatement. Not a single grain of salt was left from the fries even, every melted cheese drop was swiped and the sauce from the sauce boat was licked. Good S***!!!! Still feeling a little hungry I became a little adventurous, and called for a bowl of tossed sausages with thai chillies. JEEEJJJJUUUSSSSS!!!!!! Death happened, I mean I eat chillies, but this was next level — Sweating walla scene! So nicely putting all the chili slices away, I gobbled up the sausages up. Nice quick dish.



Left me just enough space for dessert which was the flower pot surprise. You know, i thought flower pot, sounds delicate, mustbe a nice small dessert, but thats where the surprise came! A massive flower pot was put in front of us, with the soil made form Oreo cookies. There was a pretty little flower in the pot as well which I, being the gentleman that I am , gave to the Foodie. Digging in to this pot, there was brownie bits, marshmallows and ice cream that made up the base of the pot. Half way down we gave up, had a complete sugar rush!! On the menu it said serves 2, i think they need to mention serves 4!!!!



The entire meal with drinks just costed us 2100, great price for soo much food!!! Jamjar Diner is definitely going to be visited more frequently by me for sure!!

Food: 3.75

Decor: 4.5

Value for money: 3.74

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