Soul Fry Casa

If you want to head out on the weekend, with no intention of partying but just for a pleasant dinner, fun conversation and good food and live in or close to Bandra, I highly recommend Soul Fry. The place is nestled in the quiet lanes of pali village very near to Gostana and Deepak wines.


Must have -- Bombil fry!!!!
Must have — Bombil fry!!!!


The Foodie: This place has this club like, laid back feel and the old friendly staff, adds to the old school feel of this place. It even smells like a club, if you get what I mean ( O_o). But I have to warn you they are very confused when it comes to their decor which includes, random tribal faces and wooden fish hanging on the same wall and music (I heard music ranging from Michael Jackson to Saani Saani Paani Paani, in a span of ten minutes) which is at just the right volume, lets you enjoy the company of your friends way more! Soul fry serves some fantastic goan sea food and makes for a good dining place, whether on a weeekend or a weekday. For some it also helps with the GOA withdrawal symptoms due the shack like feel and food.


I first went here almost 3-4 years ago, with a bunch of friends for their Karaoke night, which I don’t remember ended up happening. But the food took over and made the night a total win. Karaoke Nights happen on Monday nights here. This night was the first time I tried their Hearty Chicken with plain rice and that gravy was so good! The flavors were mild and yet lingered and were lovely. I actually went back three times during lunch breaks to eat that.


Prawn and Rice
Prawn and Rice


Over the years I discovered other things such as their Prawn Stuffed papad, which goes well with some wine. Bombil fry, perfect. Other sea food starters also include Squid Pepper Garlic, Prawn in green chilli garlic, Teesrya Sukha Masala and Fried Surmai. The Chef’s birthday dinner, after work destressing sessions, random mid week dinners, I make it a point to suggest Soul Fry to my friends whenever the question of “where do we eat” is raised. Occassionally they agree 🙂


Hearty Chicken
Hearty Chicken


From the main course, their Goan Fish Curry, Crab curry, is recommended. Their Mutton Xacuti (Yuh- ummmm) and chicken Cafreal ( nice green gravy though a little spicy) is pretty kickass as well. I remember sitting out for this particular meal and being longingly stared at by some cats. Who clearly shared similar interests in my food. One suggestion. Don’t sit out if you’re not fond of cats, cos they tend to distract you plenty while you’re enjoying a perfect meal. (and jump up and make you break a few glasses. BE CAREFUL)


Mutton Xacuti
Mutton Xacuti


A lot of people, alot of times complain about the gravy base tasting the same. But to be honest I haven’t ever had a bad or ordinary tasting dish here. Oh and their Prawn Pulao is supposed to be a very popular dish here. Apparently the best in the city. I didn’t find a Prawn pulao as such on the menu, but there were two options to choose from. Tawa Prawn Masala Rice and Portuguese Prawn Rice. I went for the latter, but wasn’t as thrilled as I thought I would be. Long grained rice with sweet and tangy prawns, lots of cashew nuts and raw tomatoes and onions.Definitely not one of my favorites.


The entire meal!!!
The entire meal!!!


Moving on. Vegetarians, you guys have a couple of interesting options, such as, mushroom green chilli garlic,Paneer butter garlic, Okra Coconut Fry, Palak Paneer, Goan Dal, Dal Fry (recommended) and Veg curry rice. Parking can be a bit of a pain, but if you have that figured out, next time in Bandra, and looking for a chilled drinking scene with a good Coastal meal, safely consider Soul Fry.


Dont forget -- Green Chutney and Onion rings!!!
Dont forget — Green Chutney and Onion rings!!!


P.S. The green chutney, onions and lime play a major role in this whole scene. So make sure you ask for this!

You will enjoy your meal, promise 🙂


Food: 4

Decor: 3.5

Value for Money: 3.5

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