The Chefs Basket Burrito Kit by Fizzy Food Labs

The Packaged Items
The Packaged Items

Imagine you are sitting in a Mexican or as we call it Tex-Mex restaurant with a budget of 500 rupees and all you get is one burrito wrap and a side dish of potato skin. Agreed that you are not cooking it, but most of the time we think its a waste of money and our stomachs are not full. Then we were introduced to the Chefs Basket, which is basically a kit with individually packed food items such as Arrabiatta Fusilli, Spaghetti Pesto, Thai Green Curry with Jasmine rice and The Black Bean Burrito wrap, which we tried. It was sent to us by Ms. Tanya, and all she said was try it, eat it and review it. Boy we were glad we did because this Chefs Basket hit all the right notes in our book.

Paneer Bhurjee Burrito
Paneer Bhurjee Burrito

The first thing you see when you get this pack in your hand is the packaging. Very neat, innovative and easy to carry around. This almost one kilogram package includes, 6 flour tortillas, black beans, Uncooked brown rice, Smoked tomato salsa, Jalapenos and a Mexican spice mix which we used to flavour our rice. Concept — Brilliant, Easy to use and understand — Check, Serves — Family of 5.

Chicken Burrito with Olives
Chicken Burrito with Olives

Since the Foodie and I couldn’t get on to this together, I decided to make this and share this with my family. So the tasting team now included, my father who is not so used to trying out new things, my mother who is difficult to please, especially if the products are packaged and my sister, who was most excited to try this product. She was the Chef that day, cooking and reading all the ingredients step by step. I was her, how do I say it — her B***h. Easy to understand, easy to make, this was turning out to be a really nice experience and the aroma around my kitchen was awesome!! I would definitely have to say they have taken global food to another level. Not being satisfied with just this, we also made a chicken mix for us meat lovers, paneer bhurjee for my mother and a spice green tomato salsa for me. Getting to the rolls, the tortilla wrap was great, soft and perfectly cooked. The rice mixed with the black bean was spot on and with the Jalapenos it gave a great kick to the entire roll. The smoked salsa was actually having a smokey flavour that went really well with the rice and beans. Our addition of chicken and paneer elevated the entire roll to the next level. This product did wonders and also filled all our tummies with two tortillas still remaining in my fridge!!! My father thought it was an interesting new concept, my mum had never had one of these before and was certainly blown away by this. My sister and I absolutely loved it!!!!! We do recommend some sour cream to make this experience better, but other than that think this deserves full points!

Chicken Burrito with Smoked Salsa
Chicken Burrito with Smoked Salsa

This burrito package is perfect for a get together, parties or even if you live alone in Mumbai. This packet priced at just Rs. 400 is going to be the way for young students, office goers or even Mumbaikars who want to eat something fancy, without burning a huge hole in their pocket. As I have been saying this from the start these products look great, their attention to detail, creativity and even packaging is spot on and I cannot wait to try more products from this company.

Taste: 4
Packaging: 5
Value for Money: 5

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