A Day in the Burbs Part 2 — Mainland China

Its not very often when the Foodie and I get a chance to spend 2 whole days with each other. F***all restaurant hours and early morning designing scenes does not help either of us. So when the Foodie had finished working on her magazine, she  spent the weekend with me (Don’t get naughty Ideas) EATING OUR A** OUT!!! Feeling like a buffet, coz you all know we are Hawraats (Its been a while, so the pronunciation goes like this HAU-RUT) we searched for all our options, it was either Pebbles or Red Box, but we finally went for the famous Mainland China buffet, who on the phone told us they are serving lobster @ 851 all inc, its got me atleast – Horny!!! Making sure we did not eat anything till our lunch, not even my famous cold coffee, the Foodie and I marched towards Mainland as if it was going to be our last meal ever!

Awesome Kimchi, pickled Cucumber and dips!
Awesome Kimchi, pickled Cucumber and dips!


On entering, the Decor was nice, the ying-yang dragons on the ceilings, good use of red and yellow on the walls and the spacious dining area that Mainland always has, really did get our tummies tingling. We were taken to our table, nice little cozy corner, right next to the end of the buffet line, were nicely asked by our waiters if we opted for a vegetarian or non vegetarian meal to which we of course said non – vegetarian, and the starters were sent shooting at us. Before I could fold the napkin and have a sip of water, we had 4 guys with 6 plates all ready to serve us our starters. Fish – Boom, Prawns – Boom, Chicken sumai – Boom, Lemongrass Chicken – Boom, Chicken wings – Boom. It was all served to us. Well we did not even have time to even have a proper look or click a picture. In 10 seconds our plates were full and all the items were mixed and frankly speaking I did not know what was what!?!?! Our complimentary drinks arrived, the Foodie going for the zinzer (ginger) Sangria and I took a less of a risk having a Lemon iced tea. The sangria was ginger ale with chopped green apples. Yea, its was f***ing bubbly!

Bubbly Sangria ?!?!
Bubbly Sangria ?!?!


Now getting to the taste of the food, The Fish was a black pepper tossed fish, which was our favourite from all the starters we had. Nice and crispy, not too strong a black pepper flavour. The wings had got soggy, so the crispiness was definitely missing. The prawn also fried and tossed chili and black pepper, The Chicken Sumai, wasn’t the best, really tiny pieces, not enough filling and wasn’t as juicy as one would want a Sumai or Dimsum to be. The lemongrass grilled chicken was the only dish that seemed to have a different taste due to its Thai flavors, really moderate. It was all served to us so fast and filled everything up that all the dishes were tasting the same. The Foodie, just had one round of starters and had a small bowl of soup which lacked flavour, base and even chicken. The was a huge blob of transparent, gooey substance I don’t know what and she just stopped having the soup there. I on the other hand another round of fish, Sumai and prawn all one after the other but had lost interest in them. A note must be given here that their Kimchi and pickled Cucumber with a sweet chili dip were freaking excellent!!!

Coriander Chicken Soup
Coriander Chicken Soup



Chicken Sumai, on a crowded plate
Chicken Sumai, on a crowded plate

Coming onto the mains: A HUGEEEE Variety of non vegetarian and vegetarian options. Sorry to all our vegetarian readers, we did not have a dish form the section as all of the dishes had the same 4 to 8 kind of vegetables in different sauces. For the mains, I had The “Lobster”, Lamb in Mahlak sauce, Crab in Black pepper (These guys love their black pepper) sauce, Prawns Hubei style, Egg Chicken fried rice and Hakka Noodles. Don’t worry guys, it was really tiny portions that we took, like one one piece of every meat. The Lamb Mahlak was awesome. The rest, well unfortunately, those were the last morsels of food that would enter my mouth when it came to hot food as everything was average. Oh! and we forget about the Lobster, (Lobishter as we call them in the kitchen), well we must have come in late because we were definitely served cut prawns that were coated really well to hide the fact that it was prawn and not lobster.

Lamb Mahlak(Center), "Lobster" (Left) and
Lamb Mahlak(Center), “Lobster” (Left) and Crab Black pepper


We had lost all hope after this, not wanting to spend stomach space on food anymore we went for dessert. Well we aren’t the “Oh so healthy” kind to have our fruit type of people, but that was mainly what comprised on their dessert. Yes they did have a sort of Brownie, eggless Tiramisu and a few cake and stuff, we really thought that it wasn’t the best spread. Right opposite was the chocolate fountain and the famous Chinese dessert the Darsaan, which according to the foodie was the best part of her meal.

Dessert Platter
Dessert Platter


The above meal costed us 1700 all inc., wasn’t the best meal I’ve had, but I’m sure I shall visit them again, for a Gourmet it Up meal. A little attention to detail will certainly help the Mainland China guys. Will go back for sure.

Food: 2.75
Value For money: 3
Decor: 3.5

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