Chili’s, Powai.

Chili’s in Powai is an international chain of restaurants that is present in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi etc. What you can expect at this sort of a restaurant is good, wholesome and comfort food; lots of Mexican plus South West American dishes making this a complete Tex- Mex joint. The Chef: Imagine watching the Food Network channel and Guy Fieri taking us down to one … Continue reading Chili’s, Powai.

Sing Kong — Fresh Catch Festival (Gourmet it Up)

Sing Kong — What can we say about this place, it is slowly but definitely becoming our go-to place for great Oriental food. You know you are a regular at a restaurant when the Manager and Service staff knows your name or even recognize your face. At Sing Kong, the Chef (from Bombay Foodies) is a very known person, not only did he participate in … Continue reading Sing Kong — Fresh Catch Festival (Gourmet it Up)

Gondola, Pali Market

Gondola at Pali Naka is what some people consider to be synonymous with great Sizzlers and Steaks. Being regulars at Soul Fry which is right next to it, we had never given it a try. But after seeing their menu on Zomato and hundreds of pictures on Instagram we decided this place is a must try!! The Chef: Just like most of the hidden gems … Continue reading Gondola, Pali Market

Vedge, Mumbai

Vedge Mumbai as described by the owner means, Vegetarian food with an Edge. With its bright green signage, chic modern interiors and calming walls restaurant Vedge does come across as no nonsense vegetarian diner which concentrates on its food and nothing else. Simple meals and tasty food is what Vedge has in store for you and this is what the Chef liked — The Chef: When … Continue reading Vedge, Mumbai