Vedge, Mumbai

Vedge Mumbai as described by the owner means, Vegetarian food with an Edge. With its bright green signage, chic modern interiors and calming walls restaurant Vedge does come across as no nonsense vegetarian diner which concentrates on its food and nothing else. Simple meals and tasty food is what Vedge has in store for you and this is what the Chef liked —

The Chef:

When one talks about vegetarian food, all I can think of is Paneer, Potato and Mushroom. I know being a chef that doesn’t say a lot about me, but then growing up as a meat loving Sindhi boy it was the only vegetarian food that I was exposed to. Working in the restaurant and hotel industry, I’ve seen a steady yet massive shift when it comes to customers changing their dietary habits and shifting towards vegetarian food. Thus when I heard about an entire fine dining restaurant serving vegetarian food in the heart of Andheri, I wasn’t shocked but was a little apprehensive about going there to eat. On an invitation to try out their vegetarian buffet spread priced at rs 299++,  I was all set to go and find out what they had to offer.

First thought, 299++ as always the Sindhi in me got very happy ( These things turn me on) Second thought, how the hell does the chef at Vedge maintain his costs. Yes it is only an introductory offer, yes Vedge is placed next to the Irish House and Copper Chimney which also serve lunches at a moderate rate, but 299…. Damn they’ve got some great controlling happening in their kitchen for sure!!! Reaching Vedge, I was nicely and warmly greeted by Ms Chandni, and other smiling bloggers. We ordered our drinks and then came the young owner of Vedge explaining us his concept behind Vedge.

Salad Selection at Vedge
Salad Selection at Vedge

After a brief yet very interesting conversation, we got up and went to check the spread. Again for 299++ they had a lot to offer, although everything did not match the way it was supposed to, the spread was huge! Started off with a few salads like Greek salad, Aloo Chana chaat and my favorite the Pasta salad in a thousand island dressing. Then moving onto the soup of the day, being a Tomato and Coriander soup which was served with not just regular soup sticks, but also a nice, sugary cinnamon stick which was a winner in a lot of people’s book. Getting onto the mains, this is where I found a few things off, for eg.  Burnt chili Noodles being placed in the middle of Dal tadka and Paprika Pasta. A container where they had Malabar Parota which wasn’t the best I’ve had and we had nothing to eat it with. The South Indians in the table weren’t happy about that. But moving on to the good things, simple yet tasty Palak Paneer, the Pasta too was very nice and a little bowl of Schezwan sauce at the start of the buffet, which was I was eating like a chutney with everything else.

A simple scoop of vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce was my choice for dessert, although there was Angoori Gulab Jamun as well. All in all a good meal, a simple meal but then that is what 299 will get you. Vedge located in a commercial complex with lots of film studios around and the fact that there is a need for more places like these, serving a multi-cuisine and options for all, kind of meals is a good option for lunch. Will definitely come and try their other dishes when their buffet expands, but till then lets #GoVedge

Food: 3

Decor: 4
Value for Money (Buffet) : 5

2 thoughts on “Vedge, Mumbai

  1. Hi ! I visited the place after reading your post. Was shocked to see the cost is actually 350 Rupees and not 299 . The person said it was 299++ tax.


    1. Hi Ramesh! We did mention 299++ (The ++ means VAT and Service charges) in our blog.
      Sorry if we did not mention that. But 350 is still good right for the variety they offer..?


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