Sing Kong — Fresh Catch Festival (Gourmet it Up)

Sing Kong — What can we say about this place, it is slowly but definitely becoming our go-to place for great Oriental food. You know you are a regular at a restaurant when the Manager and Service staff knows your name or even recognize your face. At Sing Kong, the Chef (from Bombay Foodies) is a very known person, not only did he participate in their 45 dim-sums in 45 minutes challenge, but also came a close second in their All You Can Eat Food Challenge. So on Thursday evening we made our way to Sing Kong again for their Fresh Catch Festival in association with Gourmet it Up.

The Chef:

We should thank Gourmet it up, for helping us try almost everything on the Sing Kong menu. And believe me their food is f*****g awesome!!! When Gourmet it Up decided to do this festival we got really excited as they selected a lot of good restaurants, and Sing Kong was one of them. (SH*T THEY SHOULD PAY US, WE ADVERTISE FOR THEM SO MUCH :P)  Now getting on to this experience, we reached Sing Kong by 8, the manager Mr. Deepak greeted us as always with a smile, and took us to our favorite table right at the end. The menu cards were handed to us, and on reading it, I had tears in me eyes.It all sounded so beautiful,I WANTED EVERYTHING!!!!!! This particular experience was a six course meal, with all things that qualify as seafood , sushi included extravaganza. It did come at a slightly heavier price, but who cares when the food is so damn good.


Jade Soup, Cilantro and Seafood Soup,  Lemon Sorbet
Jade Soup, Cilantro and Seafood Soup, Lemon Sorbet

This is what we ordered (Note I have started a new paragraph as this requires one!!!!!!!) Sushi was a sample of Prawn Tempura Uramaki and Salmon roll with Avocado and Cucumber; For our apps, we had Crystal Shrimp Dumpling and a bowl of Fried Calamari; Soup was one each of Seafood Cilantro and Jade Seafood soup; Main course was a mix of Sichuan Jumbo Prawn with Celery Fried Rice and Flat noodles with Prawn, Mushroom and Scallion and for dessert we had our favorite Caramel and Walnut Brownie and a Mocha Fudge with ice cream. Everything on our plates was wiped clean, no sauce or grain of rice was left behind.


Tempura Sushi, Salmon Roll and Shrimp Dumpling
Tempura Sushi, Salmon Roll and Shrimp Dumpling


Guys don’t worry, no surgery was required to expand our stomach size, the portioning was just right. 4 pieces each of the sushi roll, which by the way was one of the best Sushi we’ve had in a while. According to the Foodie, this time sushi was spot on, rice was cooked nicely, the Nori sheet did not seem dry, the Avocado and Cucumber were freshly cut and the Prawn Tempura Uramaki won her heart over!!!! There were 2 pieces of dumplings served with a light Ginger Soy Sauce, and a nice portion of fried Calamari rings with a spicy Tom Yam dipping sauce. Soups were also two small bowls, just enough volume was served with loads of seafood in them. A Lemon sorbet was served just as a palate cleanser which made way for our mains. Now this is what killed it for us, when it came to taste, portioning, textures and flavors. The Flat noodles had a peculiar oyster sauce flavor with crisp blanched vegetables and huge prawn pieces. The winner though was the Sichuan prawn, a mildly spiced sauce and did I mention HUGE MOTHERF***ING prawns to go with. The Celery Fried Rice was great as well with bits of burnt garlic that complimented the celery very well.


Sichuan Prawn and Celery Fried rice,  Oyster Nooldes with Jumbo Prawn
Sichuan Prawn and Celery Fried rice, Oyster Noodles with Jumbo Prawn


The dessert as always were a hit, the Mocha fudge and the Caramel brownie were both served warm with a nice scoop of Vanilla Ice cream. As it was the Foodies Birthday, they did make that extra effort to pipe her name with mocha cream on her dessert plate. Now this is what fine service does for the guest, not only did Sing Kong have great food, their service staff goes that extra mile to make all their guests happy. We were sitting here for almost two and a half hours and enjoyed every minute. Must thank Gourmet it up and the guys at Sing Kong for a great time.
Food: 4
Value for Money: 3.75

Decor: 4


(The entire cost of the meal was 3600 inc. of taxes and a glass of Cranberry Juice. The reviewers paid for their own bill and the restaurant did not know of us coming.)

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