Abstrakt, Chembur.

5 years ago if you told someone to go to Chembur, there’d be a line of “getting visa” and “Pune is closer” jokes. But what people don’t know is that Chembur is the “Queen of the Eastern Suburbs.” Now its is connected to every part of Mumbai, by road and rail. Chembur has one of the best Golfing clubs of the city and also the famous TISS (Tata Institute of Social Studies.) In short, Chembur is slowly becoming the SH*T !!!!! Thus new restaurants and chain outlets are popping up in Chembur and Abstrakt Bistro and Lounge is one of the few.

The Chef:

Well I spotted this place on their Instagram page and immediately messaged the Li’l One to help me get my Visa sorted. She being a full and proper Chemburi (That’s what they are called right 😐 ??) said we must check it out. The PR team did take this joke nicely and invited us to check out the place and said that the food bill was on them 😀 . Man oh man, as always, nothing gets me more turned on than free food, the best part is that they did not know we were bloggers. So one fine evening we went out with our bag packs and yelling “Chalo Chembur” made our way to Abstrakt. No idea what the K is doing there, but I’m sure there is a reason. Abstrakt is a ground plus one storeyed building, earlier housed a bar called Adarsh, now is a plush looking lounge, very industrial, open AC vents, hand painted walls, wrought iron chairs as well as booth seating.


Loaded Nachos, Mad Cheese Sauce
Loaded Nachos, Mad Cheese Sauce
The music playing was soothing, consisted mainly of Kygo mixes, so nothing loud (Thank god!!) We met the owner Mr Satvik, he gave us brief about the place, the future plans and live acts that are going to be happening there. After that he left us to try out whatever we wanted which was Watermelon Man, Black Flower Crush, Abstrakt LIT, Mojito and to end it a large Old Monk with coke ( Yea we weren’t paying for the food so we thought we’ll go all out on their booze.) Even though this seems a lot of booze and it is, the prices here at Abstrakt are too good! Reasonable and pocket friendly. Their cocktails were pretty boozy especially the Black Flower Crush with its red wine and rum mixed with a dash of Elder Flower. The Mojito was too boozy for the Li’l one to finish but the Watermelon Man was nice, sweet and less on the alcohol. LIT for 275 (plus taxes) is frigging awesome!!

Coming to the food, now when you see the menu at Abstrakt it has got everything!!!! Soups, Salads, Apps, Indian Tandoor items, Italian, Oriental, Teas and Coffee!!! The guests have been offered sooo much to choose from, its awesome. Unlike most places that restrict to only two maybe three cuisines, Abstrakt kills it with the choices. We decided to have everything!!!!!!! Not because we weren’t paying for it, but because we really wanted to try it all, we called for a Noodle soup, Loaded Nachos, Jalapeno and Chicken pizza, Thai Curry Rice and a Chicken Dum Biryani.


Jalapeno and Chicken Pizza
Jalapeno and Chicken Pizza


I know right, What the F*ck are you thinking BombayFoodies ordering so much??? IT WAS ALLLL AWESOMEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! A special mention to the cheese sauce on the Nachos, its was the best cheese sauce I’ve had ever!!! The chips were nice, warm and crisp, the noodle soup was a clear soup, simple yet tasty as f*ck! Now I know chicken and Jalapeno go hand in hand, and this combination proved to be great here as well. Thin crust pizza, loads of chicken and jalapenos gave this pizza a great funky taste. The main course winner was the Dum Birayni, a tad bit on the oily side but its spot on when it came to taste. More of a chicken tawa pulao, the meat was soft and “masaledaar.” The Thai curry was silky and nice crunchy vegetables went well with the rice. It was less on the salt, a little too less.
The Foodie:

In the last two years, I have seen some amazing evolution in the  methods of communication. Word of mouth, spammy SMSs, Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram. We wouldn’t have come across Abstrakt  (with a K) if it wasn’t for Instagram algorithms 😛 . As bloggers we are beginning to spread our wings and going distances even if it means going half way to Pune. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Bombay Foodies bus drove to Chembur this time.

Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken Noodle Soup
After an auto and metro ride away we finally reached our destination. On entering we found this quiet little place playing my current favorite Kygo tracks, on a loop 😛 . For starters, we loved the fact that the owner had no idea we were food bloggers and came and spent some time with us, telling us about this place. My favorite part about blogging, listening to the story behind a place. A very friendly owner, explaining us the reasoning behind the vast and diverse  menu.  Why the name. There was a wall dedicated to abstract paintings. Forgot to ask about why there was a K in the spelling.

Moving on to the food bit. This place doesn’t have a specific cuisine. From Continental to Chinese to North Indian to Italian, they had everything on the menu. They also had a very large menu. So if you’re one of those random moods where you’re craving Chicken tikka and nachos at the same time, this is a good place to be in 🙂

Chicken Biryani
Chicken Biryani
The owner explained to us how a lot of they retained a lot of their Indian dishes on the menu, from their previous venture Adarsh, a Family Bar and restaurant, so the Indian food is obviously up to the mark. Since I was not in the mood for regular drinks I just went for some nice and warm Chicken Noodle Soup. It was perfect. Next came in the Chicken Nachos; the chips were nice and crunchy, the cheese sauce was perhaps one of the best I have tasted in DAYS, and overall a good mix of flavours. Just how nachos should be. Loaded 🙂
Thai Curry Chicken and Rice
Thai Curry Chicken and Rice
The Jalapeno and Chicken Pizza was another surprisingly tasty affair, for someone like me who is so picky with fast food, this was one of those, I could not stop myself from eating. I liked the fact that this place has something for everyone. Vegetarians, Non Vegetarians, Drinkers, Non drinkers. I thoroughly enjoyed myself with the just the food options minus the alcohol.

We moved onto main course after this. To some it may seem that though this place is multi-cuisine, but in each cuisine the options obviously are limited. You’ll find a green Thai curry but not a red one. But I guess just offering so many cuisines under one roof itself, and delivering in terms of flavor is a commendable thing 🙂 . For us Dum Biryani and Thai Green Curry was on the menu. The slightly extra oil in the Biryani and the slightly less salt in the curry was the only issue we faced. But something we could live with, because we loved the over all experience of this visit. For people living in Chembur, I really don’t see the point of heading to Bandra for the weekend 😛 I think it’s time, people worked things the other way round for reasonably priced drinks and good food affair in Chembur 🙂

Paan shots - End of the meal drink
Paan shots – End of the meal drink
Here is a list of recommended items that we wanted to share with you at this point.
Jalapeno Chicken Pizza, Nachos, Dijon mustard Chicken, Kheema Pao, Bhatti Murg, Spicy Tandoori Cauliflower, Vegetarian Noodle Bowl, Bread Pudding,
This trip to Chembur and especially Abstrakt has been anything but abstract, the guys running this place are going to go a long way as they have come up with something new in this area. As Chembur gets more and more connected such places like this are definitely going to pop up, but being one of the first, Abstrakt is going to be here for a while. The service was quick, the service boys were nice and polite, and quite frankly this place made me like Chembur a little more. Good job guys, Keep this up!!
Boozy Mojito
Boozey Mojito
(When we asked for the bill, we were told that everything has been taken care of, something that we did not expect but it was a great gesture on the owners side to comp our bill. We visited this place not as the Bombay Foodies, so the management had no idea who we were.)
Food: 3.75
Value for Money: – ( But the prices are very reasonable)
Decor- 3.75

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