China Pavilion, D.N Nagar. Andheri (W)

Chinese Restaurants pop up everywhere nowadays; maybe it is because they have the most turnover, or maybe it is just the Chindian food that we Mumbaikars love so much. But then, there are a few restaurants according to us like Ling’s Pavilion, Sernyaa and the recently opened China Pavilion in D.N Nagar, Andheri (West) that make their diners enjoy the meal and take in the surroundings. This place also has a wicked lunch buffet at 299 where they give you an option of 1 Soup, 2 Starters, 3 Mains, a Rice and a plate of Noodle each (Yes I know what you are thinking, F*ck loads of food, Great prices.) These rates are so exciting that the Chef’s father has been eager to try this place ever since it started!!! Since we were called for a nice dinner by a young entrepreneur who handles the PR for this restaurant, we will check out this buffet another day, but for now this was our experience.

The Chef:


I first heard of China Pavilion when Rashmi Uday Singh reviewed it, like my father  mentioned earlier was awestruck on hearing the buffet prices which are only only at 299 like father like son some may say :p. We were invited by the ever smiling Heeta Parikh, who is the owner of Silver Spoon Brands Solutions, that takes care of China Pavilion’s PR. This restaurant is like a not-so hidden gem, it is in the by lanes of D.N Nagar and can easily be missed. On entering the place you will see that it is quite huge, with tables for big families as well as small tables for two. We met Heeta, and she got the party started. Now why I say she got the party started is because she had told the chef of our arrival, and they had prepped small portions for us in the starters.

Kimchi & Pickled Cucumber, Crab Asparagus Soup, Coconut Ginger Soup, Chicken Funsi Thong (Clockwise)
Kimchi & Pickled Cucumber, Crab Asparagus Soup, Coconut Ginger Soup, Chicken Funsi Thong (Clockwise)
Again you are wondering, ‘Small portions of starters, that’s nothing Chef!’ but then this is what we had in store – A small bowl each of Crab and Asparagus, Chicken Funsi THONG (I’m not making this sh*t up!!!) and a beautiful Coconut and Ginger veg soup. Saiwoo Chicken, Hakka Fish, Garlic Chili Prawn and Chicken F*cking Satay (INSANE!!!) for our meat starters. And for our veg starters we had Broccoli and Mushroom with chilies, Chow Chu Paneer, Veg Lettuce Wrap, Corn and Water Chestnut stir fry and a plate of Corn cubes fry. For our mains we tried the Chicken in Spicy Celery sauce, Fish in Jade sauce, Paneer and Mushroom in Dragon sauce, a regular Fried Rice and Singapore Noodles. (Yes boys and girls, we got to taste ALL THAT)


The Seafood here was as fresh could be, the Hakka fish was both crisp on the outside as well as soft inside. Loads of garlic that it was tossed in really merged with the fish and complimented it. The Garlic Chili Prawn was succulent, the sauce it was tossed in wasn’t over powering the main taste of the prawns and this was really a great dish. The Coconut and Ginger soup must be given a special mention because it was both innovative and tasty as hell !!! The Funsi THONG was a clear soup (Great stock) with lettuce, carrots and chicken pieces, Crab and Asparagus was simple, yet a flavourful soup with white Asparagus being used. The winner has to be the Chicken Satay, BEST OF THE LOT!! Piece of leg chicken on a stick, with a strong and thick Thai marinade mixed with the peanut sauce which completely coated the chicken. MiM (Melt in Mouth) scenes, they also put onions and green capsicum slivers which added to the texture of the dish.It was great.

Soy Bean Chili, Paneer Chow Chu, Veg Lettuce Wraps, Corn and Water Chestnut  (Clockwise)
Soy Bean Chili, Paneer Chow Chu, Veg Lettuce Wraps, Corn and Water Chestnut (Clockwise)
The Corn Cream cubes, a simple dish which I remember eating at Citizen Hotel when I was a kid, was a diamond shaped Sweet Corn Soup solidified and fried to crispy perfection. The chili sauce, Dynamite and Schezwan sauces (All homemade) that were served with it were spot on! The Corn and Water chestnut stir fry was nice and something different. Big pieces of burnt dried red chili added another dimension to that dish. The Broccoli and Mushroom in chili had beautiful and crisp blanched greens with a very light sauce and loads of chilies. The Paneer Chow Chu was just fried Paneer cubes with friend garlic, chilies and scallions. The winner in the vegetarian section was the lettuce wraps, another classic dish forgotten, but done so well here at China Pavilion. Fresh Iceberg lettuce, crunchy tossed vegetables, plum sauce and thin fried vegetables; this is a sort of a make-it-yourself wrap and everything wrapped together tasted awesome!!!!!


Must say this, that the starters here are really different and most of them are old favourites brought back. They tasted great and we couldn’t wait for mains. We realised that we were too full so just called for the regular main course items. The standout dish was their Singaporean Noodles, that had a hint of turmeric in it, that gave it a nice yellow tinge, and the vegetables were also nice and crisp. The appetizers left such a great taste in our mouths that the mains were just feeling very blah, no offense to any of the chefs here, but the starters were just too f*cking good !!!!! We must say, even though they gave us smaller portions, we looked around and saw that their portion sizes are pretty big !!!

The Foodie:
These days with all this metro connectivity, I don’t really feel lazy at the idea of travelling to Andheri for a meal. But when I heard about how we were invited to try out China Pavilion for a meal, I was a little skeptical. For many reasons. With so many names like China Garden, Royal China, China Gate floating around, how different can a China Pavilion really be? But I guess the name is not important, if you serve decent, healthy chinese food and the place is a family restaurant. On meeting Heeta and understanding the story behind China Pavilion, I got a better understanding how the restaurant attracts the crowd by serving your regular Chinese food, and also adding a few uncommon starters to the mix.
Our Mains:  Spicy Celery Chicken, Garlic Fried Rice, Singapore Noodles, Jade FIsh (Clockwise)
Our Mains: Spicy Celery Chicken, Garlic Fried Rice, Singapore Noodles, Jade FIsh (Clockwise)
The Coconut Ginger soup idea appealed to me, but I could have done with a little more hint of ginger in it. Very mild, something different from the regular affair. The asparagus and crab soup looked like an egg drop soup and tasted alright, had to add some sauces to get that kick.I noticed that the starters (except for the vegetarian ones) were seasoned at a very basic level. No extra sauces involved. Just seasoned with spices and served with chilies, garlic and onions, sticking to making the meat the star and doing it successfully. After all those non vegetarian starters  I personally recommend the Veg Lettuce. I welcomed it with open arms. Crunchy fresh lettuce, Sweet plum sauce, savoury tossed veggies, crispy noodles. Different textures and a combination of bursting flavors. It is something that needs to be tried by everyone who understands food. Love the generous amount of green chilies in starters as I personally feel it contributes majorly to the flavors.


The corn cream seemed like an interesting idea and along with other Paneer based starters which were good, the paneer starters heavily depended on sauces, to go down well. I needed them for most of them to not taste bland. Moving on to  the main course which wasn’t much in front of the starters I still liked how it tasted. It was tasty if nothing else. On asking the staff, if they added MSG to the food, I was told that they don’t. Which is good news. This is that kind of Chinese that tastes great even on the next day! 😉


For dessert, we asked for the chocolate mousse, but when served we realized it was a little different from the regular mousse. They had either added some sort of flavor enhancing, or the chocolate chips has a particular taste, which we couldn’t put our finger on. I guess next time we’ll try something different 🙂

Corn Cubes, Chicken Satay, Chicken Saiwoo, Prawn Garlic Pepper (Clockwise)
Corn Cubes, Chicken Satay, Chicken Saiwoo, Prawn Garlic Pepper (Clockwise)
This place does get packed post 9-9.30 pm, so do go early to get a nice table, a buffet priced at 299  is a frigging steal and is also a great way to attract customers, we shall go to check this place out again for this buffet and order a plate of satay chicken for sure !!!!


Food: 3.75

Decor: 3.75
Value For Money: -NA- (Moderately priced for the quality and quantity)


(The Bombay Foodies did not pay for this meal, the staff and chef knew of us coming here for our meal)

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