Kitchen Tales Part Deux : Our version of Chicken Kalimiri

Our second recipe for Kitchen Tales is going to be Chicken Kalimiri, and boy does this one have a story. Well the story happened after the dish was made, but we think its one you all should know. When the Chef told the Foodie that this dish was being made, she got really excited as she thought this dish would use loads of whole Garam Masala and other spices. But after the dish was made and she was told otherwise, she gave the war cry!! Making an authentic North Indian dish without the use of Garam Masala was something new to her. Yes, it does add flavor and aroma to the dish, but then this is another version that the Chef had tried.

Sometimes simple ingredients and the right cooking techniques end up in some of the most fantastic tasting dishes ever, and this is one of them. Smooth, Silky and not too heavy on stomach this version of Chicken Kalimiri is made with a Cashew and Onion based gravy, and a heavy use of freshly cracked Black pepper (Thus the name of the dish.) Oh, this dish is the perfect way to start 2015, so here you go! Continue reading “Kitchen Tales Part Deux : Our version of Chicken Kalimiri”


Mia Cucina, Christmas Menu

Christmas is almost here and there are a lot of options that we Mumbaikars have from Town to the Burbs and Powai to Chembur. So Nikki Gupta, a young entrepreneur who just joined the Mia Cucina team as a co-partner invited us to come and check out their Christmas “Eat, Drink and be Merry” menu at their Powai outlet.


Spinach and Espresso Martini
Spinach and Espresso Martini and Black Cranberry Jar

Continue reading “Mia Cucina, Christmas Menu”

HO! HO! HO! Meals in the City



Christmas is around the corner and many restaurants have already decorated and put their trees up. While the decoration is in place, the menus are also almost perfected and waiting for Christmas eve. Since we, The Bombay Foodies love this festive season, we thought of spreading the love and joy, and putting up a few must-visit places to eat the entire Christmas week.  Here is the list: Continue reading “HO! HO! HO! Meals in the City”

Lil’ Bakers Class at Botticino BKC Trident

Everyone nowadays has gotten inspired watching MasterChef Australia and even more so watching their Jr. versions. We wonder, “Are these kids really cooking?” And if yes, then who is doing their plating? How are they so fluent in the Culinary world at such a young age!? Only after a little digging, we found out that these kids actually go to Culinary Schools (in UK and Australia), hence the professional touch. Children who love to cook are taking up these courses so they can secure a future in the industry. And what happens in India, you ask? Well at a young age of 6 maybe 7, parents push their children to take up IIT courses, strict acting and dancing classes or are buying them fancy expensive *ss video games, which interferes with the natural process of learning. Having said that we recently learned about the Trident at BKC who have introduced the concept called the Li’l Chefs program. This program brings about an awareness in children, regarding culinary skills that can come handy in the future. Here Chefs from the Industry conduct classes and teach them simple recipes (Maybe season-based or at random.) We were invited to check out the Li’l Bakers edition of the same, and here is our account of the this “little” day out. Continue reading “Lil’ Bakers Class at Botticino BKC Trident”

Arola at the JW Marriott, Juhu.

If wishful thinking was a thing, the meal at Arola would definitely be counted as a result of that. Chef Sergi Arola, a Spanish Chef has a string of restaurants around the world and he chose the Marriott in Juhu to be the perfect setting for his Indian venture. Arola, being predominantly a Catalan Cuisine based restaurant serves some great food, both visually and taste wise. Our good friends at Madison India, this time Reem Iqbal mailed us regarding an interesting concept that’s being hosted at Arola called Arola Musica. It is a Fusion Music night where local and international DJs team up with percussionists to perform every Friday and Saturday. And while the event was taking place, Reem also wanted us to check out the Spanish delights that were being dished up by Chef Manuel. This was one interesting night that we really want to share with you, as not only did we come back extremely happy with the food but also extremely satisfied with the entire experience.

The Foodie:

Like we mentioned earlier and choose to believe, this meal was a result of wishful thinking. I have been in love with  Arola food since the IFBA awards. And I remember mentioning to our Chef from the Bombay Foodies, about how I really wanted to try all the food there. It was a remarkable co-incidence that we happened to get an invitation to taste more of their food the following week! We were actually invited to check out Arola Musica, a Fusion Music event along with their extensive Spanish cuisine menu. To be honest when I’m asked to attend a musical night which includes key words such as, ‘at the bar’ ‘DJ music’ ‘fusion’ it automatically creates a very noisy scene in my head. After a long day, apart from the food I wasn’t sure how keen I was on a loud night. My fault completely because all I needed to do was read the mail, a little more attentively :). Continue reading “Arola at the JW Marriott, Juhu.”

Kitchen Tales: Lobster in Hot Garlic Sauce


Here we are with our first recipe post and since we built it up so much, we thought why not start with something fancy and simple at the same time. Today’s recipe is from The Chef’s Kitchen and is called the Lobster in Hot Garlic Sauce.

It started with The Chef wanting to check out the Versova Fish Market. It is always great to go there in person and see your options. The market opens at 4 pm – 6pm everyday. It has a wide vareity of Pomfrets, Shrimp, Lobsters. Apart from the regular prawns and fish that we come across, the Chef spotted some fresh baby lobsters! Always buy live shellfish, the Chef wanted big Lobsters but the fisherwoman suggested otherwise, as they weren’t alive. They bargain a lot, so foodies please don’t forget to get it at the right price.

Once he decided that lobsters was what he wanted, he bagged 25 pieces of those at 250/- and headed straight home to cook what looked liked was going to be an episode from MasterChef Australia Master Class. Continue reading “Kitchen Tales: Lobster in Hot Garlic Sauce”

ARK at Courtyard by The Marriott

Ever so often when we go to a lounge, we eat, drink, have a conversation and then move on with our life; not really remembering what we “ate” or “drank.” It’s true that when we visit lounges, pubs and bars, most of the importance is given to the dance floor, music and drinks and that’s it. Very rarely do we come across a lounge which not only pays attention to its guests, but also a great deal of effort has been put in the Food and Drinks menu. One such lounge is ARK at Courtyard by Marriott – This place has a great underground vibe, and a bar and food menu to match it. Varun from Fort Madison India got in touch with us and this time he sent the Bombay Foodie Bus to Andheri East to check out this uber cool lounge. It’d been a while since we had been out on a Friday night for anything other than food and like any other Friday night, this one too had been unaccounted for till Varun’s mail arrived in our inbox. Continue reading “ARK at Courtyard by The Marriott”

Chili’s Bar and Grill — Sweet, Smoky and Hot

Well we can’t say much about Chili’s Bar and Grill, except for the fact that it is our favorite Tex Mex joint in all of Mumbai (Yes, you can quote us on that.) Be it a small bowl of authentic Buffalo Chili or the iconic and easy to pull BBQ Ribs. No we aren’t in love with their Nachos Grande, but the Bacon and Ranch Quesadillas is a league of its own. Ladies and Gentlemen we aren’t forcing you to go to Chili’s in Powai, nor are they paying us to be their brand ambassadors; we love good food and go to great lengths to eat it. 

Chili’s in Powai is one such place and all we can do is show you this picture of their Chicken and Cottage Cheese Corn cakes from their new menu and if this picture is good, you want to go through your screen and bite this bad boy right off the plate!!! This is the New and Limited Menu — Sweet, Smoky and Hot where they have a range of dishes that are predominantly in those three flavors. Continue reading “Chili’s Bar and Grill — Sweet, Smoky and Hot”

Harry’s Bar, Juhu

It is December, and the festive (read partying) season has begun, even though it is Mumbai and everyday is a party ( you know what we mean!) Mumbai’s ever increasing pub life has just added another big player name to its list, this is Harry’s Bar a Singaporean Franchisee that has been brought to Mumbai with its first outlet in Powai and now in the posh location of Juhu. Industrial look, bulbs hanging from the bar, retro music in the background and juggernauts of the F&B industry taking care of the menus, Harry’s has some interesting Food and Booze line ups. Here is what we tried at Harry’s Pub in Juhu. Continue reading “Harry’s Bar, Juhu”