Chili’s Bar and Grill — Sweet, Smoky and Hot

Well we can’t say much about Chili’s Bar and Grill, except for the fact that it is our favorite Tex Mex joint in all of Mumbai (Yes, you can quote us on that.) Be it a small bowl of authentic Buffalo Chili or the iconic and easy to pull BBQ Ribs. No we aren’t in love with their Nachos Grande, but the Bacon and Ranch Quesadillas is a league of its own. Ladies and Gentlemen we aren’t forcing you to go to Chili’s in Powai, nor are they paying us to be their brand ambassadors; we love good food and go to great lengths to eat it. 

Chili’s in Powai is one such place and all we can do is show you this picture of their Chicken and Cottage Cheese Corn cakes from their new menu and if this picture is good, you want to go through your screen and bite this bad boy right off the plate!!! This is the New and Limited Menu — Sweet, Smoky and Hot where they have a range of dishes that are predominantly in those three flavors.


Corn Cake with Cottage Cheese
Corn Cake with Cottage Cheese


The Call:

Anisha Dalal has now become more of a friend to us than a girl who calls us over to review places. She probably knows us inside out by now, and if she sends us a mail, she knows we will never say no! Having been to Chili’s a month or two ago, she sent us a mail regarding their new menu which is on till the end of January 2015. Powai like we have mentioned in our earlier post is quite a p*mp *ss place and we really need to check out more of their food joints. Keeping all that for some other time, we headed straight to Chili’s.

What we love about our blog is that, through it we have met some really nice people across the city. As Anisha was on leave we got to meet another bubbly girl who happened to be a class mate of the Chefs back in Jai Hind, Rewati Rane. Due to the f*ckall traffic and area that is ANDHERI (E) we were half and hour late and were hungry enough to eat a pig!!!! Upon reaching, we were taken to our seats, explained the menu and food was ordered (tasting portions of course) and were ready for a meal that we sh*t you not was fit for a group of 10. We called for all dishes on their menu and here is what we had– A Smoked Salmon and Avocado Salad with Nacho chips, One piece of their Corn Cakes (Veg and Non-veg), A piece each of the Green Chili Enchiladas (Veg and Non-Veg), Smoked Quarter Chicken with Succotash, Smoked Garlic Tenderloin with mash and veggies, a HUGE plate of Pasta with grilled Prawns and their famous Baby Back Ribs with fries and Corn on the Cob. We also called for a plate of Mexican Fries (Vegetarian) with Ranch Dressing. Yes we know, it is a lot of food, but they were tasting portions, it couldn’t be that much food, WRONG !!! Even their tasting portions are huge, luckily we were up for it that day and this is how the meal went along.

Green Chili Chicken and Vegetarian Enchiladas
Green Chili Chicken and Vegetarian Enchiladas
The Meal:
As we were talking to Rewati (Who turns out to be PatharePrabhu, our favorite Maharashtran clan) the Salad and Corn cakes made their way to the table. The salad was nicely presented in a glass with a side of tortilla chips.The Salad was spectacular with good amount of ripe avocado chopped up with really good smokey bacon. The good part about the salad is that the Salmon did not over power anything, it was put in the right amount with a hint of lime juice and grated cabbage; Finished in no time!  The Foodie loved the salad, right from the first bite. The smokiness from the salmon, blended beautifully with the feta cheese and avocado. The shredded cabbage and carrots added that slight crunch which enhanced the texture of the salad. An absolute delight. When the server came to clear the table The Foodie didn’t let go of the glass till it was wiped clean. Guess that sums it up, about the salad!

The Corn Cakes were up next. Small round discs with a topping of Pulled Chicken and Cottage Cheese.The Corn cakes made from a batter with American Corn (Butta) was on the sweeter side, and was topped with Pulled Chicken, pickled onions and fresh Cilantro. These two were light dishes, and set the tone for what was to come. Then came the Enchiladas which were topped with cheese, tomato sauce, beans and American corn with a side of Cilantro rice and Beans. Sounds good right? It was pretty good. The tomato sauce was basically more like a raw tomato puree but over all the taste was good.

Smoked Quarter Chicken
Smoked Quarter Chicken
The Smoked Quarter Chicken with its sweet BBQ sauce was the winner when it came to the Mains, which was followed by a plate of Texas Fries that made its way to the table right about the same time.. The chicken dish was a leg piece (Thigh and Drumstick) grilled to perfection and had a sweet and smokey flavor due to the BBQ sauce. The succotash which was a side portion along with mash potatoes and steamed veggies was also lending a great texture to the dish because of the American corn and bell peppers. The Texas Cheese fries came with a veg version of the chili, lots of cheese and a beautiful ranch dressing. So far the dishes were wiped clean. Almost. What we noticed across the many dishes was that, the vegetables that came along with the dish were all blanched and not grilled and could do with just a slight seasoning. They served their purpose of breaking the monotony though, so we’re good! Full to the brim, it was the next three dishes that made their way to our table that put strain on the stomachs of all three, Rewati, the Foodie and the Chef.


Sweet Mustard Baby back Ribs
Sweet Mustard Baby back Ribs


The Tenderloin, The Prawn Pasta and the Ribs — this is how we went eliminating one dish at a time. The Ribs were the easiest, we shut our eyes and before anyone realized they had vanished form the plate. Smokey, sweet and off the bone scenes were happening. It was served with an entire corn on the cob and a side plate of home cut fries. The Steak with lots of smoked roasted garlic, was served with mash and veggies. It was cooked perfectly in the center, where the meat was thick but towards the edges it was really overcooked. We had some sauce left over from the chicken which we just poured over the steak and the Chef finished it off. Yup, the steak could do with some sauce. The pasta wasn’t something extra ordinary, tasted good –  had grilled prawns , but we really think in today’s time and age, people have evolved in terms of culinary knowledge and we feel it had the potential to be a great dish but not quite there yet. It was creamy, cheesey and good for someone who just wanted a nice creamy pasta. We won’t take that away from them. Yes as you’ll can see in the pictures, the use of American corn was everywhere, it did add that extra texture to the dishes but then all we can ask is that “Was it really necessary?”


Smoked Garlic Tenderloin
Smoked Garlic Tenderloin


Final Verdict:

Well if you been to Chili’s Bar and Grill, then you must try this menu, if not, then we’ll suggest you try their dishes that are on the menu first and then come back for these. We did not get a bang of any ‘hot’ flavors well that’s because we did not ask the server. Make sure you’ll do ask them before placing the order (Same for the Steak, we did not mention the “doneness” that we wanted.) Check out this new funky menu though, it will definitely tingle your taste buds!

Spicy Smoked Shrimp Pasta
Spicy Smoked Shrimp Pasta
Food: 3.5
Decor: 3.5
Value For Money: -NA- 
(The Bombay Foodies were invited for this meal tasting, the staff and chefs knew of our presence in the restaurants. Still honest opinions and reviews have been given.)

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