Kitchen Tales: Lobster in Hot Garlic Sauce


Here we are with our first recipe post and since we built it up so much, we thought why not start with something fancy and simple at the same time. Today’s recipe is from The Chef’s Kitchen and is called the Lobster in Hot Garlic Sauce.

It started with The Chef wanting to check out the Versova Fish Market. It is always great to go there in person and see your options. The market opens at 4 pm – 6pm everyday. It has a wide vareity of Pomfrets, Shrimp, Lobsters. Apart from the regular prawns and fish that we come across, the Chef spotted some fresh baby lobsters! Always buy live shellfish, the Chef wanted big Lobsters but the fisherwoman suggested otherwise, as they weren’t alive. They bargain a lot, so foodies please don’t forget to get it at the right price.

Once he decided that lobsters was what he wanted, he bagged 25 pieces of those at 250/- and headed straight home to cook what looked liked was going to be an episode from MasterChef Australia Master Class.




Step 1: Begin with basics of how to treat a lobster!


Step 2:  Finely chopped onions, garlic and chilli.


Step 3: Saute some garlic and onion.


Step 4:  You could also use Bird Eye Chillies if you want. We thought of it a little too late 🙂


Step 5: Add 2 tbsp of Hot Garlic Sauce (this one was purchased from Stomach II, Seven Bungalows) We haven’t added soy and vinegar seperately as it is a part of the hot garlic sauce itself. But feel free to add it!


Step 6:  At this point you can either add water or stock (made with the head) to add more flavor. Add Salt and Pepper to taste.


Step 7: Time to drop them in to the wok!


Step 8: Toss them in the wok and cook for 5 minutes.


Step 9: 1 tbsp Corn Flour for 50 ml of water — To thicken your sauce.


Step 10: Get your bibs on and dig in!! This can be had with Fried Rice or simple Wok tossed Noodles.


The Chef had a simple dish in mind and did not want to over-do it. The flavors were clean, simple and there was nice freshness from the coriander and the lobster definitely remained the star. You can use the same recipe to prepare fish, prawns or even crab!  Easy Peasy?

Also, here is a pic of what was left of it 😛



If you try this recipe, do let us know how it turned out. All sorts of feedback and suggestions are welcome 🙂


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