Kitchen Tales Part Deux : Our version of Chicken Kalimiri

Our second recipe for Kitchen Tales is going to be Chicken Kalimiri, and boy does this one have a story. Well the story happened after the dish was made, but we think its one you all should know. When the Chef told the Foodie that this dish was being made, she got really excited as she thought this dish would use loads of whole Garam Masala and other spices. But after the dish was made and she was told otherwise, she gave the war cry!! Making an authentic North Indian dish without the use of Garam Masala was something new to her. Yes, it does add flavor and aroma to the dish, but then this is another version that the Chef had tried.

Sometimes simple ingredients and the right cooking techniques end up in some of the most fantastic tasting dishes ever, and this is one of them. Smooth, Silky and not too heavy on stomach this version of Chicken Kalimiri is made with a Cashew and Onion based gravy, and a heavy use of freshly cracked Black pepper (Thus the name of the dish.) Oh, this dish is the perfect way to start 2015, so here you go!



Step 1: Wash the Chicken leg (Drumstick and Thigh)


Adding Salt will help break the fibers and will penetrate to the bone. Marinade for 4 hours in the Fridge


Step 2: Boil the sliced Onions and Cashew for 20 minutes.



Step 3: Cool and Blend the above boiled mixture. Put the paste back on the flame, cook for 15 minutes and finish with Cumin Powder.



Step 4: Heat 3 tbsp Sunflower oil in a Handi and saute the Chopped Garlic, Chopped Chilies and cracked Black Pepper.



Step 5: Put the marinated chicken in the above mix.


Step 6: After 8-10 minutes, add the cooked cashew nut paste and cook for a further 10-15 minutes.


Tip: At this moment if you want, you could add 20g of whipped curd. (To add sourness)


Step 7: Just before you put the gas off, add 10 g of Garam Masala and shut the gas. Garnish with Cream, Coriander and some more freshly cracked Pepper.


Serve hot with Paratha (as shown in picture) or one could order in some Naans and Tandoori Rotis. BombayFoodies please do try this recipe it is great for the entire family, if you’re home alone or even if you want to impress your date. We at Bombay Foodies think this dish is best made with Chicken on the bone, but if you want you could also use a Murgh Malai Tikka or a Reshmi Tikka from a takeaway Indian restaurant. So what you guys waiting for, take out your pans and get cookin’ !!


1) Cashew: 300 g
2) Garlic pods:
 8-10 pods chopped
3) Coriander:
 20 g
4) Onion:
2-3 Medium sliced
5) Green Chilies:
 3 pieces chopped
6) Chicken Legs:
3 pieces
7) Black Pepper:
20 g
8) Salt:
To Taste
9) Cream:
To Garnish
10) Cumin Powder:
5 g
11) Garam Masala Powder:
7 g
12) Curd (Whipped):
20 g (optional)


1) Marinade Chicken leg with salt and refrigerate for 4 hours.
2) Boil sliced Onions and Cashew for 15-20 mins. Cool, Blend and cook again for 12-15 mins and finish with jeera powder.
3) In another Handi, heat Oil, and add chopped Garlic, Chopped Chilies and cracked Black Pepper.
4) Put the Marinated Chicken and cook for 10-12 minutes.
5) Add the cooked paste and cook for a further 15 minutes. Finish with Garam Masala and some chopped Coriander.
6) Garnish with Cream and Coriander sprig. Serve hot with Paratha or Rotis.

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