Guppy Pop-Up at Olive Bar and Kitchen

What’s the first word that pops up in your head when someone says Japanese food to you? Sushi, right? Well to dispel that exact myth we were invited to this almost a year old Pop-up at Olive Bar and Kitchen, in Mahalaxmi that funnily enough is named after a tropical fish called Guppy. Guppy by ai, a delhi based Japanese restaurant popped up in Mumbai last year, bringing along with it some good Japanese food. Continue reading Guppy Pop-Up at Olive Bar and Kitchen


Quick Service Chinese Restaurants — Part 1

Mumbai is a fast city and people don’t always seem to have the time to just sit and enjoy a decent meal. This seems true more so now, as the average young crowd is working for almost 12-13 hours a day and they really don’t have any sort of time to enjoy a meal. Quick bites such as a Dosa from outside their office to a Vada Pao from outside the stations, usually are a big help, when it comes to beating those silly hunger pangs. Gone are the days when restaurateurs in Mumbai invest heavily in “Fine Dining” outlets, their attention is slowly shifting towards the “Quick Service Restaurants” a.k.a QSRs, which brings about a faster turnover and gives “Value for Money” a.k.a VFM to the customers. Seeing this change young entrepreneurs are now starting small yet fast food joints, unlike the big chains like Subway and McDonalds, they are entering the Chinese fast food business, because we all know – If there is something we all like, its good, cheap Chinese food!!! This is why we at Bombay Foodies decided to compile a list of QSR Chinese outlets, their hits and misses, time to visit and everything you need to know about them. We have concentrated our area from Bandra to Andheri in this edition. So here it goes.


1) Five Fat Monks: 

Well lets begin with the Five Fat Monks. Bloggers are raving about it, Bandra and Ghatkopar-ites are raving about it and the fact that they already have two outlets in the city says a lot about this chain of QSRs. After a lot of planning between the Chef and the Foodie, we finally ended up at the Linking Road outlet one fine evening at about 8 pm. Continue reading “Quick Service Chinese Restaurants — Part 1”