Sula Fest 2015- Things you need to know (If you don’t already)

Sula Fest is back, bigger and better. The eagerly awaited Gourmet World Music Festival.

With 2 days left for it to go, here is everything you need to know about the fest. For everyone who is planning it last minute, planned it due to peer pressure but have no clue what it is all about, or are obssessed enough to read about it on every online space possible. This is for you.

For all the  music lovers, the headlining act for this year is Young The Giant (who opened for Kings of Leon’s worldwide summer tour), led by front man Sameer Gadhia from California, USA. Gentleman’s Dub Club, Will and the People, Yes Sir Boss, Monkey Brothers, Peter Schumann, Lucky Ali, Nucleya, Swarathma, Sandunes, Nucleya  & many more, are to look forward to.
But that is not it. You ought to know what more is in store, before you brush it off as just another Music Festival. Sula is ready for Foodies, Fashionistas and wanderers as well! And here is why attendance is expected from all of the above.
Since food is Bombay Foodies’ main area of concern whereever we go, we are excited about the tastings at SulaFest. For all you wine enthusiasts, Sula has organized two tastings this year – one with the Chief Winemaker Ajoy Shaw & Sommelier Sovna Puri whereas the other is with Nick Pringle, Director of Sales, Hardys (Accolade UK). Hardys is a part of the Sula Selections portfolio which is the import-arm of Sula Vineyards.
People have a perception that burgers go well with beers. However, this SulaFest, get ready to try different burgers that go fabulously well with Sula wines. Here’s a quick guide to different wines that go well with burger meats
– Which wine goes well with a beef burger with cheese and why? 

Rasa Shiraz would work really well with a beef burger – the juicy meat pairs very well with this complex, aged red wine which is full bodied. Beef is a heavy meat & needs a robust wine that will stand up to it.

– Which wine goes well with a chicken burger and why? 

India’s first & only Riesling by Sula would complement a chicken burger well. Chicken is relatively a lighter meat so can be paired with a lighter wine. Also, the Riesling would be nice & refreshing with the mayonnaise & salad leaves.

– Which wine goes well with a lamb burger and why? 

Dindori Reserve Shiraz which pairs wonderfully with lamb dishes, can be paired with a lamb burger as well. A multifaceted wine, which would help accentuate the flavour of the burger due to its balance and smoothness.

Our other food options include:

  • Woodside Inn – 
    Tuck into delicious burgers like the Chicken Teriyaki, Beef, Piri Piri Chicken and more
  • Cafe Zoe – he menu at Cafe Zoe includes Mini Lamb Sliders, Watermelon & Feta Salad, Mini Veggie Sliders and  more
  • Busago – 
    Relish delicious Khow suey, Banh Mi and more from Busago
  • Other restaurants that will be showcasing their dishes at SulaFest are MM Maroosh, Puffs & Rolls, Good Juicery, Urban Spice, 11 East Street Cafe, Burger Barn, Makaloo, Albion, Roadside Wraps, Shri Palace, Cafe Bliss and Viju Dabeli
  • Soleil by La Plage –  
    We are most excited to go eat at the outpost of the famous La Plage in North Goa  which is now at Sula Vineyards. Soleil’s unique menu includes classic French dishes including the most popular ones from La Plage, along-with Chef Morgan’s take on classics of Indian cuisine. 

Why are we should be excited about Soleil by La Plage?

#farmtofork– A defining feature of the menu is the extensive use of the farm’s own organic produce with ingredients like asparagus, goat’s cheese, free range chicken and much more. Soleil by La Plage thus presents for the first time, a true “farm to fork” dining experience in India.

For the Travelers and Wanderers of the world:
If you are a traveller at heart, who just wants to sleep gazing at the stars in an un-polluted sky, enjoy Jam sessions by the campfire, among lush green vineyards and that fresh air. This is a good time to head to Sula Fest. The Tent City, Lets camp out’s exciting campsite, is ready for you!

Tent City at SulaFest 2014

Tent City at SulaFest 2014 (4)
Tent City at the Sula Vineyads
A barbecue** for the chilly evenings and breakfast to wake up to, the tent city has 250 tents set, that accomodates 500 people are available.
1 night camping Rs. 3,500/ per person
2 nights camping Rs. 6,000/ per person
3 Nights camping Rs. 7,500/ per person
If you are not a true traveller at heart and are secretly worrying about the bedding, bathing scenes and of course, loos.. dont worry! Porta loos, dry toilet tents, and bedding are all in place in Shipshape and Bristol fashion 😉   
Call: +91 750 664 3439
For more details click here
Sula Vineyards Nasik
The Amphitheatre
The Amphitheatre
Well nothing much needs to be written here, because the big fat VERO MODA logo on the Sula Fest poster speaks for itself. Yup, Veromoda is about to launch its Spring Collection at the Sula Fest, Fashionistas should definitely head there as there is going to be a fashion show!
Vero Moda Sula Fest 2014
Eat. Shop. Drink:
Enjoy the gourmet experience at,  Soleil by La Plage, where Chef Morgan has prepared a menu with organic produce from Sula’s very own farms, offering a sit-down gourmet dining experience for the first time.
Chef Morgan
Chef Morgan
Shop at the bazaar and check out various things that are there to do, Grape Stomping, Tarot Reading, foot massages..
Grape Stomping Image Source:
Grape Stomping at the fest. Image Source:

Drink: Apart from the Sula wines that are available , fest-goers can also enjoy a wide selection Asahi Beer, Cointreau, Grant’s and Sierra Tequila. Check out the wine tasting tours that are conducted, at the Tasting Room and Tasting Cellar for wine enthusiasts.

If you haven’t booked your tickets already, book them now! 

For a list of Recommended Hotels by Sula click here

For a Carpool buddy or a bus ticket, to Sula click here

See you there!


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