Onesta Confections — They give the humble Corn a POP!!

Neha Chaudhary is a young Chef who studied at the French Culinary Institute in America and later on trained and worked at the JW Marriott. She is a home baker who has started a small business of hers called Onesta Confections. Onesta mean “Honesty” in Italian. AND HONESTLY HER PRODUCTS (Namely Gourmet Popcorn, Chocolates and Cheesecakes which she sent) KICK F*CKING ASS !!!! She sent across goodies to the Chef’s house just asking for feedback and did not really expect us to write about her, but we felt her products needs to be known especially the Gourmet Popcorn and Cheesecake.

 corn kernels
corn kernels used

The Products:

One might think, Popcorn?? Gourmet?? How?? What?? or in our terms F*CK NO!! But Neha has got her corn right, the humble corn kernel has been transformed into a Gourmet snack which got the Chef’s, his family and his sister’s friends’ taste buds tingling. Flavours include Butter Masala, Cheese, Normal, Chocolate Caramel, to name a few. They were already popped and sent to us. Seeing them popped, the Chef wondered if they’d gone soggy, but no, the crunch and pop of the corn was still there. Not only then, but also the next morning (Since there was so much corn!!) they had still retained most of their crunch. This can be done only if the base corn kernels are of high quality, and when the Chef mailed Neha asking the same, she said they were imported and sent us a picture of the kernels. The Chocolate and Cheese were the out and out favorites for all of us, so much so that when our friends were thulping the popcorn, they wanted Neha’s number to call for more!


Indian Masala Tin, Assorted Chocolates and New York Cheesecake (Clockwise)
Indian Masala Tin, Assorted Chocolates and New York Cheesecake (Clockwise)


Names              Small        Tin (Freakin’ Huge!)

Chocolate             200/-                      750/-
Cheese                  150/-                       600/-
Caramel                190/-                      700/-
Kettel Corn          110/-                       480/-
Butter                    120/-                      500/-
Indian Masala     120/-                     500/-


Coming to her Chocolates, The Chef got an assorted box, which contained a variety of flavors like Almonds, Coconut, Orange, Caramel and some more! Beautifully packaged box, and this box of chocolates has a flavor for everyone’s palate and preference! Priced at 390/- for 12 pcs, it is a little steep but then homemade and gourmet products do come at a cost. (Also available in a 24 pcs selection!) Next up, Cheesecake. A slice of this was sent, and the Chef can promise you it wasn’t enough! It was a simple New York Cheesecake, smooth yet firm with a great lemon flavour coming through the dessert. From the first bite itself, the Chef could feel that good quality ingredients had been used. From the cream cheese to the whipping cream, everything was top-notch, and therefore it also comes at a price of 650/- for half a kilo!


Packaging of Chocolates, Packaging of Cheesecake and the Chocolates (Clockwise)
Packaging of Chocolates, Packaging of Cheesecake and the Chocolates (Clockwise)


Our Verdict:

Yes! Yes! Yes! (and No,this is not what she said ;)) ,  but her popcorn will do funky things to you while watching a movie with your loved one! For home movies, family outing or just when you crave popcorn, give Neha a call. Birthday cakes for old and young, can be customized or one can choose from her list of cakes.

She also deals in cupcakes, designer cakes and a lot of other sweet and savoury products! She is very active on Twitter  and Instagram . Click here for more info, or to place orders.

Food: 4
Value for Money: 3.5
Packaging: 4

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