The Bombay Foodies Restaurant and Food Trends, Lifestyle Upgrades-2015

In 2014 we saw a lot of Molecular Cocktails, we saw Mumbai’s first brewery start up and a lot of stress given to inviting bloggers/ Instagrammers/ Zomato reviewers to check out their restaurants. These trends mentioned below are what the folks at Bombay Foodies think should be introduced or some that are already introduced and are getting there.


1) The Rise of All-Day dining : Yes all-day restaurants have been around for many years, but this year the shift from ‘Bars and Pubs’ to these kind of restaurants will be seen. While the start of 2014 saw the opening of a lot of bars and restaurants that were functioning only in the evening.Towards the end places like Me So Happi, Harry’s, Social and Hoppipola to mention a few started popping up with their all-day dining and drinking concepts. The guys at Social are opening a few more outlets in Mumbai and so are the guys at Harry’s, also the Kolkata based restaurant Cafe Mezzuna (which belongs to the Specialty Restaurant group) is going to open in Mumbai too! As an all-day dining option, of course!


Ratatouille Stuffed Mushrooms
Ratatouille Stuffed Mushrooms at Harry’s


2) Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) — In Mumbai, people don’t always have time, to cook food at home. Due to f*ckall working hours, people prefer eating out and thus giving birth to the QSR revolution. In mid 2014, we saw the opening of Five Fat Monks, Go Panda!, Silli Chilli and many more. Towards the end of the year this tradition of Chinese QSRs continued with the opening of Zoodles, Loco Chino (part Mexican and part Chinese) and Wok in the Box. Now people are opening Italian QSRs such as Italy in a Box. We would also like to add the name Burger King to the list. Not sure what your reaction would be, to reading that.

Chao Bao Rice at Five Fat Monks
Chao Bao Rice at Five Fat Monks

3) Home Cooked Meals : On one side we have people say they don’t have time to cook and on the other we have They’ve hooked up with people who make traditional home cooked meals that you do not get in hotels and restaurants. Be it, a simple Kerala affair by Sneha and her Poppadum meals or an authentic Pathare Prabhu meal cooked meal by Soumitra or for the the more adventurous ones an Assamese meal by Gitika.

Another upcoming home-chef is the 60 year young Mrs Nafisa Kapadia. Her son’s brain-child the Bohri Kitchen, serves authentic Bohri food. Most of these meals take place on the weekend when people, take a break and head out to enjoy good home-cooked meal at the Kapadias’.


The Seafood Thaali at the Pathare Prabhu meal by Soumitra
The Seafood Thaali at the Pathare Prabhu meal by Soumitra


4) Some more greens please ! :Health is Wealth, this is not just a rhyme to make people eat healthy, but is actually true! A lot of people are moving towards fresh fruits, salads and turning to “vegetarian-ism” nowadays. Restaurants like The Nutcracker, Bombay Salad Co., Spice Klub and Quesso are a proof of the above. They are mainly Vegetarian with a few Egg options and are always packed with customers. Places like Cream Center and our regular Uduppi joints will always remain classics but these upcoming joints are slowly and surely making their way into the restaurant scene of Mumbai.


Soba Noodle Salad at The Nutcracker
5) Sharing Bowls: Now this covers both, food as well as drinks. Whether it is Burrito bowls, Wok for Two, Sharing Pizzas ,Pastas or even a massive glass of Blue Lagoon(or any cocktail) you can now share it all!
 When it comes to food, by sharing a bowl or a wok, it gives the customers more options to choose from and everyone can taste a lot more dishes.
Malaysian Korma with Riceat Go! Panda
Malaysian Korma with Rice at Go! Panda

6) Curated Meals : Well is the BOSS when it comes to curating a meal at reasonable prices, but now restaurants, such as Guppy Pop-Up by Olive and 5 The Restuarant, are doing it on their own. They will have a small three or four course meal at a fixed price for lunch or dinner, with or without alcohol.The unlimited alcohol option definitely attracts more crowd.This way the chefs can change the menu and pricing such that it gives the guest a lot more options to choose from and not get bored by the third or fourth visit.


Image Courtesy:
Image Courtesy:

7) Small is Big! Or is it??: Small doesn’t mean less, when chefs or restaurateurs use the term Small Plates, they want the guests to have many more dishes and sample small portions of each. This is something that 2015 will definitely be big as people are turning into foodies and want to try alot more option at the same time!  Be it Tapas ,Dimsum or even Chaat, for that matter! All of it is going to get a total makeover. Things like mixed Dimsum baskets, Sushi Sampler, Chaat Varieties and Amuse Bouche, we predict should play a very important role this year.


Sopa de Mariscos at Arola.
Sopa de Mariscos at Arola.

8.) Brunches, Drunches we love them all: Another word we seemed to be hearing a lot lately is Brunches. The Little Door started its Drunk Brunches also known as Drunches, a couple of years ago. So did Olive, The Barking  Deer, White Owl. But recently this trend seems to be catching on and spreading like fire! We aren’t complaining though. A fixed amount for unlimited food is something we all live for. And who would not enjoy waking up late on a Sunday, after a late night, start the day late, with a good lazy brunch 🙂

9.) I’m too old for this sh*t: Not quite food related but there is a large amount of our population who suddenly feel, partying mid-week, or head-banging to loud music is too much for them. We were recently introduced to an option where if you suddenly feel too old to be dancing around, and eating cold finger food with those tequila shots. Wine appreciation is fast catching up in the city. Pairing that perfect wine with your food is also a fun thing to do. That and some Cigars with single malt in one of the finest hotels of Mumbai, or even at home, could be the next step.

Trends come and go, some of the above might stay on and some might change, but the trends mentioned above are what we are noticing in Mumbai. Visiting a new restaurant or an old one every week, we have come up with these after careful consideration of all possibilities. We encourage restaurants to go through these points such that they know what we as “Foodies” or even just regular laymen want in our day to day eating out experiences. We hope these trends hold true till the end of the year, but innovation and new ideas are something we hope to see this year!!!


(The above mentioned trends are what we at The Bombay Foodies want to see and predict might happen. The views are our own and we aren’t endorsing a particular restaurant/organisation. All the pictures taken are by us and none of the the above is sponsored.)


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