Happy Chinese New Year, 2015 – The year of the Goat!

The Chinese New Year Celebrations have begun all over the city, and here are a few noteworthy mentions:

Noodle Bar Outlets:

To commemorate the Chinese New Year 2015, Noodle Bar is celebrating the Year of the Goat with traditional Chinese Dishes. The Year of the Goat brings in a wealth of sumptuous dishes, fusing modern flavours with Chinese heritage to find that perfect Yin-Yang balance. Indulge in an unforgettable experience of majestic culinary exploration that Noodle Bar has to offer with its limited edition Chinese New Year Menu. Kick-start your journey with an assortment of mouth-watering appetizers such as the Chinatown Style Fish, Crispy Citrus Chicken, Mongolian Babycorn and Tai Ching Cottage Cheese. Dig into the various options of delectable non-vegetarian main course dishes such as the Saldo Chicken, Coriander Prawns with Mango Ginger, and equally tantalizing options for veggie lovers such as the Stir-fried Pok Choy with Cottage Cheese and Black Mushroom with Bamboo Shoots that are sure to delight your senses. Lastly, satiate your sweet-tooth craving with the sinful Date Pancakes.

Coriander Prawn

This exclusive menu is valid across all Noodle Bar outlets starting from February 13,2015 for a period of one month. Come welcome the New Year with dishes available at prices starting from Rs.275/- atNoodle Bar in a tongue-tingling mix of flavours.

The timings are 12pm – 4pm & 7pm – 12pm.

Venue : Phoenix Market City, Kurla & High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel

House of Asia at Hotel Mirador:

​House of Asia celebrates the Chinese Moon festival or the Chinese New Year with much gusto, starting Feb 18. 
Each day, the menu changes to new dishes, giving you the best from all regions of China. ​Right from the Peking Duck to the Roast Lamb Sichuan, the menu offers an incredible selection of dishes over a lavishly spread buffet, each day. Enjoy the authentic Moon Cakes for dessert over a celebratory meal at House of Asia.

House of Asia

Some dishes off the menu include:

Roast chicken with vegetable (Nanking style), Saute bamboo shoot and broccoli cantonese style, romaine lettuce with tomato & pine-nuts and many more.

Chinese style Roasted Chicken
Chinese style Roasted Chicken

Address: House of Asia, Hotel Mirador, New Link Road, Chakala, Andheri (East), Mumbai

Contact: 6649-5000

Date: 18th to 22nd February 2015

Time: 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm and 7.30 pm to 11.30 pm

Spices at JW Marriott

Spices, the oriental specialty restaurant at JW Marriott Mumbai is launching its new Dimsum Chef – Tenzin Khechok with the commencement of Dimsum Week at the restaurant from Friday 20th  February to Sunday 1st March 2015.

Indulge in an extensive array of miniature taste explosions with Chef Tenzin’s specially crafted Dimsum menu. The authentic menu has an exceptional selection of vegetarian and non-veg delicacies to cater to varied preferences. Some of the signature dimsums include Truffle Edamame Dumpling, White Radish Cake, Wild Mushroom Crystal Dumpling from the veg menu and Prawn & Crab Dumpling, Spanish Rolls with Prawn & Water Chestnut, Prawn & Chicken Sui Mai, Hargav Dumpling and Chocklet Bon from the non vegetarian menu.

The dimsums will be prepared and served in traditional bamboo steamers and are available in options like fried, steamed and pan fried. Elaborating further on the concept, Chef Tenzin says, “I want the guests at Spices to sample traditional dimsum preparations at the Dimsum week. The dimsums will be prepared and served in an authentic way to ensure the perfect balance of flavour and taste.”

Spices is known for its signature Thai cuisine and is now serving a wide array of Pan Asian specialties including Japanese and Chinese cuisine.

Restaurant: Spices, JW Marriott Mumbai

Date: 20th February-1st March 2015

Time: 7 pm- 12 am

A few Recipes exclusively given to the Bombay Foodies by Chef Tenzin Khechok

Shitake Mushroom Dumpling

Shitake Mushroom Dumpling


  • Shitake Mushroom 20gms
  • Button Mushroom 20gms
  • Black Mushroom 15gms
  • Carrot 20gms
  • Water Chestnut 20gms
  • Sesame Oil 1tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Sugar to taste
  • Wheat Starch 10gms
  • Potato Starch 10gms
  • Water as per requirement



  • Boil all the vegetable and let them cool till they’re down to room temperature.
  • Toss in sesame oil and add salt and sugar

Dough :

  • Mix wheat starch and potato starch with warm water to form a dough


  • Roll the dough and make a circle. Stuffed the filling inside and give it the shape of a half-Moon.
  • Keep it in a basket with a banana leaf placed underneath and steam for 5 min. Then serve it hot with Soya Ginger sauce.

Prawn & Chive Dumpling

Prawn Dumpling


  • Prawn 80gms
  • Chive 20gms
  • Carrot 5gms
  • Shitake Mushroom 10gms
  • Chive Juice  5ml
  • Sesame Oil 10ml
  • Salt & Sugar 10gms
  • Wheat Starch 10gms
  • Potato Starch 10gms



  • Wash the prawn and dry it. Cut into small cubes and add salt and sugar
  • Cut the chive, carrot and shitake mushroom in small proportions with prawn

Dough :

  • Mix wheat starch and potato starch with chive juice and warm water to form a dough.


  • Roll the skin with a chopper in a round shape
  • Stuff the filling inside and bring in an open shape and garnish with Tobicko and crab meat
  • Steam it for 6min in the Dimsum basket, whilst placing the banana leaf underneath
  • Serve hot with hot chili garlic

Picture Credits:


JW Marriot Hotels
House of Aisa at Hotel Mirador
Noodle Bar Outlets


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