Brunchin’ at BrewBot, Andheri (W).

The last couple of years has been mainly about Home-brews and brunches in Mumbai. Breweries such as Barking Deer and The White Owl were the first few to spring up, serving a variety of home-made beers and ciders. In the Burbs, Brewbot opened its doors in the second half of 2014, but they still do not have the licenses to make their own brews 😦 So the owners, Anand, Ansh and Ketan started the place irrespective, serving some lip-smacking dishes and a great variety of cocktails to their guests. Since the Chef used to work just two units away, he has tried a few of their dishes, like the succulent Grilled Chicken Breast and a thin-crust Ham and Olive pizza. The Bombay Foodies were at Brewbot to check out their Absolut Sunday Brunch and trust us, when we saw the menu we knew we were in for a treat!

Milkshakes, The Decor, The Spread and the Menu (Clockwise)
Milkshakes, The Decor, The Spread and the Menu (Clockwise)

Our Experience:

Brewbot is a little on the expensive side when it comes to F&B, but then quality of ingredients and in-house food items do deserve a price tag. But wait, we went for the Sunday Brunch which is priced at 1200++ ( Food and Mocktails only, Wines + KF Beers @ 1500++ and for Absolut based cocktails its at 1800++) which, we feel, is very reasonable for the amount of items on the menu!

We at Bombay Foodies are lovers of all things traditional, and we felt the same about the Brunch menu at Brewbot. It is a huge space and in the middle, is where the ‘make your own salad’ counter, where the Cold cuts, Cheese and Breads are kept. At the bar were placed the pre-made and pre-portioned salads along with the milkshakes, and in the outside section was the live pasta counter. Diving face first into the cheese and cold-cut section, we selected all the cheese that was there along with the cold cuts. One concern, if someone is not from the culinary world, or doesn’t have any knowledge about cheese and meats, it would be a little difficult for people to know what item they are choosing, as there are no name-tags on either the meats or the cheese. Some name definitely to some good to that spread 🙂

The Salads,Bread and Cold Cuts, Cheese and the Bot Chillin' (Clockwise)
The Salads,Bread and Cold Cuts, Cheese and the Bot Chillin’ (Clockwise)

A special mention to the smoked pepper Hummus and Tabbouleh salad. They were great but the thin pita bread wasn’t a hit in our books(It was too.. thin. Although some people might like it). The really rich and thick chocolate milkshake was creamy and tasted fantastic. The breads included Croissants, Foccacia (Ask the servers to warm them) were nice and fresh and the Lavash and bread sticks were good and crisp. As we said, the cold items were on the buffet and the others had to be ordered from vast menu of Starters, Fry, Flat bread, Sandwiches, Burgers, Mains and Pancakes and Waffles. Giving the starters and fry section a miss, we went to the flat bread and egg preps. Flat breads included items like Chorizo and Mushroom, BBQ Chicken and Scallion; and the eggs had Poached, Omelettes, Scrambled etc. We selected the Salami, Asparagus and Olive flat-bread and in eggs we called for Eggs Benedict, Poached eggs with Bacon wrapped Asparagus and a baked Chorizo and Potato Ramekin topped with Sunny side up.

Eggs Benedict


Chorizo, Mash, Onions and Sunny Side-up
Poached Eggs with Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

It took a good twenty minutes for our order to come, so we decided to go and have a look around. Brewbot has a huge space and it requires one as their beer fermentation vats take up half the space! We found out that they are in the process of getting their licenses and they brewery shall start in about two months (Tentatively.) We strongly feel, that once this place starts its brews, it will be a massive crowd-puller in Andheri! Their first floor also has a few machines related to the brewing process and has some more tables. They have a beautiful outside section with hanging lamps and really pretty fairy lights, that give the place a really great feel.

Salami, Asparagus and Olive Flatbread
Salami, Asparagus and Olive Flatbread

Getting back to our table, we got our flat-bread which looked great!!! There was enough sliced salami on it to make an Italian very happy. The dish also had loads of olives and asparagus on it and was a really good dish! The egg preps done simple and in a classic fashion with the Hollandaise sauce on the Benedicts egg being smooth and warm. The Foodie, likes her Hollandaise more buttery and a slightly more seasoned. She added some salt and got that balance, just right. The eggs were poached to perfection and the best part of the dish was the BACON wrapped ASPARAGUS! You could have a plate full of those, if it was possible! The Chorizo with mash and Onions was a little too strong on vinegar and pungent for the Foodie, but the Chef really liked it.

What the Foodie really missed was a glass of fresh orange juice, to wash it all down. But sadly there were only canned juices available. So a giant glass of Peach Ice-Tea was ordered. Pretty good

Peach Ice Tea
Peach Ice Tea

Tenderloin Burger
Tenderloin Burger

Coming to our mains, the portion sizing was perfect! The really juicy and moist Tenderloin Burger (one of the best the Chef has had, yet) came along with home-made spice-rubbed wedges and a big bowl of a simple salad. The burger was a little small in size and correctly so, so that it doesn’t fill you up and you can enjoy other dishes as well. The Chef found it to be perfect as a lot of food had been consumed. The juices was literally dripping onto the plate and if it wasn’t for all the food he had eaten earlier, he would have surely gone called for another one! The Foodie ate a Goat Cheese Ravioli which was drenched in tomato-based sauce. The Ravioli in itself was good, but she could not taste the goat cheese as the sauce was too much and too overpowering. Leaving her lost in “Taste-lation.”

Goat Cheese and Scallion Ravioli
Goat Cheese and Scallion Ravioli

The End and Final Thoughts:

We ended our meal with the desserts, a nice little glass of layered Tiramisu, Chocolate Pannacotta and small pieces of brownie. The Tiramisu did stand out from all the desserts; it wasn’t too sweet, the coffee was just right and the cream did not seem a lot. We would have liked a few more options, we did see a portion of pancakes on the other table and they did look yum! (We also saw some Mimosas being downed,on the next table, one after the other!)

Dessert Trio: Tiramisu, Brownies and Panacotta
Dessert Trio: Tiramisu, Brownies and Panacotta

We spent 4 hours at Brewbot and did not realize where and how time flew by. The guys at Brewbot really got a lot of things right for their brunch.Their eggs and mains really hit the spot. Proving the fact that if one does simple items correctly, the end result will always be good! We will definitely consider Brewbot again, as most of the dishes worked for us.

Kudos Team! Keep up the good work and see you’ll soon!

Food: 3.75
Decor: 4
Value for Money: -NA-

(The BombayFoodies were invited to Brewbot, the Chefs and Service staff knew of us being there. Irrespective of that honest views and opinions have been given.)


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