Le Pain Quotidien: Introducing the new Summer menu by Gourmetitup and #Followthefoodie

Chic yet cozy? Modern yet rustic? Does a place like this exist in Mumbai?There are a few of those, in the city and one of them goes by the name of Le Pain Quotidien which means ‘the daily bread’. No, don’t worry if you’re still trying to pronounce it correctly, it took us years to master that one! They have opened up around three outlets … Continue reading Le Pain Quotidien: Introducing the new Summer menu by Gourmetitup and #Followthefoodie

Weekend Planner — 20th to 22nd March, 2015.

Well there are just so many things to do this weekend, but as we can’t be everywhere, it is better to pass on the information :). Mentioned below are a bunch of things you could do this weekend, if you aren’t upto something, even if you are, just drop it any check these out. Good food must always be your top priority!

1) The Orchid, Mumbai:  Mostly Grills, the rooftop barbecue restaurant at Asia’s first five star ecotel,​ The Orchid has invited Chef Rehman from the lands of erstwhile nawabs- Awadh (Lucknow) to showcase the best of Kebabs, biryanis, kormas, salans and special Indian breads.

Chef Rehman’s repertoire consists of offerings from the shahi and nawabi khandaans of Rampur and Awadh to Hyderabad and Kashmir. An irresistible royal treat awaits you at Mostly Grills, which will take you  to the glamorous culinary era of past kings and nawabs. The sojourn begins on March 20 and will continue till March 29, 2015. Interestingly, the festival is not just about non vegetarians, the Chef recommends trying amazing vegetarian delicacies which the Royals feasted.

Royal Kebab Trail at The Orchid.
Royal Kebab Trail at The Orchid.

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Tamil Nadu Food Festival at Sofitel Mumbai BKC.

Fancy a Keerai Kuttu Curry, Patani Errachi Masala and some Kozhi Keema Vada? Yup, these are all delicacies from one of our favorite food paradise and the vibrant state of Tamil Nadu. One need not worry and have to travel all the way to Tamil Nadu, to eat this food as Sofitel Mumbai in BKC is celebrating a Tamil Nadu Food Festival and has got Chef Muni right from the region making it for you, and it’s on till the 22nd of March. The Bombay Foodies got a chance to sample a few dishes from regions such as Karaikudi, more commonly known as Chettinad, Thanjavur and Tindivanam, and liked it so much that we thought it deserved a post before the festival gets over such that more foodies searching for authentic food, can head there.

The Wide spread
The Wide spread

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Silver Beach Cafe, Fort: Valentines 24*7!!

Imagine a pretty place with wooden floors, tee-lights, a beautiful bar and place where one can go and enjoy a meal and have an actual conversation — Yes! it is true there are a few places in Mumbai and Silver Beach Cafe is one of them. Very little Silver and no beach but this newly opened place is just a little ahead of the iconic Sterling Multiplex and is getting very famous with couples, both old and young (replaced Town House Cafe.) This is the second outlet of the restaurant which has its first outpost in Juhu and we must admit, they have done a great job when it comes to designing the restaurant and most importantly the menu. The Bombay Foodies went to SoBo after a long time and continue reading further to see if it was worth the trip or not:)

Excellent decor and view!
Excellent decor and a pretty setting!

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#KitchenTales Part 3: The BombayFoodies version of English Stew

People around the world have been influenced by TV shows and have made food on the basis of the idea of the show; for example the Blue Crystal Meth in Breaking Bad has been made with sugar crystals to look like real crystal meth. People try and make dishes that have been made on all the Masterchefs from around the world and we also at the Bombay Foodies have been inspired by Downtown Abbey and have made our version of English Stew. Mrs Patmore or in this case our very own Foodie who got this recipe from her mother added a few tweaks and twists and is now sharing it with all of us. Just the way the entire show is shot and the importance they have given to the food, we at Bombay Foodies with the help of our very own Foodie, present the Downtown Abbey inspired Chicken Stew!!


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Joss – Treats from the Far East

wpid-img-20150224-wa0006.jpgJoss is a fine dining restaurant, and is the success story and brainchild of renowned Chef Farrokh Khambata. Nestled in SantaCruz west, next to the Mini Cooper showroom, the restaurant has created a niche for itself in the world of modern far-eastern cuisine and promises further delight with time to come. This gastronomical adventure offers authentic Japanese, Malaysian, Indonesian and Balinese cuisine. So the second part for our #FollowtheFoodie initiative with Gourmetitup.com was at the magical Joss and boy, did we love the place! Continue reading “Joss – Treats from the Far East”