#KitchenTales Part 3: The BombayFoodies version of English Stew

People around the world have been influenced by TV shows and have made food on the basis of the idea of the show; for example the Blue Crystal Meth in Breaking Bad has been made with sugar crystals to look like real crystal meth. People try and make dishes that have been made on all the Masterchefs from around the world and we also at the Bombay Foodies have been inspired by Downtown Abbey and have made our version of English Stew. Mrs Patmore or in this case our very own Foodie who got this recipe from her mother added a few tweaks and twists and is now sharing it with all of us. Just the way the entire show is shot and the importance they have given to the food, we at Bombay Foodies with the help of our very own Foodie, present the Downtown Abbey inspired Chicken Stew!!



Step 1: You need to quarter the onions and potatoes, peel and cut the carrots and beans in to baton sized pieces. Cut and clean the Chicken (Here we’ve taken the whole Chicken and got it cut into 8 pieces or 750g) and make sure you keep the leftover bones for the stock.

Step 2: For the Stock, add an onion (quarters) a few pieces of carrots (batons), whole spices like Cinnamon, Bay leaf and Cloves. Saute the above in oil till translucent and add the Chicken bones.

PicsArt_1421652135373 PicsArt_1421652410850

Step 2 (contd.): Add water just enough to cover the bones and put the lid of the cooker and pressure cook for 10 minutes or 2 big whistles and 2 small.

PicsArt_1421652528121 PicsArt_1421653502897

Step 3: In a separate pan, heat oil and butter and saute the remaining onions and then add the chop Garlic and Ginger and saute for 5 minutes or till translucent.

PicsArt_1421653934343 PicsArt_1421654943587

PicsArt_1421663646114 PicsArt_1421663694429

Step 4: Once soft we add the hard vegetables in order of Potatoes, Carrots, Beans and finally we place the chicken pieces and brown.


Step 5: We need to season the ingredients in the pot with Salt and freshly Cracked Pepper and stir it about for a few minutes.


Step 6: Next add Refined Flour and cook till the ‘floury’ taste goes away. Finally add the Chicken stock, a spoon at a time, made earlier till the entire mixture combined and a sauce is formed. (P.S. One needs to be careful as to not put extra stock as the sauce might become very runny)

PicsArt_1421689725567 PicsArt_1421689919830

Step 7: After the sauce has come together, cover and let it cook for sometime till the sauce gets nice and thick. Taste again for seasoning and once its ready serve hot with Bread, Rice or in our case Pao.


This is a simple English stew according to us, please do not go all crazy and say this isn’t authentic, IT ISN’T! But do try the recipe and let us know Bombay Foodies!

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