Weekend Planner — 20th to 22nd March, 2015.

Well there are just so many things to do this weekend, but as we can’t be everywhere, it is better to pass on the information :). Mentioned below are a bunch of things you could do this weekend, if you aren’t upto something, even if you are, just drop it any check these out. Good food must always be your top priority!

1) The Orchid, Mumbai:  Mostly Grills, the rooftop barbecue restaurant at Asia’s first five star ecotel,​ The Orchid has invited Chef Rehman from the lands of erstwhile nawabs- Awadh (Lucknow) to showcase the best of Kebabs, biryanis, kormas, salans and special Indian breads.

Chef Rehman’s repertoire consists of offerings from the shahi and nawabi khandaans of Rampur and Awadh to Hyderabad and Kashmir. An irresistible royal treat awaits you at Mostly Grills, which will take you  to the glamorous culinary era of past kings and nawabs. The sojourn begins on March 20 and will continue till March 29, 2015. Interestingly, the festival is not just about non vegetarians, the Chef recommends trying amazing vegetarian delicacies which the Royals feasted.

Royal Kebab Trail at The Orchid.
Royal Kebab Trail at The Orchid.

Food connoisseurs can relish famous preparations like Tabak Maaz, Shammi Kebab, Shahjahani Murg Ke Tikke, Pather Ka Gosht, Sambhal Ki Seekh, Hyderabadi Dum Machli, Gadh Shammi and much more. The main feature dishes on the menu include Dilli Ki Nehari, Rogan Josh, Haleem, keema Muttur, Khare masale ka gosht, Chungezi Murg, Kukur Lebabdaar, Methi Tsaman, Kukurjosh, Gushtaba, Asifi Gosht Korma, Kachi Machli Ka Korma and Gadh Mujh.

Vegetarians will be pleasantly surprised to discover dishes such as Pudine Aur Badam Ka Shorba, Subziyon Ke Shikhampuri, Nadur Kebaba, Subz Lukmi, Dal Ke Shammi, Chutpate Khumb, Sabut Moong Ki Seekh, Dum Aloo, Paneer Laqa, Anannas Ki Subzi, Khere Tamater Ki Subzi, Hyderabadi Subz Biryani, Methi Ki Kichri, Sewiyaon Ka Muttur Pulao and a lot more.

Rice lovers will be delighted to have Gosht Pulao, Hyderabadi Kachi Biryani, Khaas Jama Masjid Ki Biryani, Tahe Biryani, Korma Dum Biryani, Malihabadi Taheri Pulao, Tindli Ka Pulao and more. Various Indian breads on the menu are Fitri Naan, Naan E Tanak, Sheermal, Kishmishi Paratha, Wah Wah Roti, Gilafi Kulcha, Baqurkhani, Taftan and Khameeri Roti.

The royal desserts served during the festival include: Dabal Ka Meetha, Haradhania Ki Kheer, Khubani Ka Halwa, Ala Jannat Kheer, Leechi Ki Sewiyan etc.

Venue: Mostly Grills-The Rooftop Restaurant, The Orchid, Near Domestic Airport, Vile Parle (East). Mumbai.

Date: March 20 to March 29

Pricing: As per the menu

Time: 7.00 pm to 11.45 pm

For reservations call:  022-26164000

2) Sofitel Mumbai, BKC: Sofitel Mumbai BKC celebrates March with flavours of Tamil Nadu’s cuisine. From savoury delicacies to sweet treats, Sofitel Mumbai BKC will say Vanakkam to Tamil Nadu this month! Local to the region, Chef Munichandrudu will entice one’s taste buds with his exquisite culinary skills and unique gastronomic creations. A tribute to the vibrant state of Tamil Nadu, this celebration focuses on regions such as Karaikudi, more commonly known as Chettinad, Thanjavur and Tindivanam.

Chef Munichandrudu from IBIS Chennai.
Chef Munichandrudu from IBIS Chennai.

Savour the flavours as the hotel will take you on a culinary journey through the cities with spicy Chettinad delicacies such as Molakeerai Parupu Curry, Kothavarangai Kozhambu, Kongunatu Meen Kozhambu. Relish the seafood specialties of the region of Thanjavur with dishes like Meen Keema Malli Varuval, Meen Thokku, or Tindivanam delicacies such as Vendakai Poriyal, Kholi Keema Masala Vada and Urndai Kozhambu, amongst others. Indulge in and enjoy the mouth-watering flavours of Tamil Nadu at Sofitel Mumbai BKC with Chef Munichandrudu!

Our Vegetarian plate of food -- Curd Rice, Eggplant Curry, Lentils with Spinach, Okra with tomato and onions, Rassam and a tangy vegetable curry.
Our Vegetarian plate of food — Curd Rice, Eggplant Curry, Lentils with Spinach, Okra with tomato and onions, Rassam and a tangy vegetable curry.

Venue: Pondichery Café, Sofitel Mumbai BKC

Date: March 13th,2015 to March 22nd, 2015

Price: INR 2,261 per person (plus taxes)

INR 2,780 per person (all inclusive)

3) House of Asia: House of Asia’s newest food promotion ​’The Royal Dawat’ ​that brings you the best and authentic from Rajasthan, Awadh, Hyderabad​, Kashmir and other regions known for their delicacies. The festival starts on March 13 until​ March 22. ​What makes this special is the research and travel done to develop this delectable spread. House of Asia will be flying down the real kitchen artisans to assist their chef Kamlesh Salve, to ensure the authenticity and create a confluence of traditional food from across the country.  Chef Kamlesh, also travelled across these regions to understand and cook with experts. They have also sourced spices from these regions for this festivity of traditional food.

House of Asia
​Some of the dishes that will​ feature on the menu include, ​Kakori kebab, Chugur gosht, Roganjosh, Kacche gosht ki biryani, Goshtaba, Kachri Qeema, Navratan Korma, Chole, Paratha, to name few. ​They have also worked on a very traditional Indian dessert menu that is rarely seen on our menu in Mumbai. These include; Auzi halwa sohan (germinated wheat,milk,saffron,nuts), Sheer Brunj, Mauz ka meetha (dessert made from banana) and more such gastronomic delights.
Venue: House Of Asia
Address: House of Asia, Hotel Mirador, New Link Road, Chakala, Andheri (East), Mumbai
Date: ​13th to 22nd March 2015
Time: ​8.00 pm onwards

4) La Folie store opening, Palladium Lower Parel: Following the success of her first outlet in Kala Ghoda, Sanjana Patel, the well-known patisserie owner finally fulfills the wishes of many dessert lovers by launching her second stand-alone boutique La Folie Patisserie on the World Macaron Day (WMD) 20thMarch, 2015 at Palladium Mall, Lower Parel and promises to be more than anything you can expect at any other patisserie.

La Folie, Palladium
La Folie, Palladium

To mark WMD this year, Chef Sanjana and La Folie have associated with some of the city’s most reputed food bloggers including, Rushina Munshaw-Ghildiyal (rushinamunshawghildiyal.blogspot.in), Mumbai Foodie, The Black Sakura (theblacksakura.wordpress.com) , Tea Trunk (teatrunk.wordpress.com) and others to create a dazzling array of up to 20 new macaron flavors that are not usually available at La Folie. La Folie’s special WMD macarons will be available (till stocks last) at both of their outlets – Kala Ghoda & Palladium Mall – between 10:30am – 11:30pm on Friday, March 20th, 2015.

The interiors
The interiors

The bloggers have provided flavor inspirations to the Chef, which she has then superbly incorporated into the wider array of macaron flavors she is preparing for the day. Some of the flavors that Chef Sanjana is planning on introducing on WMD include not only sweet ones such as, candied bacon and maple syrup, guava chilli, green mango and green chilli and saffron kahwa tea, but also some interesting savory flavor combinations like black truffle, pizza margherita and popcorn caramel, among others.

Bloggers Macaroon
Bloggers Macaron

Keeping in the spirit of giving, which is a component of WMD, La Folie has also collaborated with Save the Children India (www.savethechildren.com) to engage kids from that organization in a fun activity where Chef Sanjana will introduce them to macaron and share fun facts and details regarding the much loved treat and encouraging them to enjoy the different flavors specially curated by some of the city’s most respected food bloggers.

5) Harry’s Bar at Fun Republic, Andheri (W): Harrys bar, from Singapore opening another store at Fun Republic starts today. Do go there and try out Chef Vicky Ratnani’s dishes and great cocktails by cocktail extraordinaire Ms Basu.

Do try out all these places Bombay Foodies, the food is good and good food makes for a good f*cking mood!!!

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