Redefining “Fine Dine” with WowTables

Imagine a TVC, where a typical presenter’s voice is heard saying, “Want to dine fancy, but are afraid it’ll cost you a bomb?” Or “Want to take your girlfriend out on a fancy date but it’s the end of the month and your wallet is almost empty?” “Jee haan, Bhaiyoon aur Beheno….” Blah Blah!!! For some reason we all think of ‘Fine-Dining’ as a big scary monster hungry for all that cash(or coins)  in your wallet! A scary bully who wants your lunch money. Fine dining needs a change, a proper face- lift such that all the myths surrounding it are put away, once and for all! in collaboration with the foodies of Mumbai that includes us,  of course, are bringing to you something, that will do away with all of the problems mentioned above. But first let’s bust some myths surrounding the “Fine Dine” concept, shall we?

Byblos: A New Entry to the Casual Fine Dine Circuit
Byblos: A New Entry to the Casual Fine Dine Circuit

Myths: Fine Dining = Expensive, Small portions and Snooty Service.

-The minute you step into a fancy restaurant, you immediately feel like all eyes are on you, as you feel extremely under-dressed.

-The meal that is about to be served to you will be inversely proportionate to the price. More the price, smaller the portion.

-You will be judged for not pronouncing that wine name or ‘gnocchi’ right. (The Foodie is a rebel and still feels it should be NYoCHEE)

– “Damn it, I just smashed my Sushi with the chopsticks. That steward definitely thinks I’m a noob” Yup, that sweaty forehead you get when you think all the stewards in the world are conspiring against you and your not so ‘up to the mark’ table manners.

-That judgment you sense when you ask for the cheapest wine on the menu. That’s the stuff your red flushed cheeks are made of. When you imagine the restaurant staff sniggering at you, behind the scenes. WORST FEELING EVER.

Myths BUSTED –

Chimichuri Chicken at JamJar Diner, a chill place with Fine food.
Chimichuri Chicken at JamJar Diner, a chill place with Fine food.

Well here’s the thing. Don’t know how much of that used to happen, still happens, or if it happened, at all! But restaurants are now focusing on their customers and endorsing concepts such as Menu del Dia or ‘Menu of the Day’ and Chef’s ‘wholesome lunch meal’ to name a few, so that people get multiple courses and a meal that genuinely fills you up. These meals are designed in such a way that it doesn’t burn a whole in your pocket and doesn’t let you leave without a full stomach. Owners also, make sure that their service boys attend to their guest as their friend and not some grumpy old judgmental uncle! (OR like a mean bully at school) They want their customers to feel comfortable and not awkward and definitely want you to spread a good word and return happy!

Being foodies or even food critics, does not always mean we know it all. Whatever we know, is due to our first-hand experiences (travelling for regional cuisine) or local regional cuisine restaurants (since we aren’t rich enough, money and time wise) No matter how fancy or casual the place is, if it wasn’t for the friendly staff, who are eager to educate and fondly talk about the food they serve, to their customers, we wouldn’t have known a thing. Ask questions! Increase your knowledge. The staff is only there to help you do that! 🙂

The Chef
The Chef
The Foodie
The Foodie

About the dress code. Well a lot of places like to maintain a standard or have ancient rules that have been followed since ages. But it’s ok if you’re feeling worn out after a long day at work and just want to spend some money on good quality of food. Just go there for the love of food. Servers like to see happy well-fed smiles. No high heels or pointy shoes needed for this one.

To make things better for all foodies Gourmet It Up, which is now known as WoWTables, is taking a revolutionary step towards changing this image of fine-dining, it has gained over the years. By curating menus and meals for the guests such that they can enjoy a fun and relaxing ‘fine-dining’ experience, rather than being stressed.

So don’t let these fears bog you down, if you love food go ahead and book yourself an Experience on, and let them take care of everything else!!



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