Good ol’ things done in a new way!-New menu at Pizza by the Bay —

Pizza by the Bay earlier known as Pizzeria and the inside section as Not just Jazz by the Bay is an iconic eatery situated in the south of Mumbai, especially when it comes to pizzas! The Chef, who studied at Jai Hind recalls the days where eating at ‘Pizzeria’ was a regular things. Cos it served served good food! But of course as time moved on, his trips to Churchgate reduced, the meals at Pizzeria also stopped. Infact it was only recently, that he realized this place changed its name to Pizza by the Bay and that it had become an out and out restaurant. We had been invited by our good friend Chandni and the Mars restaurants guys to visit and check out the new menu and refresh old memories, and this is how things went down!

Prawn Butter Garlic
Prawn Butter Garlic

The Meal and the Company:

Ravioli di Formaggio -- Fried Ravioli with Cheese
Ravioli di Formaggio — Fried Ravioli with Cheese

Reaching at 9.15 pm for an 8 pm event is something that every event holder knows is perfectly fine by bloggers standards, but this time the Chef and the Foodie genuinely had work but everyone on the table thought otherwise (Wink Wink!.) We had the lovely Salonee, Benaaz, Sameer, Harsh and Rohit (to name a few) and many other blogger/food influencers, tasting along with us.

By the time we arrived they had almost finished off their pizzas and were on mains. Chandni got another round of all things new on their menu, for us to try which included the following: Bruschetta A la Pizzeria, Fried Formaggio Raviolis, Butter Garlic Prawns, Classic Pizzeria Quad, Porker Quad, Mushroom Risotto, Vegetarian and Chicken lasagna and an Apple crumble with ice cream, and since we are at Pizza by the Bay, the famous Bombay Masala had to be ordered. What we loved about PBTB is they do simple food that tastes great, yes they maybe a little on the expensive side, but then the area they are located in demands those prices.

Pizza Quad Vegetarian
Pizza Quad Vegetarian

We missed out the Bruschetta but really thulped the Prawns, and when we say “We” we really mean the Chef (Hawrat sala!!) Well the story is the same with the fried Ravioli and the Vegetarian Lasagna. Though the fried Ravioli was little doughy, they did taste great when hot! For their new pizzas the Porker Quad (Great idea) was the new comer in the non-vegetarain section and was quite good while the vegetarian quad had mushrooms, corn, jalapeno and BBQ cauliflower. We also had the famous Bombay Masala, and while everyone was busy stuffing slice after slice the Chef was busy trying to figure out what masalas were in that pizza. (Random guess: Pav Bhajji Masala, Kitchen King Masala, a mix of Jeera, Chaat Masala and Garam Masala???)


For the mains, they have introduced a simple version of vegetarian and chicken lasagna. Both tasted different and our Foodie loved the tomato sauce that came with it. A very different presentation, sort of deconstructed, and served with a crisp garlic bread. Only thing we did not get was the cucumber salad on the side?!?! Even the mushroom risotto with spinach was high on flavor and the portion size was good! Comfort food is what is served at PBTB (new menu), and that was finally proved when the Apple pie with ice cream made its way to the table. Simple yet small portion sized apple pie with a nice dollop of vanilla ice cream. The perfect ending to the meal.

Mushroom and Spinach Risotto
Mushroom and Spinach Risotto

Yes this was just a tasting and we had a lot of mixed reactions to the new items. The prices are high but since it’s a prime location we’ll let that one go. Another being the fact that dishes might be too simple in today’s’ day and time, but then again, as long as it tastes good, it’s all fine 🙂

Apple Pie
Apple Pie

Food: 3.75

Decor: 4
Value for Money: -NA- 

(The Bombay Foodies were invited to this meal by Chandni and Mars group of restaurants. However honest opinion and reviews have been put forth by the reviews.) 

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