#GourmetDay with WowTables and PizzaMetroPizza!

Our favorite and to-go for any exclusive meal is Gourmetitup.com, and recently when they underwent a re-branding and came out as WowTables, we were one of the lucky 100 diners from all across the country to go and have a tasting for their #GourmetDay meal. WowTables wants to redefine the way Indians look at “Fine Dining” by simply saying, the olden ways have changed. They (restaurants) need not be as stuck up as they used to be in the earlier days, and more and more restaurants are shifting towards the “casual” fine dine such that the guest can relax while eating good tasting and presented food.

Wood Fired Oven
Wood Fired Oven

The Experience and the Meal:

We had initially selected Hakkasan to be our destination for #GourmetDay, but the Chef recently got a few allergies (f*cking p*ssy!) so had to change our location. Since it was last minute, they got us a table at Pizza Metro Pizza in Khar and boy were we in for a treat!! We’ve seen PMP a lot of times on our way to Big Nasty but for some weird reason never visited the place. The Foodie blames it on the multi-coloured branding but we just ignore her.. The Chef had been craving a good hand-tossed and rolled pizzas since forever, only to reach PMP and see their Italian chef tossing the dough up like a Frisbee! As the Foodie was running late due to no auto-rickshaw scenes, the Chef decided to do a little survey of the place. Quirky walls, a f*cking vespa in the middle of the restaurant, wood fire oven and really funky looking Manager (maybe owner) walking about his restaurant singing the Italian songs playing in the background. The kids seemed to love that guy! He was meeting his regulars as well as making new friends, while he was at it. The Chef received the new and re-branded WowTables menu (nicely done, must say!) and at PMP you get a shared meal for two.

Frozen Currant
Frozen Currant

We started off with rustic ciabatta bread and accompaniments like chili oil, balsamico and olive oil. We then called (from an extensive menu) Pollo Involtini for our anti-pasti. A Carbonara for our pasta, Diego’s Pizza with ricotta, salami and rocket leaves and to finish off — a classic Tiramisu. The Involtini do Pollo was a simple sliced chicken breast stuffed with cheese and olives and served with a cherry tomato sauce. It was a bit on the salty side, but as the Chef says, “It was a good salty taste. There is a chance others might find it too salty.”

Involtini di Pollo
Involtini di Pollo

The high-point of our meal was the perfect hand-tossed pizza and well-done pasta carbonara. Due to the extreme high temperature, these freshly tossed pizza take no less than 90 seconds to be made (and trust us it got over in less that time!!) Not to sound like dumb-f*cks but the initial taste of the cooked dough is very much like that of a naan 😐 !! Maybe that’s why the Foodie thulped the pizza (even though she isn’t a big fan of ’em) Yes the topping of Salame was a little less, but the rocket and ricotta made up for it. For some, the burnt parts of the crust created an over-powering taste.. But the freshness of the ingredients and pizza made sure this wasn’t a deal-breaker. We were served the carbonara next and the presentation looked beautiful! A note must be made for the cooking of the pasta here, from the bite of the pasta we realized that the chefs and owners here are serving authentic food. There was an excellent ‘bite’ to the spaghetti and as they say it, it was cooked ‘Al-Dante.’ It wasn’t to saucy and there was loads of bacon-ham in it! Most of the places in Mumbai serve a pasta that’s swimming in the sauce, well its not the restaurants fault but the guest ask for it like that! And of course overcooked pasta in pink sauce!! The Chef is sure that every chef’s blood boils when this order comes their way! Anyway getting back to this carbonara, it was friggin’ excellent. The dessert was a simple Tiramisu, a good hit of coffee with a soft and creamy Mascarpone cheese mix; PMP gets their Tiramisu right!

Awesome Carbonara!
Awesome Carbonara!

Final Thoughts:

Well at 1300 plus taxes this meal for two is simply perfect, WowTables got their re-branding spot on and and we will definitely keep on using the site for all meals gourmet! Coming to Pizza Metro Pizza, the food is good but slightly on the higher end of the rupee. Their most expensive pizza is at 985 plus taxes which is a little too much for a hand tossed/rolled pizza. But then again, we have WowTables to help us out with that 🙂


Food: 4
Decor: 3.75
Value for Money: -NA-

(The Bombay Foodies were invited to PizaMetroPizza as a part of #GourmetDay with WowTable by Gourmet it up. Irrespective, true and honest reviews and opinions have been given by the reviewers.)


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