For the Waffle People -Everything you need to know about The Wafflist, Carter Road.

In the last one year we have heard some mixed reviews about the Wafflist on Carter road. Some find it too hard, some find it to be a satisfying replacement for our regular soft fresh waffles. Some choose to not go there at all. We went there we tried them and we also decided to compile a list of what we felt about the Wafflist.

1. These waffles are 100% vegetarian. So if you are a big fan of Egg-less desserts, or consider Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or all days of the week as veggie days, you should definitely give it a shot 😛

2. These waffles are 70% pre-cooked. Therefore they are quick.. They are dough based and are heated and given to you. The result of which is that they are slightly on the stiffer side of things. We personally preferred them in small pieces since they were slightly harder than the regular waffles. That’s pretty much what you need to know. Which could be detrimental to whether you want to try them or not.


3. They have kick-ass options for flavor pairing, such as the classics like Nutty-Buddy which is Waffles served with Nutella and Banana, Dark chocolate and Raspberry (which is also a part of their new menu) was one of our favorites! Cookie Rookie was pretty good too, could taste some nice Oreo cookie cream on it. You can even customize your waffles! 

Different flavour combinations..
Different flavour combinations..



4. The inclusions of shots, coolers and in the near future savoury waffles is something that will make Wafflist the place to be for all things sweet and not-so-sweet! For the adventurous ones don’t forget to have the Chocolate and Chilli shot! It’s deadly! Also try their new shakes such as Salted Caramel Thickshake and the Master Waffle Shake. The classic Bon bon shake we had, felt a little too rich after all those waffles.


the Classic Bon Bon shake shot
the Classic Bon Bon shake shot

5. They have some new coolers on their summer menu known as Summer Fizz Mocktails.

Peach And Ginger fizz: A heady concoction of soothing peach and spicy ginger topped with iced soda.
Green Apple and Mint fizz: A refreshing blend of green apple and mint leaves topped with iced soda
Berry Basil Fizz: Juicy strawberry compote blended with fresh basil topped with iced soda.

6. The Wafflist is also opening another outlet at Fort, such that they can spread the love to their SoBo clientele. This is good as the one on Carter Road has no place to sit.

7. Our review: Yes we needed a waffle place in our city that serves stuff at a reasonable rate, but as their recipes are egg-less the crisp outside and softness inside is missed. Having said that, the place is a blessing since it is open till 1 am and is perfect for those Midnight munchies and waffle cravings. Also everything here is priced below Rs. 200!

Actual portion size. This is the Nutty Buddy (Nutella + Banana)
Actual portion size. This is the Nutty Buddy (Nutella + Banana)



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