Unlimited Pizza Toppings at Serafina this rainy season!

Well we all know Serafina is known the world over for their great Italian and unbelievable pizza toppings and it gets better when they allow you, for a small charge of course, to throw on some more of those toppings. We were invited to their Fort outlet to enjoy this offer and here is our first hand experience.


The concept is simple, they give us a list of already existing pizzas and then step two is throw on your toppings. Rs 120 and 150 for unlimited vegetarian and non-vegetarian toppings respectively. The guys at Serafina also make it more interesting by conducting ‘The Best pizza topping’ contest. If their chef likes what you create, you stand to win a fully paid dinner for 4. Sounds easy? Well not really. According to The Chef, Desha Gehi (ThatFoodie_Chick)  and Roxanne Bamboat (The TinyTaster.) Sometimes less can be more and sometimes simple can be a little too simple. Thats where we got mixed up! But in the end we all made our decisions and handed them over to the pizza boys. While the pizzas were being made, we met Mr Vishal from The Wine Park, who had come down to just give us a brief about wine tasting.

St. Claire, New Zealand (White)
St. Claire, New Zealand (White)
Wolftrap Rose, South Africa
Wolftrap Rose, South Africa

3 types of wine, from 3 different countries and a little detail about them and then we got started to build our pizza. Along with tasting the wines, we were given a little insight about its making process. Indian processes and wines and how Indian wines can make it big with the right wine laws and practices. Moving on lets get back to our pizzas. The Chef from BombayFoodies chose the Laggera foccacia which consists of sliced tomatoes, cheese and Basil and he added Prawns, Chilies, Onions and Black Olives. Great pizza but needed to eaten quickly as the base can get soggy. Madhura from Mumbai Foodie chose a pizza with a white sauce base (like an aioli sauce) topped with Prawns, Anchovies and more burnt garlic! While Desha (ThatFoodie_Chick) chose a simple Pizza Margherita and topped with off with olives and f*ck loads of Pepperoni slices, Roxanne chose a legendary Serfina pizza Bianca and added some Prosciutto. Our very own Anisha from El sol, kept it simple with Chicken mince as her topping, Sameer of FBAI loaded his with Ham, chicken mince, Asparagus etc.

Sameer (FBAI) Everything Pizza
Sameer (FBAI) Everything Pizza
Assorted Non-vegetarian Canopy's
Assorted Non-vegetarian Canopy’s

Fun experiments were being conducted along with good conversations which led to two main questions — 1) Why don’t Indians choose more imported wines to drink? Vishal answered simply by saying drinking fine wine is an expensive hobby and activity. If the govt relaxes with the taxes hopefully it’ll be easier for us Indians to drink fine wine. Second question who won this rounds of Pizza making?? We’ll only know once chefs at Serafina choose but here is the BombayFoodies Chefs top three

1) Mumbai Foodie’s Madhura
2) The TinyTaster Roxanne Bambot
3) Anisha Dalal from Elsol

Little James, Red. France
Little James, Red. France

If you’re a pizza lover and like fine ingredients with a little damage to your wallet try this experience at Serafina! They’ve just started it and will be on through the rainy season. While you are at it, one can also go and have their Sunday Big Apple Brunch as its one of the brunches to go to on Sundays!


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